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Friday, January 15, 2016

Special Article about the Interior Designer and Fine Art Consultant: Noelle Newell.

By: Carlos Eduardo Feijoo.
Founder and Editor of International Lux Magazine. 

     This Article is dedicated to the American Interior Designer Noelle Newell, based in Easton, Connecticut, USA.

    She is an Allied Member of ASID (American Society of Interior Designers).

  From a very early age, in childhood, she decided to become an interior designer. She draws many of inspirations from various cultural influences from Europe in particular France, the New England region in the US and various destinations in Asia such as Japan.

   Her professional activity covers various related services in art, interior design with general focus based on the integration of diverse selected elements of classical and contemporary, reflecting and elegant, eclectic, harmonic and cozy style.

Noelle Newell has incorporated art
and design into her being.

She started working in interior design late 1980’s working for various firms. In 2008 she launched her own firm specializing in consulting for individuals as well as firms of architecture and design. 

Her interior design focuses primarily around the concept of the “fine art of living.” She has natural ability to integrate all things beautiful.

   Noelle's knowledge of diverse cultures, education and work experience gives her a broad view of the concept of “living in a space” based on the design, functionality, color scheme, furnishings, Fine Art and other elements related to cultural identity, personality, dreams, activities and hobbies of the people who inhabit the space.  She hold degrees from Fashion Institute of Technology, New York and Curry College, Milton MA. After college she studied at The British Institute of Florence  and at Sotheby’s Institute of Art, London.

“Beauty and refinement” are very important concept to her. Quality of the things one puts into ones home is a part of the aesthetic. She is inspired by nature, fine art and her travels. 

She has a special skill for harmonic combination of classical accessories or elements such as an antique chest with a modern painting, which reflects a exotic touch in elegant spaces what she sees or in her mind is implemented.

She has worked primarily in Fairfield County Connecticut, Manhattan New York and in New Jersey. Though, she would be delighted to accept projects further a field such as Paris. 

The interior designer, Noelle Newell expresses her love for fine art and deign through her very interesting articles as she is contributor writer for Wall Street International and writes for other magazines.

Also her Articles:

"Venetian Shopping" Secrets Revealed

"Paris Design Week" - page 15

Noelle, What can you comment about the influence of the colors and the type and intensity of the light in the environments, related to the state of mood and the activities of the persons that inhabit It?

    This was a living room and sun room. I had the walls sponged in golden tones with 24 carrot gold leaf. It’s very subtle. The trim was antiqued. Having the walls in both rooms treated the same way gives the feeling of unity. The living room is a more formal setting as the sun room is perfect for reading basked in sunlight. The client’s like to entertain family and friends. I needed to work with the existing blue in the fireplace surround. When I brought the clients into George Smith they were in love with the Butterfly chairs with a blue fabric. Then I sourced for curtain fabric in the living room. I pulled the gold for the walls from the blue and gold strip curtain fabric. I love white sofas even if they are more challenging for maintenance. The rug in the living room the client’s purchased in Mumbai with my help in terms of direction in style and color. I sent them on their way with clippings of fabrics. The Tibetan rug I found for them was on a shopping trip in New York.

With respect to the Fine Art, for your experience, what type of Art creations are the most appreciated or the most request for their placement into the Houses? 

    For a long time when I was working on interiors the Art was typically decorative yet now that’s changing for me. Since, tastes have changed it makes sense to give direction to an interior starting with Art. Also, with Art there’s a lot of potential; it can be the spark of collecting and it may have a resale value. It gives an immediate direction to an interior. It also brings up questions such as; Is the Art to speak louder than the furniture? Are they to sing together? Sometimes it’s just giving the right direction and the client continues with their journey. The most important thing is for the Art to speak to the eye of beholder. Adding Art to ones home might not just add beauty but well being too. Of course, I can’t prove that. It’s just a hunch.

What criteria or aspects are for you of the major relevance about the process of  the " creation of environments " for the persons that inhabit It? 

    One has to know the lifestyle one's clients. If they entertain, have young children and pets for example. Lifestyle also includes the budget. It’s very challenging to start any project without knowing these basics. I think it’s helpful for everyone to create a file of images they like. When I taught interior design I had the students create concept board. Today, one has Pinterest. So, it’s easy. Yet, I still like to sit with hard copies of magazines. Lines blur when I create concept boards sometimes it becomes hybrid board of dreams, and the more practical of home furnishings. Then it’s time to tackle the sourcing for the actual product. It recently looked like the internet might take away one’s work sourcing for product but the need maybe greater than ever as there’s so much to go through.

     Noelle Newell also has participation in the team of assistants of the prestigious Gallery Christie's, based in New York.

   In the final of this Article, we can say without doubt that the Interior Designer Noelle Newell has very good taste in all her Projects and is a important referent for to take in account for all the new and emergent Interior designers, as a source of knowledge and inspiration.

For more information about Noelle Newell,
visit her linkedin profile:

Note: The photographs of interior designs of Noelle Newell, included in this Article, were taken by the photographer: ChiChi Ubiña.

International Lux Magazine wish more successes to the featured Noelle Newell.

Other photos of interior design of Noelle Newell (Click on each photo to enlarge):




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