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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Shine Bright at Every Occasion: 5 Tips for Cleaning Gold Jewelry at Home

Shine Bright at Every Occasion: 5 Tips for Cleaning Gold Jewelry at Home

Looking to brighten up an outfit? Gold jewelry is a perfect way to make a statement. Discover 5 easy tips for cleaning your stylish accessories at home.    

Gold jewelry is an excellent way to add sparkle to any outfit. But what if your gold stops sparkling?
Cleaning your jewelry is always a chore if you don't know the proper way to do it. 

 But in order to keep your gold pieces looking beautiful longer, cleaning it regularly is necessary.
If you're having trouble cleaning your gold, we're here to help.

Read on to discover the five tips for cleaning gold jewelry at home.

1. Remove before showering or cleaning

Before you even start to clean your jewelry, you should always make sure you're preventing it from harm. 

There are certain times you should remove your jewelry in order to keep them pristine. The times you should remove your jewelry include:

  • Cleaning - If you're doing dishes or scrubbing the bathtub, those harsh chemicals you're using can warp your gold. These chemicals can leave a nasty film over the top of your gold that will make it look dull. 
  • Swimming pools and hot tubs - High amounts of chlorine can tarnish your gold. This can do even more damage in warmer temperatures. 
  • Showering - While gold mixed with alloys can be relatively tough, harsh soaps and shampoos will dull your gold pieces. 24 karat gold is even softer, so you'll want to take extra care.

2. Use a soft cleaner

Remember that gold is a soft metal. Using a harsh cleaner will only further harm your pieces. If you're cleaning your gold at home, use warm water and a bit of dishwashing detergent. Make sure that you are using warm water, and hot scalding hot. 

You can also add a bit of ammonia if your gold has experienced any tarnishing. Gently wash the piece with a toothbrush or soft scrubber. Don't be too rough with the piece as it is rather delicate. Depending on the jewelry design, you may need to get into smaller crevices. 

3. Rinse in warm water

Try not to let the gold sit for too long in the warm water mixture. You'll want to clean and then rinse the piece immediately after. Rinse the gold in a lukewarm water.

4. Air dry or use a soft cloth

The best way to dry gold pieces is to let them air dry. You can first blot them dry with a soft, polishing cloth. Lay them out on a towel until they are completely dry.

5. Seek professional help

If your gold jewelry is still looking dull or tarnished, you may need to seek professional help. There are retail cleaners on the market you can use, but they may be too harsh for your jewelry. If you do choose to use them, make sure they are specific to clean gold.

Make your gold jewelry sparkle again

Having gold pieces in your jewelry collection is perfect if you want to make a statement. But you must make sure that you're taking care of these pieces for them to last a long time. Prevent the gold pieces from dullness and tarnishing by removing them before showering, cleaning, or swimming in chlorine. 

How do you care for your fine jewelry? Let us know in the comments section below!