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International Staff

We present the associate Staff of International Lux Magazine:

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Carlos Eduardo Feijoo
, from Lima, Peru.

Founder / CEO, Writer and General Editor.
Also: Editor of the Facebook Page.
Email :

Sherri Murphy (left side) and Tammi Pickle (right side).

Owner/Founder of Elite Connections International (left side) and the VP/Partner (right side).

Elite Connectionns International publish special posts about dating - relationship.

Maria Parenteau from San Diego, California, USA.

She is a Brazilian - American recognized Contemporary Fine Artist, Linguist (English, Spanish and Portuguese) and additionally with activity in the field of the Philanthropy (Artwork Auctions to benefit Mankind). She is also a World Peace Ambassador.

Her website:

Writer of articles mainly about Art.

Anna Wallentin de Souza, from Sweden.

Director of International Lux Magazine for Sweden.

Writer in the web site and also Editor of posts for the fan page on Facebook.

Amanda Archetti
, from Milan, Italy.

Director for Italy of International Lux Magazine.
   Email :

Editor of the Facebook Page of International Lux Magazine.

Michele Lattanziofrom Milan, Italy.

Singer-Composer, Poet and Model of high fashion.

Influencer and Editor in Italy.

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