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Friday, February 23, 2018

GET OUT's star Daniel Kaluuya talks about how he got the role of a lifetime.

Daniel Kaluuya (right) with fellow actors at the SAG AWARDS 2018.

Jordan Peele - Winner of Best Original Screenplay for GET OUT at the WGA AWARDS in Beverly Hills

Interview with star of GET OUT Daniel Kaluuya

GETOUT portends a masterful tale of suspense and the sequencing follows at a steady and gradual climb into the worst possible nightmare for a young black man going to meet his white girlfriends' parents for the weekend. Little does he suspect, her family is imbued with a shocking body snatching business, luring targets by means of hypnosis then following an auction to the highest bidder for the transposing of their brain into their new host body.

Horrific stories of human trafficking, sex slavery and even cannibalism under our civilized world are no equal match to Peele’s intense nightmare foretold in a casual modern tone, from the victim’s point of view.

Peele takes a dramatic shift from his comedic talents with GET OUT, but it seems all the sketch comedy days have paid off. KEANU, the comedy suspense about a stray cat, has scary elements to be sure, but GET OUT is absolutely the type of subtle and profound storytelling that hits the mind and soul. 

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