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Sunday, March 1, 2020

Natalia Fomina aka "Preziosi" - Professional musician - Composer.

Shared by: Carlos Eduardo Feijoo, Founder, CEO and Editor of International Lux Magazine.

Dresses credit (author - designer) : By Irina Shkolnaya,   Photos credit (author) : By Riccardo Citterio.  

International Lux Magazine has the pleasure to share to the international audience this special article about a very featured singer - composer of classic music.

She is winner of international composition competitions, a composer of symphonic, chamber music, ballets - Maestro Natalia Preziosi lives in Milan (Italy)

Natalia Preziosi, born in Russia, began studying the piano at the age of seven in Hungary. She began writing music at the age of twelve, creating her first composition called "Polka-joke" for the piano.

She graduated from the Belarusian State University of Arts and Culture in the city of Minsk in orchestral conducting. She studied composition and orchestral conducting under the guidance of the famous composer, organist and conductor of Moscow, national honourable artist of the Russian Federation Oleg Jancenko.

 Natalia has worked as a conductor performing numerous concerts and tours in Russia, Belarus, the Ukraine and Poland. But she debuted to the general public with her own music at the age of twenty-five in the "national" theaters of Brest and Minsk with the drama "All about Monica" directed by A.Dolnikov and with the funny opera based on the famous comedy by Oscar Wilde "The importance of being Earnest" directed by E. Milovanov.

 Since 1993 she lives in Italy with her family. And it is where she studied the aesthetics of composition at the Turin conservatory with the first Italian musicologist Enzo Restagno. Natalia had the fortunate opportunity to merge the great Russian musical culture with the centuries-old Italian musical tradition together with deepening her musical knowledge of lyrical and symphonic works. From this study of both Russian and Italian works she managed to give rise to a new compositional style that mixes the best of the two cultures and thanks to which she managed to compose innovative symphonic works, for chamber and ballet, such as:

Concert n ° 1 for violin and orchestra in LA min. dedicated to Pyotr Tchaikovsky published in Italy and Germany in the encyclopedia by Tobias Broecher, as the best works of the twentieth century for a conceptual violin (1894-2006);

"Soufflè" - a ballet for a string orchestra, dedicated to Igor Stravinsky. Published in Milan.

A Ballet- a Fable "The wooden eagle" in two acts. It is Dedicated to her own son Marcello Massetti and all children of the world. Published in Milan.

"Light and Shadow" - a vocal cycle for four voices and piano. Dedicated to W.A.Mozart. Published in Milan.

Clavier trio. A Tribute to piano composers. Dedicated to various composers.

A String Quartet. Dedicated to W.A.Mozart. Published in Milan.

Symphony No. 1 "Italian".

Symphony No. 2 "Little Symphony".

Songs for flute, violin, guitar.

"Gathered the tears of all women" for soprano, mezzo soprano and orchestra. Dedicated to all women in the world.

 "The figure of Maestro Natalia Preziosi is one of the most important composers and talents of the vast European music scene, thanks to the collaboration with great artists, theaters and concert halls of the highest prestige and level," a Milanese publishing house writes.

Natalia Preziosi is a member of the following institutions and foundations:

* the National Committee of Italian Composers CIDIM of Rome since 2006,
* of S.I.A.E (music, opera, DOR) since 1994.
* The National CIDIM Italian Composers Committee in Rome since 2006.
* of the international foundation "Women in music", Rome, since 2005.
* She is a finalist and winner of international composition competitions, such as "Women in Music" (200, 2008),
T.I.M. Rome (2010).
M.A.P. Milan (2014) for Carnegie Hall.
"Eurodonne" Rome Award (2016).
* Knight of honor of the Federation United European Nobility (2018.)
Diploma 2019 SanMarino Republic.

Click on photo to enlarge
Hers music is performed in theaters, auditoriums, houses-museums of the main Italian cities such as  Rome, Milan, Turin, Bari, Pesaro, San Sepolcro, Cuneo, Vittorio Veneto, Regio Emilia, Republica San Marino in monographic concerts and in concerts with composers classics: Bach, Mozart, Vivaldi, Schubert, Mascagni, Clara Schumann, Chopin, Liszt, Biset, Fanny Mendelssohn, Debussy, Ravel, Dvorak, Brahms, Albeniź, Coplamd, Tchaikovsky, Verdi, Puccini, Britten. 

Natalia Preziozi periodically works with the singers, pianists, violinists of Carnegie Hall, Berlin Opera, Alla Scala Theater, Arena of Verona, Regio Theater of Turin, the Bolshoi and Moscow Kremlin theatres and Erevan Opera, with Montecarlo Philharmonic orchestra, Eurorchestra, Amadeus of Rome, Geneva conservatory. Duet Dorian.

Her music is broadcast by some radio stations including Vatican Radio. The works of Natalia are published in Italy and Germany Newspapers and periodicals such as "La Stampa", "Culture and Entertainment", "Ozero Como", "Basilicata Magazine", Italian TV talk about her.

Violin Concert by Natalia Preziosi.
(Click on photo to enlarge).
 She has written in collaboration with Alex Miozi the novel "Cincilla" the history of Russian ballets.
The preface is written by madam Marie Stravinsky, great-granddaughter of the Great Composer Igor Stravinsky, granddaughter creator of the Stravinsky Foundation in Geneva.

The pool was realised last year and now can be found at the Alla Scala theater, Triennale Museum, Fashion Museum and theater costume in Milan, Igor Stravinsky Foundation in Geneva. It will shortly arrive at the Dante Alighieri Society of Turin, Milan Conservatory. Recently she has started writing the third ballet "Rusalka" on the lyrics of A.Pushkin.

English translation: Yulia Turovskaya.

Videos of Natalia Preziosi (Italian language).

The Linkedin profile of Natalia Preziosi:

The profile of Natalia Preziosi in the National Committee of Italian Composers:

The novel "Cincilla" the history of Russian ballets, click HERE.

Photos - videos on Facebook (Natalia Preziosi):  click HERE and click HERE.

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