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Digital Art Video Show.

Special presentations in the device's screen of creations of DIGITAL ART made by the Peruvian digital artist: Carlos Eduardo Feijoo, from Lima, Capital of Peru.

Video Show of digital art created in standard Video format MP4.

We have several options of Digital Art Video Show:

Video Show 001 of images of Digital Art made with the 10 images of the collection: "Happy Colors Dance":

The price is US$29 what can be paid with Paypal or Debit/Credit Card. After of the payment the Video Show is delivered to the email of the buyer.

With the purchase of the Video Show of Digital Art the buyer has the license of use i.e. the authorization of the author "for use only for entertainment purposes with digital art display" in screen of Computers, Mobile phones, Tablets and TVs. The Video Show purchased also can be included in the devices of their near relatives (Father, Mother, Son, Daughter, Wife, Husband, Brother, Sister).

For send the "PayPal payment format" to the email of the buyer please send your request of the Video Show with a message to the WhatsApp : +51 940939993 or to the Telegram: @cef11  including the number of the Video Show requested, your email address, your first and last name and your Country of residence. If you want also would can send your message to our email: :

Note: The forms, movements, textures and colors can be viewed with detail in the Video Show delivered to the email of the buyer. In the Media Player of your Device (Computer, Mobile Phone or Tablet) activate the option of "Repeat video" for continuous reproduction.

Thumbnails of the images of Digital Art of the collection: "Happy Colors Dance":






These artistic digital creations were made by the Peruvian digital Artist: Carlos Eduardo Feijoo, Lima, Peru (Identity national document: 07197681). Each image of digital art has included an "author's digital signature". Several hundred of special creations of digital art were made by the author since the end of the 2004 year, after of attend a special course of digital photography and photo edition with Photoshop, in the prestigious "Art & Design Peruvian Institute" (IPAD, located at Miraflores, Lima, Peru).

Official Facebook page:
"F'Art by Carlos Eduardo Feijoo
" :

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Private Facebook page:
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The original size of these artistic digital creations is : 80 cm x 60 cm - 200 dpi (JPG format).

Totally prohibited the not authorized total or partial use or reproduction of one or more creations of digital art made by the author digital artist: Carlos Eduardo Feijoo. We apply all Peruvian and international laws about the matter of author rights.

Important note: the 11% of the price is destined to social support of children, single mothers and older people. If we have sales during the month then in the end of the month we donate to a social support organization in Peru.


The author of the artistic digital creations make a special and eternal recognition with great love for his dear Mother Ana Consuelo and his dear Father Roberto for their beautiful souls, their great example of life and all their beautiful sentiments,  They always did help to the people with much love and comprehension and for that also in name of they we make the donations for support of children, single mothers and older people.   


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