UPCOMING new special Press release : Important international luxury event : FASHION ART and MORE at Milan, Italy (during the Milan Fashion Week). Stay tuned ;)

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International Lux Magazine is Co-media partner of the very featured Blog of Fashion and Lifestyle MAPLE Leopard, by Valerie Hansen from USA (Canadian origin).

http://www.mapleleopard.com   -  Click HERE to visit their web page.

FASHION, ART & MORE - Milan, Italy : Click HERE to visit their web page. It is a very special, exclusive and luxury international event of art. fashion and more.

FASHION TALENT LAB - Milan, Italy : Click HERE to visit their web page. It is very special Fashion contest for new or emergent Fashion Designers.

International Lux Magazine is Co-media partner of the page of news of fashion and luxury in general:
Fashionluxury.info - Rome, Italy : Click HERE to visit their web page.