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Thursday, June 15, 2017

3D Jewelry: The Shiny Evolution of Jewelry Design

3D Jewelry: The Shiny Evolution of Jewelry Design

Although jewelry trends can come and go, it's always fun to try out shiny new accessories. But what is 3D jewelry? Find out more about this fun jewelry design.
As technology advances at a breakneck pace, designers have access to more and more ways to create things.
When the first commercial 3D printer hit the shelves in 2009, jewelry designers weren't exactly lining up to purchase one. The technology revolutionized scientific fields first, giving us things like 3D internal organs and 3D dental implants.

Over the past few years, though, 3D printing has become even more advanced and versatile. This has opened a whole new world to artists eager to bring their jewelry design into the 21st century.

What are some of the exciting ways designers are utilizing this technology? Read on to learn more about 3D jewelry design!

How does 3D jewelry design work?

3D jewelry making is a combination of modern print technology and traditional metal casting.
Once a designer has created their piece digitally, a 3D printer creates a model made of wax resin. This model is placed in a flask and covered with fine plaster. Once the plaster becomes solid, it forms the mold for casting the gold, bronze, silver, copper, or brass.

Depending on the type of jewelry being created, the piece may then go through different types of post-processing. This includes setting precious stones and applying finishes.

The quest for unique designs

Few things adorn the human body like a one-of-a-kind designer piece of jewelry.
With the advent of 3D printing, jewelry makers now have the power to create anything they could ever imagine.

The technology is great for buyers, as well. Those who wish to purchase a custom piece of jewelry from Tiffany's or Cartier may not have the budget to do so. Instead, they can create their own jewelry design and order it for a fraction of the price.

One customer wanted a unique pendant to capture her honeymoon experience in Paris. Using Google Earth and 3D printing, the designer was able to make an exact scale replica of the Eiffel Tower and set it above a pearl.

Endless possibilities

What else are some of the world's most talented designers doing with this new technology?
  • Rob Wright, a jeweler in New Zealand, is using 3D printing to integrate fingerprints on the inside of wedding bands.
  • A designer for Shapeways has created 25 unique rings featuring skylines of the world's most famous cities.
  • Nervous System recently introduced an app that allows customers to design their own flexible jewelry.
  • Memento Mori offers Kolibri skull pendants and earrings, made from 3D scans of a real skull.
  • A designer for Thingiverse created a planter necklace so wearers could "carry a plant on an adventure."
  • A designer on Etsy created a brass pendant of an origami crane to wear on a necklace or charm bracelet.

What would YOU design?

With so many companies offering customizable 3D jewelry, the sky's the limit for what you can create.

Maybe you'd like a chunky geometric necklace styled after ancient Incan culture. Or maybe a custom piece like Jane Seymour's blue diamond ring is more your style.

Whatever your personal style and taste, there's a custom-made piece that's perfect for you!

What do you think of 3D jewelry design? What would you choose to create? Leave a comment in the box below!

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