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Monday, June 5, 2017

5 Interior Design Trends to Dazzle Your Home in 2017

5 Interior Design Trends to Dazzle Your Home in 2017

If you're interested in redesigning and revamping your home, there are many trends to find out about. We're giving you the top 5 interior design trends in 2017.
     If you love keeping up with the latest fashion trends, you don't have to stop at your outfit and accessories. Following interior design trends is a great way to keep your home looking as wonderful as you do.
Paying attention to interior design is a great way to beautify your home

With the right touches, you can make your home the perfect sanctuary for relaxing and entertaining. 

 If you're ready to make your home look awesome, then you've come to the right place. Here are some of our favorite interior design trends for 2017. 

1. Bold Colors

Your color palette is the foundation of your interior design. From the paint color to the furniture, to the accessories, it's important that your colors work together. 

In 2017, some of the most popular colors are deep, vibrant jewel tones

These colors are bold and upbeat. They definitely bring energy into the room.

Additionally, jewel tones pair well with other kinds of colors, like pastels. This makes it easy to create contrast in your design. 

When it comes to specific colors, blue is a great choice for 2017. It's a classic color that will coordinate with a variety of styles. 

2. Crisp Lines

While they have been popular for a while, geometric patterns and design features are bound to remain popular in 2017.

Pieces of furniture that have clean edges create a clean, and modern look.

When you incorporate clean lines into a space, it creates an air of simple sophistication. The look is also extremely versatile.

3. Statement Pieces

A great design trend in 2017 is to liven up a simple space with one bold statement piece.

For instance, a mirrored coffee table is an awesome statement piece. It provides a unique, but simple look that adds character to a room.

Another popular statement piece is iridescent lighting. This lighting brings unique colors into a space, without overwhelming the overall aesthetic. 

4. Natural Aesthetic

Even though modern, sleek designs are in style, 2017 is also seeing a push more natural looks.

With our modern dependence on technology, we tend to be surrounded by screens and metal. It can be refreshing to enjoy natural designs for a change. 
There are a lot of ways you can incorporate nature into your interior design. Live plants are an awesome way to bring the outside inside. Or, you can include pieces with natural wood. 

5. Earth-Conscious

In addition to the natural look, nature-conscious designs will also be popular in 2017.

Using recycled and reclaimed materials can give your space a unique look. Not only that, but it eliminates waste by re-purposing items that might otherwise be thrown away. 

Know Who to Talk to About Interior Design Trends

While there is plenty you can do yourself when it comes to interior design, it's always helpful to talk to an expert. 

An interior design consultant is a great resource for tips about how to best highlight your home's best features. 

Every space is unique and has specific needs to make it look great. For instance, while you might love the farmhouse style look, that doesn't necessarily mean that it will work well in your home. 

Talking with a professional can help you ensure that you are making the right choices for your space.

What are your favorite interior design trends? Let us know in the comments!

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