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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Shaping our future with AI.

The 3 pillars of AI

(BPT) - Artificial intelligence (AI) is impacting everyone's lives more and more. The latest technology increasingly helps daily tasks and routines become simpler, leaving consumers with more time to spend on other priorities.

What do you want from the AI-powered devices and systems in your life?

A core set of elements drives AI, enabling products to be smarter and more responsive, with one goal: improving consumers' overall quality of life.

Here are a few recent innovations that showcase AI in action today:

Proactive - AI anticipates problems

LG Electronics has developed an advanced AI customer service solution called Proactive Customer Care to provide personalized customer support for smart appliances. Designed to help users get the most out of their appliances, LG Proactive Customer Care can immediately alert owners of select LG smart appliance models to potential problems before they occur, expedite repairs when they are needed, and offer useful maintenance tips to keep appliances performing their best.

Proactive Customer Care will run an installation report to give owners the confidence that their home appliances are operating at their best, right from the start. It also will send timely maintenance notifications based on customers' specific usage.

With Proactive Customer Care, owners can also potentially avoid inconvenient service appointments by following simple instructions from LG's advanced care team. As the service expands, it will be able to expedite repairs with the ability for LG to call customers to schedule the right technician as soon as an issue is identified.

Adaptive - AI uses deep learning to predict preferences and adapt to circumstances

With AI, smart products can learn consumer preferences and respond to surroundings to provide superior performance.

The new 2020 LG OLED TVs use AI to combine deep learning with an extensive database of visual information, allowing its advanced α (Alpha) 9 Gen 3 AI processor to optimize images. These TVs can recognize the source quality and implement the best algorithm to display a stunningly realistic image. AI helps analyze the room's lighting conditions, selecting the best screen brightness level and contrast. Users can even let the TV set the perfect sound levels based on its positioning in the room.

These LG Smart TVs use a webOS link to deliver a world of premium content, from news and sports to any kind of entertainment you're looking for, including streaming services and web content.

Connected to LG's ThinQ, the newest TVs also include Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, allowing users to activate and manage their compatible smart home devices and ask questions with voice commands. ThinQ uses AI to give consumers recommendations on TV programs, channels and apps based on customer usage patterns.

LG's new premium sound bars will feature AI Room Calibration, which optimizes sound by automatically tailoring output to the specific characteristics of the room. These advanced models are self-calibrating, able to recognize and analyze tones to accurately assess the dimensions of a given space and adjust accordingly.

Reactive - AI can quickly change and adjust to conditions and user requirements

AI can work within parameters set by the user of the product, reacting to last-minute (or last-second) adjustments and offering alternatives to solve problems or respond to consumer requirements.

This reactive quality is on full display with the newest LG G8X ThinQ and LG Dual Screen, complete with its 32MP front-facing camera. The AI Action Shot feature in the camera recognizes and compensates for movement with a shutter speed of 1/480 of a second, to keep subjects in focus even while in action. The camera uses its database of scenes and situations to optimize whatever photo you're taking. It has the ability to recognize when you're taking a photo in low light, or what your photo's subject is. The camera will even take two photos to provide an alternative option, offering a cropped photo zooming in on the primary subject of your picture.

For the immersive dual screen experience on the phone, the ambient light sensor automatically adjusts the contrast to maximize image details and reduce eye strain.

While artificial intelligence may seem mysterious, even to those who use its products and services daily, AI is helping companies achieve one primary goal: providing solutions that make life easier for consumers. The best AI products are almost invisible to users - but those users certainly reap the benefits.

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