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Special package: Article with photos and creation of a video presentation.

International Lux Magazine offers to the recognized personalities in diverse fields such as art, fashion, architecture, jewelry, interior design, etc the preparation and publication of a Special international Article with minimum three (3) photos and until maximum 29 photos. May be included a logo into the set of photos - images.

Also includes: Creation of a presentation of photos (also may to include a logo) in MP4 video format. It will be sent to the email of the personality. Also is included  the "video window" in the end of the Article.

Also includes: An advertising banner of the Article (with their link) using the cover photo of the Article. Banner placed in preferential position in the right side of the website of International Lux Magazine during 10 (ten) days.

The Article will be shared in:

* The official Facebook fan page of International Lux Magazine:

* The private profile of the Founder of ILM on Facebook : Carlos Eduardo Feijoo.

* The public profile of the Founder of ILM on Facebook : Carlos Eduardo Feijoo.

* Facebook Group: "International Lux Magazine".

* Facebook Group: "Fine International Club".

* Other Facebook Groups with many members from Europe, USA, etc.

* The Linkedin profile of the Founder of ILM : Carlos Eduardo Feijoo.
(More of 24,000 professional contacts of diverse fields, people from USA, Europe, etc.)

* If the personality is related to the fashion industry the Article also will be shared in several large Linkedin groups with many thousand of members from Europe, USA, etc.

Price of the package of service: US$ 220  

Time of execution of the special service: Between 5 (five) and 7 (seven) labor days from the date of the advanced payment 50% and the other 50% after of the delivery of the video presentation and the publication of the Article.

Method of payment: Paypal (It can be paid also with Visa debit/credit card).

We send the Payments Formats to the email of the personality what requested the special Article.

Example of an Article : click HERE.

Additional optional service: Special edition of a photo of the Article, in JPG format as memory of the Article i.e. We make the digital join of several screens of the Article into an unique image as a JPG photo. The price of the service is: US$29 and the time of execution is between two(2) and three (3) labor days. The payment is after of the delivery of the "photo of the Article" to the email of the Personality.

Options for contact us:

* Send your message to the email:

* Send a message to the WhatsApp: +51 940939993.

* Send a message to the inbox of the Linkedin profile of "Carlos Eduardo Feijoo".

International Lux Magazine reach many readers of many Countries: USA, Europe, etc.

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