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Saturday, February 20, 2021

I Go Whimsical On You.

My life "was elevated to another level" when I began to see other dimension that was happening in front of my eyes simultaneously with reality and that I had never paid attention to before.

I was discovering natural mirrors and reflectors, flames, glows, blazes, brilliancy, dazzles, lights, shadows and glares; see that everything is reflected everywhere, my brain was showing me when immersed in great delight.”

It is a very interesting combination trying to live life according to reality and having a whimsical brain who only wants and desires and have this hope of grandeur.

Yes, this capricious being stays in between me and everybody else complicating the interaction with fanciful notions, imaginative narratives, and full of sudden wishes, longings and changes of mind.

It is a little embarrassing once looks like I am the eccentric one here, there is this carefree being occupying my head, hiding behind my eyes, making decisions on impulse, acting aloof and childlike but I will be the one to be blamed and bullied.

It is not that I am a victim or anything, I am not, and am grateful that this brain of mine showed me the surreal world. It is that I just have to supervise it more closely once being whimsical is not that bad, it has three different sides: Fanciful, amusing and erratic…(erratic? Ops!) I promise that for the most part, besides all that involves, whimsical is a compliment.

My pleasure to enhance the story telling with the art of these remarkable artists:

Giorgio Marogna.

Lisa (Vaselenak) Chater.

Mihaela Ioana Atomei.

Carlos Enrique Alvarez Delgado.

Dena (Heller) Ackerman.

Maria Parenteau.

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This Article was wrote by:
 Maria Parenteau from San Diego, California, USA.

Friday, November 20, 2020

Blue Color - Our Natural Fountain of Calmness and Relaxation.

It is really time to review the statement that the color blue is sad and creates negative feelings. I want to shatter this belief that this gorgeous hue suggests moods of melancholy and sadness. Why the generous Creator would cover the ceiling of this astonishing planet with a depressing tonality? We are understanding for our great benefit, that the outside colors relaxes and recharge our energy efficiently, looks like the only thing we need are the blues of the skies and the yellows of the sun.

Colors cause different effects in our brain giving to all of us a personal perception and experience. So blue can be for me a great source of relaxation and a delicious wave of warmth and comfort. Colors on the blue side of the spectrum are known as cool colors and include blue, purple, and green. Light blues can be refreshing and friendly. Dark blues are more strong and reliable. Paint a wall, a piece of furniture or just place artwork in strategic spots around the house to give your brain a delicious sensation of quiet piece and joy. Choose the colors you want but whatever you do pick something blue.  

Dieter Hanf -

Antonio Di Gaspero -

Gigi Stan -

Maria Parenteau -

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Author of the article : Maria Parenteau , from San Diego, California, USA.