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Monday, February 6, 2023

On-Trend Colors Reflecting Comforting Lifestyle Design.

(Family Features) Upgrading your home design is an opportunity to tap into new color schemes. Knowing what shades are trendy and how different hues can work together for a cohesive design is an important step in creating an attractive design aesthetic.

While you might turn to family or friends for inspiration for your next DIY project, another resource for  collecting concepts and options to upgrade your space is the internet. Consider the Valspar Color-verse, which allows visitors to explore colors in a unique way and offers paint color inspiration and decor trends they can envision within their own homes.

After experiencing the Valspar 2023 Colors of the Year firsthand by painting walls and art from the  collection to see the 3D virtual house come to life, you can find the perfect paint shade for your space.

“Through the Color-verse, visitors can experience the 12 Colors of the Year in a realistic virtual home,” said Gus Morales, vice president of brand marketing for CBG Sherwin-Williams. “Aside from exploring the Colors of the Year, the home is an engaging space for visitors to create art, play games and order paint chips to see how their top color picks look and feel in their homes.”

Color Trends to Consider

Many of this year’s popular nature-inspired designs are all about finding comfort, embracing a flexible lifestyle, rediscovering joy and leaning into the growing DIY movement. The most trend-worthy, forward-thinking and livable colors reflect specific facets or emotions of life so you can update your well-used spaces with thoughtful colors that evoke positive energy and lasting change.

Comfort and Contentment: If your goal is to create a space that envelopes you in a sense of comfort, consider a white with a yellow undertone that makes a space cozy like a soft blanket, like Cozy White from Valspar. Complement the softness with a muted clay that brings in brown undertones that suggest gentle contentment. 

Calming Restoration: Tap into the calming tones of nature with a hazy green that has duality, which brings in both the calm and liveliness of the great outdoors. Another option is a deep midnight blue used as an elegant calming shade to restore mind, body and home.

Healthful, Mindful Living: Create an uplifting space where your wellness is a priority. Evoke a greater sense of health consciousness with a light blue that has a dose of softness used as a fresh neutral with uplifting qualities of a modern pastel, like Valspar’s Rising Tide. Reinforce the benefits of mindful living with a cool gray that is balanced by the warmth of the yellow undertone, a natural hue like a cotton muslin cloth.

Connections and Joy: Establish spaces where you can celebrate relationships with others, the world around you and happiness in your being. Consider hues like a white softened by a violet undertone, a harmonious shade promoted by digital connectivity. Evoke joy with a dependable classic tan that features a yellow undertone suggesting new life with uplifting qualities.

Natural Balance: Bringing hints of the outdoors into a well-loved living space creates a soothing ambiance. Consider a warm neutral brown tone inspired by the shades found in nature or a cooled down blue that strikes a beautiful balance between cool and warm shades in your design.

Inspirational Thought: A work-from-home or crafting space needs color to inspire great thinking. Try a faded natural terracotta that sparks individuality and warmth or a deep blackened olive, an on-trend neutral that embodies charm and sophistication.

Explore the tool and find more colorful ideas at


Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Simple solutions to create a modern home oasis.

(BPT) - When people think of modern homes, many picture classic floor-to-ceiling glass windows, white rooms and contemporary furniture. The reality is, adding modern touches to your home does not require a rebuild, a huge investment or a blank space. A few design tips and simple swaps can transform your existing space into an updated, modern oasis.

Embrace clutter-free living areas

According to the minimalist mantra, less is truly more. Bring this mantra to life by decluttering countertops, mantels, walls and other visible areas in the home. Renowned designer and Delta Design Trust Member Justina Blakeney advises, "Have a designated spot where items go. If you are a collector like I am, it's important to have a flow of 'stuff' so as you invite more objects into your home, make sure you usher other pieces out."

One way to achieve minimalism is to opt for space-saving furniture. Add nesting tables or benches that double as stylish seating and storage. Use baskets and bins to hide inevitable items like shoes, blankets and board games when not in use. Implement hidden filing systems and pledge to digitize documents moving forward, freeing up the office while practicing sustainability.

Swap old fixtures and statement pieces

Substituting fixtures and statement pieces can bring dramatic change to your home. To create clean, intentional design, incorporate objects with sleek bold lines. In the bathroom, opt for the Delta Trillian Bath Collection, which commands attention and provides a striking prismatic design fit for the modern bathroom. This fixture choice represents a bold evolution of modern style, making a substantial impact while not requiring a full-fledged remodel. In the bath space or elsewhere, the addition of a head-turning mirror will emphasize focal points of a space and open up the room to create the illusion of larger floor plans. For a larger investment, consider a floor upgrade. The addition of a large, geometric rug, fresh tile or restored hardwood floors can make a space feel entirely new.

Embrace greenery and natural light

Invite the outside in by embracing foliage and natural sunlight, no matter the season. Consciously incorporate florals to add depth and life to your living space. Consider an oversized planter to serve as a main feature of the room, hanging florals as artwork or succulents as tabletop decor. Do you lack a green thumb? Not to worry; textured faux plants can do the trick, with little maintenance beyond a light dusting. When it comes to natural light, play up your windows with simple drapes that emphasize the outdoors. When additional light is needed, exposed bulbs and bold pendants are easy, modern swaps to illuminate the home and its decor without feeling jarring.

With these simple design tricks, your current space will be transformed into a modern haven in no time.

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Thursday, June 11, 2020

Boost your home's curb appeal.

(BPT) - Looks matter and first impressions count! So to pique the interest of potential buyers, refresh your home's exterior and boost the curb appeal with new siding. In-the-know design pros are choosing cypress siding for the upgrade. It looks great and can last a lifetime, no matter what Mother Nature might have in store.

"Cypress siding offers the complete package," says Zack Rickman of the Southern Cypress Manufacturers Association, "It's not only beautiful, it offers proven outdoor performance by naturally repelling insects - like termites and carpenter bees - and minimizing decay, chemical corrosion and other damaging elements."

Be informed

Wood siding offers a timeless look that is often imitated, but never really duplicated. And while there are many siding products to choose from, homebuilder Stephen Ellis, MGB Fine Custom Homes of Sarasota, Florida, chooses cypress. And for good reasons!

"Often we clad our homes entirely in cypress," he says. "It's a material we enjoy working with because it's dimensionally stable and holds up well in our humid, coastal environment. And it's locally sourced, which is something homeowners are valuing now more than ever. Ultimately, the decision comes down to the architectural style of the home, maintenance and cost. I do my best to help homeowners make an informed decision based on their goals."

When it comes to picking a siding style, cypress is available in all the popular patterns, like traditional bevel or modern shiplap. Yet in Ellis' area, he's seeing a different trend. "These days, we're putting up a lot of board and batten," he says. "It's always been popular for farm houses, but it looks great on beach homes and complements the casual, relaxing vibe."

Expert advice about finishing options

"If you're drawn to cypress' natural honey-like hues and want to enhance the natural richness of its color and grain pattern, focus on semi-transparent, oil-based stains," Rickman advises. "These products provide superior protection because they penetrate the wood and allow it to breathe, whereas water-based stains sit on the surface and are prone to peeling and cracking."

If a cleaner, solid color look is more your style, Rickman says 100 percent acrylic latex paint, with a compatible primer, is the way to go to ensure cypress' best performance.

Architect John Harrison Jones, Memphis, Tennessee, says some of his clients prefer the weathered wood look. "It's contextual to our region and environment," he says. "And while cypress is naturally decay and water resistant, I still recommend applying a water-repellent sealer to provide added protection. Some products include an ultraviolet light inhibitor to block the sun's rays and prevent premature graying. Nevertheless, cypress will weather to a light gray patina over time.

"If you want the weathered look now, consider applying a bleaching stain with a subtle gray tint. But, be careful not to apply too much because it can get too light. Test it out on a piece of scrap wood first."

Whichever finish you choose, Rickman recommends always applying stain, primer or sealer to all sides and edges of the boards. "This will protect the wood from moisture and prevent problems down the road," he says. "And perhaps most importantly, make sure to follow the finish manufacturer's instructions." 

For more ways to boost your home's curb appeal with cypress siding, visit the Southern Cypress website at

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Sunday, December 29, 2019

6 ways to turn your home into a natural oasis.

(BPT) - As the year comes to an end, many people make resolutions to start the New Year strong. This might mean ramping up your workout routine, increasing your self-care regimen or finding time to de-stress.

The EPA reports we spend 90 percent of our time indoors, but most people feel that spending time in nature has a positive effect on their mental well-being and stress level, according to a recent YouGov study commissioned by VELUX. So, if your goal is to de-stress, here are some healthy behaviors and design tips to help you bring nature's sanctuary indoors.

Fill your home with photos of nature

Surrounding yourself with images of nature can have a positive effect on wellness. Try framing some photos of special memories in nature like a hike with your family, beach sunset or mountain view.

Let in more fresh air and natural light

Today's homes are built tighter and more sealed, which means they trap toxins from daily living - such as cooking, cleaning, pets and more - inside. Adding skylights that can open is a simple home renovation project to improve fresh air flow, helping rid indoor air of pollutants. Additionally, studies show that exposure to natural light helps to sync your circadian rhythm, allowing for better sleep at night.

Fill your home with natural scents

Up your chef game by using fresh herbs in your cooking that will fill your kitchen with natural fragrance. Making an indoor herb garden ensures you'll always have some on hand. You can also incorporate fresh herbs into bouquets or wreaths for a natural air freshener throughout your home.

Meditate or do yoga in the morning

Waking up with stretching or meditating is a great way to prepare yourself for a successful day. Open the blinds or curtains on your windows and skylights to let in early morning light and help you feel invigorated and refreshed.

Go green with your décor

Reap the benefits of nature by bringing it inside, adding greenery or even fruit into your décor. The possibilities are endless - use a bowl of fresh fruit as a centerpiece or mix different sizes of pots to create a succulent gallery. Little touches of green in each room will go a long way.

Use natural cleaning products

Many common cleaning products have harsh chemicals that can be inhaled or absorbed into your skin. Combat the dangers of these toxins by switching to natural cleaning products. You'll feel safer and more relaxed when your home is chemical-free.

From boosting your home's natural light to going green and adding plant life, it's easy to turn your home into a natural oasis with these simple steps. For more information, visit

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Monday, June 24, 2019

Ideas for projects to improve your outdoor living space.

(BPT) - Looking for a DIY project to improve your outdoor space and create an inviting oasis for everyone in the family to get outside and have fun together?

Here are some projects to consider, and the prep work involved.

1) Check your deck

Does your existing deck need repair? Check for loose balusters or railing or other issues needing attention. If you want to resurface your deck or build a new deck, measure the area and research how much decking you’ll need. Fortunately, there are free online deck plans and design tools available, for example, on your favorite home improvement center's website or at Many include cost calculators to help determine your expenses. Check with your local municipality for building codes and a building permit before beginning construction.

When choosing materials to create the deck of your dreams, not just any wood will do. Wood is now available that is treated with more environmentally advanced preservatives, with stabilizers that can weather the elements while still retaining the beauty of real wood. Ecolife pressure-treated wood is ideal for decking, deck framing, railing, joists and beams. Its advanced wood stabilizing preservative system makes wood look better longer and repels water for up to two years.

For projects that contact or are within 6 inches of the ground, such as support posts, stair stringers and ledger boards, a higher retention level of preservatives is required to fight fungal decay and termite attack at ground level. Ecolife and ground contact wood are treated to required levels to protect against fungal decay and termite attack.

2) Enhance your garden

To increase your yard's beauty while encouraging plant and flower growth, make simple wooden structures for your garden that can be completed in a weekend. The easiest project is a trellis, which can be any size latticework designed for climbing plants. Similarly, an arbor combines two trellises with an overhead arch to create a passage or gateway. An arbor beautifully embellishes any path or walkway with flowering plants growing up and over it.

A pergola takes that idea one step further, creating a scaffolding of overhead wooden beams for your yard, patio or deck that can be used for installing a ceiling fan, hanging plants or flowers, or a sun shade.

The gazebo resembles a mini “house,” usually raised from the ground, that can be screened in if desired. Gazebos are wonderful little retreats to enjoy the outdoors while still feeling the comfort of seating and other furniture, along with a roof for keeping out the elements.

3) Raised gardens

For the green thumb in the family, raised planter beds decrease the back-breaking work of planting and weeding, while keeping neighborhood critters out. Attach chicken wire or other screening to discourage smaller animals from munching on your garden.

4) Outdoor furnishings

Love to grill and eat outdoors? Why not build your own benches or picnic table? They provide a wonderfully rustic look as well as being sturdy. You can add removable cushions for comfort.

5) Playtime

Nothing could be more fun for kids than watching or helping to build a play set, sandbox or treehouse. If kids help, educate them about safety rules that you follow, such as wearing gloves, goggles and a mask while working with wood.

6) Add privacy and beauty

A well-designed stained or painted fence can enhance the look of your garden, patio or deck while adding privacy and keeping neighborhood animals out. A variety of fence styles are available to serve many purposes. From containing pets to providing safety for your children, fences can help block wind and noise, enclose HVAC and trash bin areas and add curb appeal. All you need are posts, pickets and backer rails or fence panels to complete your project.

If you're new to building, start with smaller projects like a trellis or sandbox. Once you're more confident or have experience, consider the larger, more complex projects you're dreaming about. Engage the family in brainstorming ideas to make your yard and garden a great place to hang out together. For more information, visit

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Thursday, June 6, 2019

Room redesign? Start with the floor.

5 trusty tips for a room redesign (Hint: Start with the floors).

(BPT) - To change the look of any room, start with the floor. A beautifully finished hardwood floor adds warmth and charm — and the range of options available for hardwood floors today can truly transform a room. With choices from soft natural to cool gray to dark charcoal you can find the perfect shade for your renovation. The floor sets the tone for the room's overall appearance.
Don't know where to start? Here are a few tips to inspire a stunning redesign.

Choose an overall look

To help with your design choices, consider the overall feel of the room. Every design element — the floor stain, finish, wall color, furnishings and accents — should work together to enhance the mood and aesthetic. Do you want a soft and floral look? Sleek and modern? Cool and airy? The color palette and sheen of your hardwood finish will become the foundation for the feeling you're trying to evoke.

Get inspired

There's no shortage of resources to inspire your room design. From art galleries and Pinterest to nature itself, look for key colors, textures or items to inspire the new room design.
Next, get inspired by flooring options. Consider the collection of five customized style options crafted with a full range of stains, sealers, treatments and finishes from Bona.

For example, the Nordic Shimmer collection combines soft, natural tones that work well with whites and blues for a peaceful, comforting environment. This look complements furnishings with simple, clean lines. The New Modern collection offers rich, vivid tones to create a sense of urban luxury, in colors from white or walnut to charcoal. This style goes well with dramatic textures like glass, stone or shiny metal, and complements colors like green, rich gray or dark plum.

Other design collections include Garden Atmosphere, Malibu Dreams and Touch of Grace. Each option provides a suggested color palette and recommendations for furnishings.

Understand the process

Research the best tools and products for refinishing your hardwood floor. The process can be seamless and pleasant, or you can be left with a dusty, smelly mess. The first stage in refinishing a hardwood floor is sanding off the old finish with very light abrasion to reveal the natural wood underneath. This requires just the right grit level of abrasive, and typically takes more than one pass, using increasingly finer grit. It’s important that the wood is not over-sanded, to avoid damage. Look for a hardwood flooring professional that offers dustless sanding. Reducing the wood dust in your home not only makes clean-up a breeze, it's also healthier for your home.

Next comes the stain (color) and possibly sealer, depending on the look you're trying to achieve. Know that you can create custom colors, so take enough time to pick your perfect shade. The stain process may take a day or two as the stain sets and dries.

Finally, pick your finish. Today's hardwood floor finishes come in a wide range of sheens and durability levels. You can choose from a flat, natural matte finish to a shiny semi-gloss, and several sheens in between. Choose a waterborne finish to keep the home healthy.

Get creative

In addition to mixing stain colors for a custom blend, you can also get creative with how you treat the floors. Consider a wire brush technique to bring out the soft grain in the wood, or a distressed or scraped process for a more rustic charm.

Let the pros do it for you

The process of refinishing hardwood floors takes a high level of skill and experience — in many ways it's an art form. To make sure it’s done well, many homeowners choose Bona Certified Craftsmen — professionals who will help you choose from a range of products designed to protect and maintain your hardwood floors. The right professional will guide you to the best stain, finish or sealer to suit your hardwood species and create the desired look. They will also take into account the room's lighting and type of finish that is optimal for your room's level of foot traffic.

Let your floor be the guide for creating a beautiful new look for one room or your entire home. With a wide array of colors and textures, the possibilities are infinite.

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Friday, May 10, 2019

5 smart ideas to refresh your deck.

(BPT) - As seasons turn, your focus begins to shift to the outdoors. Your deck or patio becomes your new living room — an ideal setting for memorable moments with friends and family. If you look at these spaces and long for a refresh, the time to start planning is now. You have options, and many you can do yourself with minimal effort.

To start, if you don't have a deck or patio, research materials carefully before making an investment. One prevalent building trend involves making the smart choice toward natural, environmentally friendly materials that will never end up in landfills. As such, more homeowners are choosing Real Cedar because it is naturally resistant to rot, decay and insects. It's low-maintenance and easy to work with, being durable yet lightweight, laying straight and taking fasteners easily. Plus, nothing looks, feels or smells quite like cedar.

To refresh your deck with style and functionality, consider these five trending outdoor-living projects:

Planter boxes: If you want to add beauty and functionality to your deck, construct planter boxes and put them in sunny spaces. From small boxes that house herb gardens to larger boxes that allow vegetables to thrive, you can have a bounty of fresh flavors right outside your door. No need for a garden plot! Planter box designs come in a variety of sizes and can be built low to the ground or at waist height for easy tending.

Outdoor sectionals: Built-in sectionals are becoming a focal point and favorite hangout spot on the deck. Perfectly set into a corner, these multi-directional couches can be built as large or small as you desire. Use Real Cedar for your project because it is pitch- and resin-free, so accepts and holds a wide variety of finishes beautifully so you can customize the look to your tastes. Finish with cushions for that decorator touch and you'll have your new favorite cozy outdoor corner.

Water features: As homeowners look to make their decks and patios a true retreat from the stress of everyday life, they want to add elements of Zen, which is why fountains and water features are becoming so popular. New decks are often built to incorporate these features, including pathways where water provides a calm ambiance. If a pond is too significant an undertaking, fountains provide a more affordable alternative that can be used in any size space.

Pergolas: These beautiful semi-shelters can be built in a number of useful configurations depending on how much shade you require, what you wish to situate beneath it (A dining set? Outdoor couches and chairs? Grilling equipment?) and whether you want to incorporate climbing plants. For complete project plans and instructions on how to make your own pergola over a weekend, visit

Lighting: When the sun goes down that doesn't mean the fun should stop. Add lighting to extend the functionality and enjoy special moments under the stars on your deck or patio. Stair, railing and pathway lighting add a necessary safety feature, while under-table lighting and deck-post sconces provide the perfect illumination for the space without being overwhelming. For a touch of twinkle, add a few outdoor string lights in white, or for a more festive atmosphere, go for the color of your choice.

These five outdoor living ideas are sure to enhance any size deck or patio space. Make plans today so you can enjoy many seasons of fun outdoors with loved ones.

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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Seasonal trends to inspire and add style to your outdoor space.

Creating an on-trend outdoor space with flowers.

(BPT) - Each season brings new opportunities to express your personal style. Like putting together an outfit, decorating your outdoor space is an opportunity to showcase your favorite trends. Adding petunias to your porch, patio or garden is an easy way to create a space uniquely your own. They're easy to grow and maintain, making them a great choice for beginner gardeners and a constant favorite for seasoned gardeners. Petunias brighten up gardens, patios and balconies with bold long-lasting color — and they're virtually care-free. They love sunshine and add style and dazzling color with minimal upkeep.

Here are a few ways to incorporate the latest trends into your outdoor space.

Make a statement.

Add a pop of color to your outdoor space with this season’s most talked about tones. Taking inspiration from the runway, try the new award-winning Wave Carmine Velour petunia in a vivid red-hot cherry hue. Or, add the Pantone Color of the Year to your porch or patio. For 2019, it’s Living Coral, chosen for its ability to "energize and enlighten with a softer edge," especially in nature. The friendly and lively color will be everywhere this season, from clothing and accessories to furniture and accents. Plant a container of Easy Wave Coral Reef petunias to brighten up your oasis.

Mix it up.

Just as the perfect look for a night on the town needs the right heels and accessories to create a killer outfit, your containers can combine several of your favorite elements to make a show-stopping composition. Make your containers do double duty with combos of flowers, vegetables and herbs. Not sure what varieties play nicely together? Plug & Play combos with Wave petunias take the guesswork out of combining flowers and flavors. The Plug & Play Combo Cantina Heat pairs peppers alongside Easy Wave Blue spreading petunias and yellow French marigolds for a mix of colors as bold as the flavors within it.

Be festive. 

From Mother’s Day to Labor Day, spring and summer are filled with holidays, each providing a new opportunity to dress your outdoor spaces accordingly. Hanging baskets make a great gift for mom that she can enjoy all season long. In addition, the Flying the Flag combo of red, white and blue Wave petunias features patriotic colors for a festive nod to the Fourth of July.

Get creative. 

Wave Petunias can be enjoyed beyond the flower bed, too! Petunia blooms are easy to press and dry, and can be the showcase of DIY projects, like a personalized phone case, picture frame and more.
Adding pops of color to create an inviting, on-trend outdoor space is simple, and Wave petunias are an easy-to-maintain yet striking flower for everyone, from new to advanced gardeners. They're the perfect way to update your outdoor space for a fresh, stylish look that's welcoming all season long.
To learn more and for ideas, DIY inspiration and easy ways to beautify your outdoor spaces, visit or follow @WaveGardening on FacebookInstagram or Twitter.

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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Trend Watch: 2019 outdoor living and design trends for every homeowner.

(BPT) - Outdoor living continues to grow in 2019 as homeowners dream of adding spaces that provide tranquility, connection and touches of nature. More than just a home enhancement, these spaces are meant to inspire people to set digital devices aside and find moments of calm while making memories with friends and family.

Now is the perfect time to plan updates to outdoor living areas so as the seasons turn, you're ready to enjoy your outdoor space to the fullest. Joe Raboine, director of residential hardscapes at Belgard, offers his expert insight into top outdoor design trends of the year that you should consider for your home.

Blurring of indoor and outdoor areas

Beyond windows and patio doors, home designs are truly blending indoor and outdoor areas thanks to features like folding walls and collapsible screens. For example, imagine a family room that opens up completely to an outdoor patio for easy entertaining, made possible by retractable walls plus smart lighting and strategic heating and cooling sources for seasonal comfort. These types of integrated spaces make the backyard a one-of-a-kind extension of the home.

Clean lines and contemporary style

Modern lines are a top interior design trend and it is expanding into outdoor living spaces, offering a seamless visual transition. Contemporary style with clean lines, textures and shapes have taken over more traditional styles, particularly among younger homeowners. Modular, large-format pavers embrace this trend and are expected to continue to increase in popularity, with smoother textures gaining traction.

Monochromatic and “greige” tones

The contemporary trend also leans toward monochromatic color schemes. Gray continues to be popular, with the growing trend of “greige” — blends of gray and beige tones — poised to take off in 2019. These muted hues blend seamlessly with the landscape, plus they allow homeowners to use strategic pops of color with furniture and flowers to create customized spaces that reflect their personalities perfectly.

Outdoor kitchens and fire features

In an effort to make outdoor spaces an authentic extension of the home, livability is a priority. That means outdoor kitchens and fire features continue to be a top trend. Kitchen additions like pizza ovens are reflective of the foodie movement, while fire features using gas fuel rather than wood are reflective of the desire for convenience, plus they are a good fit for many municipal regulations.

Sustainability is king

As more homeowners are prioritizing green living, outdoor designs that become a part of the local ecosystem are in high demand. This could include planting to support pollinators and integrating edible landscape into the design. Water features are growing in popularity, used to add a tranquil element to outdoor spaces while masking unwanted sounds, such as traffic or other noise pollution.

Visualization of designs

Partnering with the right designer is key to achieving the outdoor space of your dreams. More homeowners are asking for 3D designs in order to properly conceptualize a space before it is brought to life through construction. Belgard Design Studio can take a simple sketch with dimensions and a few photos and turn it into a 3D rendering or virtual reality experience so homeowners can see the true potential of their outdoor space.

Small footprint designs

Outdoor living isn't just for homeowners with large properties. Houses with small footprints are adding impressive outdoor spaces in surprising places. This could be maximizing alleyway access, adding a courtyard to a small backyard, or shifting the focus by utilizing the front yard to create a patio and fireplace area. If you long for an outdoor living space, don't let space constraints limit your dreams.

These 2019 outdoor living trends, in effect, will prove to create a year full of innovative outdoor projects that fit the needs of every homeowner.

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Friday, April 26, 2019

3 tips to refresh your home and your spirit this spring.

(BPT) - Every spring, the changing season brings a desire for renewal. It’s a time of growth, transition and revitalization. The latest trend in home cleaning popularized by Marie Kondo reveals what many of us yearn for — not just decluttering, but a fresh start, a clean slate. We dream of an open, airy, bright home where everyone can thrive and be their best selves. But how do we get there, when our houses are filled with stuff — not to mention the accumulated dust and stale air of winter?
Here are three ways you can re-energize your home and yourself this spring.

Take a tour of your home

Whether mentally or literally, tour your home with a notebook or tablet and jot down the areas causing you the most tension or stress when you look at them. Is it the laundry pile that never seems to go away in the bedroom? The kitchen cabinet that’s so overstuffed that something falls out every time you open it?

Prioritize the ones that bother you the most. Take a good look at each problem and prepare for a radical declutter.

Maybe the laundry pile exists because your closets and dresser drawers are overfull. When was the last time you assessed your pajamas or jeans collection? As recommended by the Kondo technique, take out the entire contents of the pajama drawer, hold and look at each item. Which ones do you really love to wear? You'll be able to fit them back in your drawer more neatly when you have fewer items. For the others, if you don’t love them, it’s time to let them go. If you would love them “if only” they didn’t have a button missing, but you haven't had the interest in replacing the button in over a year, it’s time to move on.

Same thing with your kitchen cabinet — take out all the pots and pans and examine which ones are taking up space, but you never use. For items you only use once a year, like a roasting pan big enough for a turkey, store them elsewhere.

Do the deep clean

Once you’ve tackled a couple of the biggest trouble spots, you’ll start to feel lighter and less stressed every time you enter that room or area of the house. You can now accomplish the cleaning and dusting under and around the problem area that you couldn’t manage before.

For each area you declutter, clean thoroughly before putting back the items you're keeping. If it's a drawer, wipe out the dust and grime and make sure it's dry before replacing items. For a closet or room in the house, dust and wipe down from top to bottom, removing dirt from ceiling to floor.

Refresh your rooms

Typical cleaning products won’t have the desired effect of leaving your room not only looking good, but smelling and feeling good every time you enter it.

Take the time to clear, refresh and revive your space and your mind with aromatherapy. Using essential oils from Aura Cacia will result in not only refreshing the entire environment of your home, but will invigorate and energize your spirit. Try the Springtime Forest Diffusion Blend, which uses 8 drops of Aura Cacia’s Sandalwood Essential Oil, 5 drops of Vetiver Essential Oil and 5 drops of Lemon Essential Oil to infuse your rooms with the fresh, natural aromas and a feeling of spring. See for more ideas to not just clean, but refresh your entire home — and spirit.

Spring cleaning gives you the chance for renewal — and inspires a sense of new purpose as you enjoy the changing season. Let your home become a vital part of your re-energized attitude this spring.

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