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Thursday, May 30, 2019

The building blocks to a more beautiful outdoor-living space.

This outdoor-living space offers maximum enjoyment for the homeowner by incorporating curved seat walls, columns, a raised patio, step risers and wing walls, all created with the VERSA-LOK Standard retaining wall system.

(BPT) - Segmental retaining wall units are one of the most versatile landscaping tools in the homeowner’s and professional landscaper’s toolbox. Retaining wall units have evolved from just retaining soil, transitioning slopes and preventing erosion. Today’s SRWs can do all that plus serve as multipurpose building blocks for outdoor-living features, including stairs, columns, freestanding walls, tiered walls, curved walls, seating and more.

Creative designs

While these walls still accomplish their original intent, professionals and homeowners can easily create hardscape features that make outdoor-living spaces more useful and enjoyable. “Our landscape designers are very inventive in their use of segmental retaining wall units, and our customers really appreciate all the features that can be created with SRWs,” says Scott Arnold, manager of Villa Landscapes in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Products such as the Versa-Lok retaining wall system can be creatively adapted by homeowners and professionals to accommodate curves, corners, columns and tiers — without any special pieces. For example, one popular application is a retaining wall that employs a convex curve set into a small slope. Additional courses can be stacked against the lower courses of the wall to create a “couch” or seating area to surround a circular paver patio and fire pit installed at ground level.

Freestanding walls

Freestanding walls are common applications for retaining wall units. Sometimes called garden or seat walls, freestanding walls are designed to surround the perimeter of a patio and can serve as space for seating or potted plants. They also add a measure of privacy around an outdoor-living space, and when designed with inset columns, can be a support for fencing.

Tiered walls

Tiered walls are a common solution for grade changes and erosion control. The benefit of tiered walls is that they look great, and the space in between the walls can be used for a patio or for perennials, shrubs, vegetables or herbs. Tiered walls add visual depth and texture to a hardscape design and can be more aesthetically pleasing than a single wall. Stairs incorporated into a tiered wall design give safe access to a home on a slope or hill. A tiered design also creates a low-maintenance landscape, eliminating the need to mow a difficult slope.

Stepping up

Retaining wall units can serve as risers for steps. Stair treads can be finished with special precast stair tread units or bullnose (round-edged) paving stones. When installed in a contrasting shade or color, stair treads add interest to a hardscape design. Stairs created from retaining wall units can be placed within a tiered wall design, in a single wall or with wing walls on each side. Raised patios, built with a foundation created by SRWs, are often used to replace high-maintenance decks.

Can-do columns

Columns created with SRWs are a versatile, beautiful and functional feature within a hardscape design. They can support a pergola, lighting or other landscape features such as statuary, and are used to finish off the ends of a freestanding or seat wall. They can also be installed at intervals within a wall design, and columns create an attractive way to frame and support fencing.

The use of SRWs is limited only by the imagination for outdoor-living features. With a variety of colors, textures and configurations, they can do it all — from landscape walls designed with curves, columns, corners and steps to professionally engineered, soil-reinforced retaining walls.

“Versa-Lok is the one block I do 90 percent of my projects with; it can do it all,” says Stan Genadek, owner of Genadek Excavating and Landscaping in Mendota Heights, Minnesota, and the creator and host of a popular YouTube channel on landscaping, “Stanley ‘Dirt Monkey’ Genadek.”

This spectacular lake home project incorporates VERSA-LOK SRWs for tiered walls, step risers, wing walls, seat walls, columns, a raised paving stone patio for a gazebo, and retaining walls that transition the slopes from the front to the back of the home.

Article shared from the website of the original publication : Brandpoint.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Seasonal trends to inspire and add style to your outdoor space.

Creating an on-trend outdoor space with flowers.

(BPT) - Each season brings new opportunities to express your personal style. Like putting together an outfit, decorating your outdoor space is an opportunity to showcase your favorite trends. Adding petunias to your porch, patio or garden is an easy way to create a space uniquely your own. They're easy to grow and maintain, making them a great choice for beginner gardeners and a constant favorite for seasoned gardeners. Petunias brighten up gardens, patios and balconies with bold long-lasting color — and they're virtually care-free. They love sunshine and add style and dazzling color with minimal upkeep.

Here are a few ways to incorporate the latest trends into your outdoor space.

Make a statement.

Add a pop of color to your outdoor space with this season’s most talked about tones. Taking inspiration from the runway, try the new award-winning Wave Carmine Velour petunia in a vivid red-hot cherry hue. Or, add the Pantone Color of the Year to your porch or patio. For 2019, it’s Living Coral, chosen for its ability to "energize and enlighten with a softer edge," especially in nature. The friendly and lively color will be everywhere this season, from clothing and accessories to furniture and accents. Plant a container of Easy Wave Coral Reef petunias to brighten up your oasis.

Mix it up.

Just as the perfect look for a night on the town needs the right heels and accessories to create a killer outfit, your containers can combine several of your favorite elements to make a show-stopping composition. Make your containers do double duty with combos of flowers, vegetables and herbs. Not sure what varieties play nicely together? Plug & Play combos with Wave petunias take the guesswork out of combining flowers and flavors. The Plug & Play Combo Cantina Heat pairs peppers alongside Easy Wave Blue spreading petunias and yellow French marigolds for a mix of colors as bold as the flavors within it.

Be festive. 

From Mother’s Day to Labor Day, spring and summer are filled with holidays, each providing a new opportunity to dress your outdoor spaces accordingly. Hanging baskets make a great gift for mom that she can enjoy all season long. In addition, the Flying the Flag combo of red, white and blue Wave petunias features patriotic colors for a festive nod to the Fourth of July.

Get creative. 

Wave Petunias can be enjoyed beyond the flower bed, too! Petunia blooms are easy to press and dry, and can be the showcase of DIY projects, like a personalized phone case, picture frame and more.
Adding pops of color to create an inviting, on-trend outdoor space is simple, and Wave petunias are an easy-to-maintain yet striking flower for everyone, from new to advanced gardeners. They're the perfect way to update your outdoor space for a fresh, stylish look that's welcoming all season long.
To learn more and for ideas, DIY inspiration and easy ways to beautify your outdoor spaces, visit or follow @WaveGardening on FacebookInstagram or Twitter.

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Thursday, April 11, 2019

How to create an outdoor living space you can enjoy all year long.

Envision Distinction composite decking in Rustic Walnut.

How to create the outdoor sanctuary you've always wanted.

(BPT) - The dream of a perfect outdoor space where homeowners can enjoy the beauty of nature while still being completely comfortable is no longer limited to a specific climate or time of year. A one-of-a-kind, all-seasons deck is possible if the right features are included in the design. The key is to combine features that protect from the elements, and then use the right materials to make it happen.

Whether you’re revamping an existing area, or creating a brand-new outdoor living space to enjoy all year long, the following deck additions can turn any project into an all-seasons oasis to enjoy with family and friends.

Overhead covering on a deck can shield guests from the elements directly, as well as provide a scaffold for features such as a ceiling fan, which can cool the area in the warmer months and improve heated air flow during cooler months. Homeowners can choose from deck shades or awnings in a variety of materials to defend against rain and wind, or to reduce sun exposure and cool the area. A pergola is also a beautiful addition to a custom deck that doesn’t provide full coverage like a roof or awning, but can serve as a solid framework for other features such as climbing vines or hanging plants that both provide cover and add ambiance to the outdoor oasis.

Retractable walls are a high-tech option that allows for free air movement during the mild spring and fall, and protection from sun, wind, rain, snow and even bugs during the extreme summer and winter. Some luxury decks and patios utilize retractable glass walls for a defense against wind or rain that doesn’t obstruct the view. A more common tactic is to install retractable screen walls, which can be motorized, and are meant primarily to keep insects out of the patio area. Retractable privacy walls, usually in the form of canvas or polyester fabric horizontal shades, can provide a respite from weather and enhance the feeling of a private sanctuary.

Beautiful low-maintenance materials are a must for any outdoor living space that homeowners would like to spend time enjoying, rather than performing backbreaking annual maintenance. Taking care of traditional wood decking can be a difficult and frustrating process since it is subject to staining and splintering, and may require annual sanding and painting. Composite decking is growing in popularity across the U.S. not only for its lower maintenance requirements, but also its unparalleled beauty that can emulate anything from the rustic beauty of reclaimed wood to the high-impact look of exotic hardwoods.

“What kind of decking you choose makes a huge impact on the overall look and feel of your outdoor living space,” said Shara Gamble, director of sales and marketing for TAMKO’s Envision Decking. “One of the best things about composite decking is it’s easy to preserve its beautiful appearance throughout the seasons, which means you can spend more time relaxing and enjoying your outdoor spaces with family and friends.”

Incorporate the elements into the deck in a controlled way to boost enjoyment of an outdoor living space regardless of the season. For colder months, adding a fire element can provide a cozy and mesmerizing focal point. Arranging comfortable seating around a fireplace or fire pit provides a great place to gather with friends and family and provide warmth on a cool summer night or fall weekend. During the hotter months, installing a water element to the deck can provide a cooling touch and a visual centerpiece. Fountains, misters, or even a lap pool can provide a welcome respite from the heat during the summer, and a soothing, meditative backdrop for the rest of the year.

Although decks are generally a mild-weather attraction, there are many ways to make an outdoor living space functional and enjoyable during the rest of the year, regardless of the geographic location. Transform a deck into an all-seasons sanctuary through the use of special features and beautiful low-maintenance composite decking to make the most of the beauty of the outdoors without sacrificing the comfort and style of your unique outdoor retreat.

Envision Distinction Spiced Teak – Envision Distinction composite decking in Spiced Teak.

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