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International Lux Magazine.

Main office at Lima, Peru.
Address: Avenida Antonio Miroquesada 641, Magdalena del Mar, Lima 17, Peru.

Office at United States.
Address :254 N Lake Ave Suite 164, Pasadena CA 91101.

Founder, CEO, Writer and General Editor :
Carlos Eduardo Feijoo, from Lima, Peru  (click on name for more info).
WhatsApp : +51 940939993  Telegram : @cef11

Director for United States : Ariane Von Kamp (click on name for more info).
If you (Personality, Company, etc) resides in New York or Los Angeles and you want a special Interview by Ariane Von Kamp or the Covering of some special event  send your message to:  

Director for Italy: Amanda Archetti (click on name for more info).

Director for Sweden: Anna Wallentin de Souza (click on name for more info).

For any consult about international advertising of models profiles, Cover photo, request of a special Article or other issues related to the general thematic of the Magazine, send your message to : or make click HERE for info about our special service package : preparation and publication of special international article (for fashion designers, painters, interior designers, architects, etc).

We invite you to visit the official Facebook Fan Page of International Lux Magazine : "inter Lux Magazine",  click HERE.

We invite you to visit the youtube channel of International Lux Magazine, with a special selection of videos about celebrities, high fashion, lifestyle, special events and more, click HERE.

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