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Monday, April 26, 2021

Most romantic Islands.

International Lux Magazine share the most romantic Islands, beautiful places to have a special experience and unique memories with your loved partner or with your loved ones. 

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Article shared by Carlos Eduardo Feijoo.
Founder, CEO and Editor of International Lux Magazine.

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Friday, November 20, 2020

Blue Color - Our Natural Fountain of Calmness and Relaxation.

It is really time to review the statement that the color blue is sad and creates negative feelings. I want to shatter this belief that this gorgeous hue suggests moods of melancholy and sadness. Why the generous Creator would cover the ceiling of this astonishing planet with a depressing tonality? We are understanding for our great benefit, that the outside colors relaxes and recharge our energy efficiently, looks like the only thing we need are the blues of the skies and the yellows of the sun.

Colors cause different effects in our brain giving to all of us a personal perception and experience. So blue can be for me a great source of relaxation and a delicious wave of warmth and comfort. Colors on the blue side of the spectrum are known as cool colors and include blue, purple, and green. Light blues can be refreshing and friendly. Dark blues are more strong and reliable. Paint a wall, a piece of furniture or just place artwork in strategic spots around the house to give your brain a delicious sensation of quiet piece and joy. Choose the colors you want but whatever you do pick something blue.  

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Author of the article : Maria Parenteau , from San Diego, California, USA.

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

How to use yoga to sleep better during the pandemic.

(BPT) - Whether due to illness, altered work schedules, homeschooling or social distancing, COVID-19 has impacted us all personally. Stress levels are high, and the resulting anxiety makes it much harder to get a good night's rest. Despite the efforts of the $70 billion sleep-aid industry, many exhausted people are still searching for ways to get the sleep they need to keep their immune systems strong.

Unfortunately, sleeping pills are the dominant treatment strategy for insomnia. Sleeping pills don't work for everyone, have side effects and do not address the underlying stress that is keeping you awake. That's why medical experts are increasingly advising those struggling with poor sleep to first try more natural solutions. Kundalini Yoga is one viable option. Through the practice of kriyas, specific breath control techniques and exercises, anyone can find the fulfilling rest they need.

These Kundalini Yoga techniques can help if you have recently begun to suffer from poor sleep or you struggle with an ongoing sleep disorder. According to "Yoga Can Help With Insomnia" by Psychology Today, "Researchers at Harvard Medical School investigated how a daily yoga practice might affect sleep for people with insomnia and found broad improvements to measurements of sleep quality and quantity."

The importance of sleep hygiene

First, it's critical to maintain good sleep hygiene. These are the habits that put you in the best position to have a full night of quality sleep. Signs your sleep could use improvement include taking too long to fall asleep, waking multiple times with difficulty falling back asleep, overall light and restless sleep, and drowsiness during the day.

While each person must adopt consistent sleep hygiene practices that work for them, here are some guidelines that you can follow to sleep better.

* Avoid bright screens and stimulants like caffeine, alcohol or nicotine close to bedtime.

* Exercise during the day so the body is ready to rest later. Be mindful of timing; exercising too late in the day can disrupt sleep.

* A light snack is OK, but avoid heavy meals or spicy food before bed.

* Drink a glass of water before sleep since dehydration can disturb the sleeping mind. Waking up to use the bathroom is less disruptive to a whole night's sleep than dehydration.

* Practice a restful activity before getting into bed. For example, do gentle yoga and slow breathing exercises, read a book, pray or meditate.

* If your nighttime sleep is poor, avoid napping during the daytime.

Yogic recommendations: Steps to deep, dreamless sleep

The 3HO Foundation recommends using these Kundalini Yoga techniques to quickly achieve deep sleep in just a few minutes:

Step 1: A busy mind has difficulty sleeping. Quiet your thoughts by first visualizing all your worries, ideas and problems, wrapping them up in a package, then placing that package on a shelf in your mind. You'll be amazed at how many are gone, solved or improved by the time you wake up.

Step 2: Lie on your stomach, turn your head so your right cheek is on the pillow. This automatically opens your left nostril to bring in cooling, calming energy. Practice long, deep breathing in this position. Then block your right nostril completely with your hand and continue long, deep breathing through the left nostril.

Step 3: Once you feel drowsy, turn to your preferred sleeping position on your back or side. Continue long, deep breathing until asleep.

Sleep is always an important component to health and wellness. During stressful times, quality sleep is difficult to achieve. These steps will help you refine your sleep routine and discover better rest. To learn more, visit

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Thursday, April 25, 2019

How you can make a difference on your next vacation.

(BPT) - Looking for a vacation that’s not only fun, but also meaningful? Wish you had more time to volunteer in a way that really makes a difference? There’s a simple solution: Plan your next vacation around a great volunteer opportunity.

Whether on your own or with the entire family, volunteering on vacation is a wonderful way to explore a favorite destination or someplace you’ve always wanted to go, while contributing to a cause you care about. It's also one of the fastest growing travel trends in 2019. According to a Google Consumer survey, one in four travelers report that they plan to volunteer on an upcoming trip, and almost half of travelers (47 percent) say they would choose a vacation destination based on a volunteer opportunity they are passionate about.

With the Travel for Good program from Travelocity, you can easily explore volunteer activities in popular vacation destinations all over the U.S. Most activities require anywhere from just a few hours to a whole day.

Here are just a few of the types of opportunities you can find on their interactive volunteer map.

Concerned about hunger?

Travel to New York City to volunteer for Rescuing Leftover Cuisine. This nonprofit organization saves food from New York City restaurants that would otherwise go to waste, and then delivers it to folks who need a helping hand.

Or visit Washington, D.C., to sort food donations, stock shelves and assemble nutritious food packs for elementary school children at Food for Others. Volunteers age 12 and older can sign up for weekday shifts, making it a great opportunity to teach your tween or teen children about how they can make a difference.

Care about animals?

You can spend time at The Nashville Zoo, one of Tennessee’s most popular attractions, to enjoy the wildlife while assisting at one-time volunteer opportunities for special events like the adults-only Brew at the Zoo and holiday-related celebrations for Easter, Halloween and more.

Or if you love cats and dogs, consider volunteering your time to help out at an animal shelter, such as Best Friends Animal Society in New York, Lucky Dog Animal Rescue in Washington, D.C., or PAWS Chicago.

Passionate about the environment?

Plan a trip to California to volunteer with Surfrider Foundation, which organizes regular beach cleanups around the Bay Area. Or head farther south to help out at San Diego Coastkeeper, an organization that helps make sure San Diego's waters are safe and clean.

In the Big Easy, help Green Light New Orleans work on sustainable, eco-friendly projects, including installing energy-efficient light bulbs in residential homes, installing rain barrels to collect stormwater runoff and other good deeds.

Want to help build healthier communities?

You could spend your vacation in San Francisco, getting your hands dirty while tending the land at Alemany Farm, the largest urban farm in San Francisco, which educates visitors on how to become healthy food producers and gives away all the food it grows for free.

Or help teach hygiene habits to vulnerable groups in Las Vegas with a volunteer stint at Clean the World Foundation.

Finding a place where you can volunteer on vacation may seem daunting, but it's easy to locate nonprofits in need in some of the top cities across the country by checking out The site also offers tips from fellow volunteer travelers for your next adventure. Make your next vacation both memorable and meaningful by finding the right volunteer opportunity for you.

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Friday, April 12, 2019

5 reasons a river cruise is the ideal way to see Europe.

Travel with ease and class on a river cruise for the best ever vacation.

(BPT) - An international trip is the experience of a lifetime. If you’re looking for a travel option that offers up-close interactions with a cross section of countries — but without the hassle of planning and executing that level of detail yourself — a river cruise may be the option you’re seeking.

Unlike an ocean cruise, which typically docks farther away, the size of a river ship allows guests the opportunity to port in small, lesser-known towns and sail into the heart of iconic cities, such as Budapest and Amsterdam. Each destination offers extensive time to absorb and experience landmarks, cuisine and cultural offerings.

Whether exploring castles along Europe’s Danube River appeals to your wanderlust or making your way through the rich and complex history of France’s Bordeaux wine region is more your speed, river cruising offers the perfect opportunity for those with a hunger to expand their minds and deepen their cultural enrichment.

Before you plan, here are some of the most important features and benefits of an international river cruise.

* Less hassle, less stress: A river cruise offers a greatly simplified mode of travel. Once you step aboard your river cruise ship, you unpack once and spend the rest of your trip focused only on enjoying the journey. Some cruise lines feature inclusive pricing, so things like your meals, Wi-Fi and lodging are already settled.

* Craft your own journey: Many river cruise packages offer flexible options to help you design the journey you’ve always imagined. You can select from a variety of port excursions, putting you in charge of your perfect day out. While land excursions are an additional cost in most cases, Viking’s river cruise itineraries offer one free shore excursion in each port along with additional optional excursions to book based on your specific interests with knowledgeable local guides. Also, pre- and post-excursion stays at the start and end points of your voyage let you explore the area for a few extra days.

* Ample time to engage and explore: River cruising lets you spend a lot of time in many towns and cities along the river. Typically, each day of the journey begins in a different port. Just step off the ship, join your chosen excursion and start learning and experiencing.

* A rich, cultural sampler: If you’re eyeing grand destinations like Central Europe and France for your travels, you’re probably the kind of person who is hungry to learn about the art, cuisine, history, daily living and other fascinating aspects of culture. Viking has not only developed engaging and culturally immersive excursions, but also created programs onboard the ship to deepen your knowledge and appreciation of the places you visit, from home visits to Privileged Access excursions exclusive to the cruise line. Before you embark, be sure to avail yourself of the many online resources available through Viking. From online videos, to reading and film lists, you’ll find plenty of enriching content to help you feel prepared and excited for your journey.

* Enjoy the riches of the river life: Of course, a host of pleasures await that only a cruise down the river can bring. On your journey, expect scenic views of cities, landscapes and architectural features not easily seen while taking a traditional land tour, as well as alfresco dining and relaxing on the deck.

Once you experience a river cruise in a new country, you’ll discover what an enriching experience a vacation can be. To learn more about the destinations and offerings from Viking, visit

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