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The web site of International Lux Magazine (and also the Facebook fan page)  reach an important international audience, mainly from USA, Europe and Canada and other Countries. In the field "Lux magazine" we reach the first positions worldwide (Google search).

Your Ad can be published in International Lux Magazine (ILM), recognized international luxury online magazine, for $7 monthly. ILM was created the November, 18th, 2014 and it has an important quantity of publications about fashion designers, special events of fashion, painters, interior design, personalities of film, etc. At least we make three special publications per week. Click HERE for to review the special publications of International Lux Magazine.

It will be accepted only Brands Companies, Stores, Artists, Services, Professionals and others advertisers with their own web site and at least phone and email published into their web site.

Send your request of advertising to the email:  , send a message to the WhatsApp +51 940939993 or send a message to the Telegram:  @cef11  Mr. Eduardo Feijoo (CEO - Editor of International Lux Magazine) - before of your voice call please send a text message with your name and the name of your company, business, service.

Note: The frequency of the publications of International Lux Magazine here in the web site is weekly (about fashion, etc) and between 7 and 11 daily posts in the Facebook fan page ( about fashion, interior design, art,  beautiful places, etc.

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