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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Southern California: Style and Travel Tips

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Hollywood "What's your dream" I love that line from the movie "Pretty Woman". Needless to say I am CA dreamin! I'm so excited travel season is almost here! Southern CA is one of my destinations this summer, so I am in outfit planning mode!

I was asked by Farfetch to participate in a contest and create an inspirational outfit guide of my choice: So I am sharing a short outfit guide and a few travel tips for a vacay in SoCal. 

Who likes road trips? I absolutely love them! Air travel is my1st choice of transportation, but road trips can be so much fun! Travelling long hours on the road can get really old fast. For me, being cool and comfortable is the number one goal.   

Being comfortable on a road trip does not mean you have to throw style out the window ( ha no pun intended!) Cute printed shorts with a little stretch in the fabric, a bandeau , and sheer top is my idea of casual and comfy chic. Throw in your favorite pair of sunnies and you are CA ready! I am totally loving the cat eye sunnies trend!

Usually the first stop upon arriving in CA from a long road trip is Hollywood and Rodeo Drive. Last time I was in CA, we decided to hike up to the Hollywood sign. I still can't believe I was on top of the world up there. It was the most exhilarating feeling, and the view was amazing!

Rodeo drive is my favorite shopping place in California. Oh my, it is so hard to be disciplined with all the tempting finds! Everything there is mostly out of my league far as price range, but it's fun to window shop anyway! My last visit there, I actually found a few affordable shops and purchased some items.

Spending time on luxury lane calls for more of a sophisticated type of outfit, even if you are just window shopping. You can certainly pull one together without spending a lot of money. Looking like a million is achievable with all the "mastige" brands on the market today. Mastige is simply- prestige made available to the masses. 

Sometimes spending more on one staple piece is worth it. Then you can build your outfit around that piece with other items that cost much less.

Hollywood Blvd- another favorite spot in SoCal . I love to take a stroll on the walk of fame and read all the star's names. On this street you can definitely get another fashion fix. The selection of eclectic shops are endless. People watching is also big entertainment, ya just never know who you might run into!

Even though the summer heat is dry in CA, it can get quite intense. A skort made of stretch cotton blend is my go to piece, and a lightweight tank top.  

Alright the best is saved for last- the very scenic CA beaches. Ahh I could totally live the beach bum life! You could visit a different beach each day, and take several weeks to cover them all. My favorites are Coronado Island, Huntington Beach, and La Jolla. Santa Monica is very scenic too, with a carnival on the boardwalk.

Most of the beaches in CA do not have warm water, so you may freeze your hiney off in a bikini! If you can brave the cooler temps, a one piece would be a better choice. I spend most of my swim time at the hotel pool on CA trips.

Hotel Del Coranado: Stunning Beach Palace for sure! If you can, take additional time to go inside and look around the hotel- so magnificent and pretty! There are shops inside and places to eat.

 Coranado Beach: I found the water here to be the warmest of all the CA beaches. It is definitely tolerable, but if you like toasty ocean temps- you will have to head to Hawaii!

Huntington Beach: The U.S. Open of Surfing happens every year at this beach. It is the world's largest surf competition and lifestyle festival. Each summer, over half a million people attend this event. The water is freezing here, but the scenery is to die for!

La Jolla: A peaceful quite cove. This was the least crowded beach of all. There were a few people around, along with lazy seals and birds hanging out on the rock cliffs.

I hope you enjoyed the lil tour of Southern CA and the outfit guides. What is your go to outfit pieces for a warm weather vacation? Where are you traveling this summer? I would love to hear your travel plans in the comments. Have a wonderful week, be blessed!

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Inspiration for the week:" If you want to be beautiful, be beautiful on the inside" Kate Hudson.

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