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Saturday, February 20, 2021

I Go Whimsical On You.

My life "was elevated to another level" when I began to see other dimension that was happening in front of my eyes simultaneously with reality and that I had never paid attention to before.

I was discovering natural mirrors and reflectors, flames, glows, blazes, brilliancy, dazzles, lights, shadows and glares; see that everything is reflected everywhere, my brain was showing me when immersed in great delight.”

It is a very interesting combination trying to live life according to reality and having a whimsical brain who only wants and desires and have this hope of grandeur.

Yes, this capricious being stays in between me and everybody else complicating the interaction with fanciful notions, imaginative narratives, and full of sudden wishes, longings and changes of mind.

It is a little embarrassing once looks like I am the eccentric one here, there is this carefree being occupying my head, hiding behind my eyes, making decisions on impulse, acting aloof and childlike but I will be the one to be blamed and bullied.

It is not that I am a victim or anything, I am not, and am grateful that this brain of mine showed me the surreal world. It is that I just have to supervise it more closely once being whimsical is not that bad, it has three different sides: Fanciful, amusing and erratic…(erratic? Ops!) I promise that for the most part, besides all that involves, whimsical is a compliment.

My pleasure to enhance the story telling with the art of these remarkable artists:

Giorgio Marogna.

Lisa (Vaselenak) Chater.

Mihaela Ioana Atomei.

Carlos Enrique Alvarez Delgado.

Dena (Heller) Ackerman.

Maria Parenteau.

Definition from: › dictionary › whimsical

This Article was wrote by:
 Maria Parenteau from San Diego, California, USA.

Monday, October 8, 2018

Special luxury event : FASHION ART and MORE 8.0 (Milan, Italy).

Press Release by: Carlos Eduardo Feijoo, Founder and Editor of International Lux Magazine.

From left to right: Organizer of the special luxury event : Sabrina Spinelli,
The featured actress Elisa Muriale and the Business owner of CAMPEROS : Fabio Medas.
Photo by : Alessandro Martellotta.

Click on image to enlarge.
The Monday September 24th, 2018 was held the special luxury and international event of Fashion and Art, "FASHION ART and MORE 8.0" during the Milan Fashion Week in the and prestigious: FIFTYFIVE 55  (click HERE to visit their fan page on Facebook), Milan, Italy, that is the most great Luxury Club in Europe.

The special, prestigious and luxury event had the official sponsorship of CAMPEROS Boots and Bags (Main sponsor).

The guest of honor: Fabio Medas, Business Owner CAMPEROS  Boots World Miami.

Special guests:  Fabio Medas (Camperos), Pino Ammendola (Actor, Dubber and Director), Marco Eugenio Di Giandomenico (Writer and critic of sustainable art) and Premio Eccellenze Valorizza Le Eccellenze Italiane. The featured actress, model, photomodel and presenter : Elisa Muriale. The participation of the General  Consulate of Tunisia in Milan.

The special and luxury event had the featured participation of recognized fashion designersFederica Sgueglia. Atelier Di Circuito Da Lavoro, by Fashion designer and Creative Director: Laura Bottomei (Style and elegance made in Italy), Nadia & Sarah Bouhaoual (Toulouse, France).  Tiziana Grimaldi, Napoli. The recognized Artist : Jamie Pesavento (Art and fashion).

The special event also had the participation of official make up and beauty:  ALFAPARF GROUP, Milano: Decoderm Makeup | Care and DIBI Milano. Official Hair Style by: Giorgio Parrivecchio. Besides the participation of featured photographers : Marco de Nigris, Ambrogio Trezzi and
Alessandro Martellotta.

FASHION ART and MORE 8.0 was organized by the recognized Italian Event Manager, Consultant Stylist and Brand Management for Business : Wellness for You Fashion  Sabrina Spinelli (Click HERE to open their page on Facebook).

   International Lux Magazine congratulates to the distinguished and recognized, organizer: Sabrina Spinelli, to all participants, special guests and guests of honor of this recognized and important event of fashion and art in Milan, Italy. 

        Make click in the next link of the official Facebook Fanpage of FASHION ART and MORE  for more info:

    We present to the international audience, with authorization of the organizer, the Video of the special luxury event and a selection of Photos (The event had the participation of featured Photographers).

Note:  If eventually some person, company, etc, want to use in their publication(s) one or more photos included in this Press release please send a message to the organizer of the event for the connection with the photographer(s) and then the reception of the authorizations and references of the credits of the photos.

In this publication we include a selection of photos of the designs of the featured Fashion Designers and the featured Artist.

Sabrina Spinelli (Organizer of the special luxury event) with the actress, model and presenter:
  Elisa Muriale.

Fabio Medas (Camperos) main sponsor and honor guest and Sabrina Spinelli organizer of the special luxury event.

Presentation of : Maison Sabrina Spinelli Haute Couture.
Lumière is the name of the collection, so that light and beauty can fill those who look at it with joy and love.  Sabrina Spinelli says : Love that lights up and makes you dream like in a great fairytale.

Cinzia Acerbis (Alfaparf Group).

Marco Eugenio Di Giandomenico (Writer and critic of sustainable art).

         Singer Giovanna Nocetti and Fabrio Medas           Pino Ammendola and Fabio Medas     

Pino Ammendola (Actor, Dubber and Director).

Dario Musi - Global General Manager ALFAPARF GROUP - Skincare Division. 

        Actress, model and presenter: Elisa Muriale.                 Fabio Medas and Elisa Muriale.

        Sabrina Spinelli wearing her own Haute                         Consul Khalil Jendoubi. 
              Couture Collection : Lumière.                      General Consulate of Tunisia in Milan.                                                            

Some photos of the official make up and beauty:  ALFAPARF GROUP :

Gio Barone for Decoderm - Beauty maker.

Click on photos to enlarge.

Click on photos to enlarge.

Official Hair Style by: Giorgio Parrivecchio.

Click on photos to enlarge.

Fashion designers : Tiziana Grimaldi and Laura Bottomei (Left to right).

We include a selection of photos of the collections of the featured Fashion Designers and the artist.

 (In the Facebook page of FASHION ART and MORE are published all photos of the event, included the credits of the Photographers and more).

Video of the special luxury event.

Artist : Jamie Pesavento (Art and fashion).

Photos of the designs of the fashion collection : Lumière
Maison Sabrina Spinelli Haute Couture.

Photos of the designs of the featured Fashion designer :
Federica Sgueglia.

Photos of the designs of the featured Fashion designer :

ATELIER DI CIRCUITO DA LAVORO, by Fashion designer and Creative Director: Laura Bottomei 


Photos of the designs of the featured Fashion designer :

Nadia Bouhaoual (Toulouse,France).

Mike Louvila (Singer and Composer) and Fashion Designer : Nadia Bouhaoual.

Photos of the designs of the featured Fashion designer :

Tiziana Grimaldi.