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PARTNERS (special events and more)

With they we have a special agreements of exchange of links of the web sites (using the logos) and in other cases the special mention of International Lux Magazine as media partner of the exclusive fashion events, etc. Also we have agreement of publication of content (sharing articles of the co-media partner, inlcuding the original links and authors).

ELITE CONNECTIONS INTERNATIONAL -  California, USA : Click HERE to visit their website. It is a exclusive and very recognized international dating agency.


SOFIA GREEN FASHION DAYS - Sofia, Bulgaria : Click HERE to visit their Facebook fan page.  Click HERE to visit their website. It is a beautiful event of eco friendly fashion.

International Lux Magazine is Co-media partner of the very featured Blog of Fashion and Lifestyle MAPLE Leopard, by Valerie Hansen from USA (Canadian origin).   -  Click HERE to visit their web page.

FASHION, ART & MORE - Milan, Italy : Click HERE to visit their web page. It is a very special, exclusive and luxury international event of art. fashion and more.

International Lux Magazine is Co-media partner of the featured page of news and diverse articles about themes of lifestyle, art and more : - Arkansas, USA : Click HERE to visit their web page.

FASHION TALENT LAB - Milan, Italy : Click HERE to visit their web page. It is very special Fashion contest for new or emergent Fashion Designers.

International Lux Magazine is Co-media partner of the page of news of fashion and luxury in general: - Rome, Italy : Click HERE to visit their web page.

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