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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Unique Fashion Show Themes That Ruled 2017

Unique Fashion Show Themes That Ruled 2017

As 2017 continues, several unique fashion show themes have been present within the industry. What are they, you may ask? Check out this post.
Each year, roughly 232,000 people flood into New York City just to attend the highlight of the year, fashion week.

The world of fashion is known for its notoriously short style cycles. One day you're in style, the next, out like last night's garbage. It's hard work staying on top of all of 2017's fashion show themes. However, don't stress - we've got you covered.

Don't be fashionably late to the best trends. Let's go over the major looks lighting up the runway.


After the contentious 2016 American election, a lot of fashion brands seized on the spirit of the moment.

Remember the pink hats that were seen at every protest? Missoni topped of their models with high-end replicas. That's not the only fashion show theme that acknowledged politics. There were plenty of trendy tees with slogans and comments splashed across the front.

Make it work for you: Go all-out with a solidarity tee and a pink hat or just put a subtle pin on your work shirt.


Another of the big fashion show themes that tie into a political stance? Eco-friendly materials and statement pieces.

As usual, the haute couture garments were outrageous. Think models strutting down the catwalk in shower curtains to demonstrate the ultimate in using what you've got.

But as we learned in The Devil Wears Prada, those big, bold outfits get moderated for public use.
Make it work for you: No need to go to work wearing the remnants of your recycling bin.

Opt for fashions made of green fabrics, like bamboo or upcycled plastic and cloth.

Not Cold On Gold

Models in almost every show wore that timeless metal - gold - but in a bold new way.

If you're looking to shine in 2017, go for the gold in a big way. Think cuffs, collars, and chunky earrings.

Make it work for you: Pick one big piece and stick with it. Don't weigh yourself down with every trendy piece of jewelry at once.

Suit Up!

The power suit is back. Ladies were seen rocking pants with feminine accents at many fashion shows.
Women are set to wear the pants in 2017. In fact, the Armani show featured a mix of both pants and skirts. Yes, you can have it all!

Make it work for you: If you're going to wear pants, make sure they're impeccably tailored.

Around The World

Many designers seemed to draw inspiration from all corners of the globe. There were outfits that were a mishmash of fabrics, patterns, and style from many nations' traditional outfits.

Make it work for you: One of the hardest fashion show themes to pull off, try a little culture clash. Mix an African pattern with a Chinese brocade. Thrown on a Japanese kimono jacket over an Argentinian skirt.Always be mindful of the clothing you're wearing. Do a little homework but have fun.

Always be mindful of the clothing you're wearing. Do a little homework but have fun.

What Fashion Show Themes Will The Rest Of 2017 Bring Us?

It's been interesting out on the runway and we're barely halfway through the year. Stick with International Luxe Mag for the biggest breaking news in fashion, culture, and art.

Which fashion show themes are you dying to try?

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