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About us

         International Lux Magazine is a special international and luxury online magazine based on Web

Site and Facebook. 

        Initially the international online magazine was created as an international page on Facebook the 18th, November, 2014 and after of some time was created this Web Site, based in the prestigious platform of Blogger of Google.  

      The international staff is integrated for distinguished persons with recognized prestige in the fields of fashion, art, design, journalism and other fields. They are: Carlos Eduardo Feijoo from Lima, Peru, Ariane Von Kamp from USA, Amanda Archetti from Italy, Valerie Hansen from USA, Maureen Sullivan Stemberg from USA, Tammi Pickle from USA, Lucille Murray from Canada, Julia Romme from Germany, Maria Parenteau from USA, Anna Wallentin de Souza from Sweden, Rebekah Louise Smith from United Kingdom and Michele Lattanzio from Italy.

       The general thematic of the publications is related to the international fashion, models, designers, travel, architecture, art, interior design, lifestyle, personalities, beauty, beautiful places, beautiful jewelry, special photography, special furniture, international events of fashion, film and more.

         International Lux Magazine is not a typical "luxury magazine" it is really a combination of diverse themes what includes besides of the high fashion, the fine jewelry, art, travel, press releases of exclusive events, interior design, etc, also themes such as wellness (healthy lifestyle) and relationship tips i.e. the word "Lux" meaning in our magazine: "Light & Luxury"  and besides the elegant presentation of the contents of the publications, i.e. we consider what "the authentic luxury" of the life of all people is "the beautiful light what live forever in their souls, the body health, the happiness, the peace of mind and soul, the love the main essence of the life and the beauty of all creation" not only a special, beautiful and very expensive jewel, a luxury special car, an impressive luxury yacht, etc, those "human creations" can be made because exist the beautiful and diverse nature what is the source of all materials for the creation of the cars, the jewels, the fine garments, etc. Can not exist "luxury" without the adequate conservation and rational use of the resources what gives the Nature.

         International Lux Magazine also was created as a source of inspiration to people around the world who love the beauty in general, the fashion, the art, etc.
     We have an important audience of diverse Countries, mainly from USA, Canada, Germany, Italy, France, United Kingdom and Brazil. Also many followers from Spain, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Australia, Belgium, Hungary, Romania, Austria, Switzerland, Peru, Argentina and other Countries.

        An important percent of the international audience are persons with good economic capacity with diverse activities and with interest in luxury, fine or exclusive products and services, such as luxury travel, fine garments and accessories, exclusive events of fashion, fine furniture, etc.

        In relation to the posts in this Web Site (Special Articles, Interviews and Press releases) they are published with the previous authorization of the personalities, companies, stores, brands, etc. We have total respect for the rights of author included the photos, vídeos or any other content shared in the posts. The publication of photos, logos of brands, logos of companies and/or vídeos is totally authorized by the owners, authors or creators, and also in the cases when we share selected photos of jewels, etc we include the reference or the link of the source, the author or the credits of the photos (Photographer, etc).

        About the Facebook fan page : International Lux Magazine make an own special selection of posts related to the general thematic and also is included diverse selected posts shared from Web Sites and Facebook pages of famous personalities, fashion brands, fashion houses, film and fashion events, luxury travel, design, art, architecture, etc.

       In the eventuality what some post(s) of the fan page on Facebook includes one or more photos, where the owner, author, photographer, etc make a request of inclusion of the credits then International Lux Magazine will include the credits in the post(s).

    International Lux Magazine makes, under special invitation for recognized personalities, important emergent artists, etc, the international Articles and Interviews (in some cases are requested for the Companies of luxury goods, special events of fashion, etc : Service of International Advertorials), as well international advertising of luxury, fine, special or exclusive products and services.

We invite you write a review about International Lux Magazine (below of the image). Thanks for your recognition and enjoy the special Articles, Interviews and Press releases.

Carlos Eduardo Feijoo.
Founder, CEO and Editor of International Lux Magazine.


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