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Friday, February 23, 2018

Saturday Night Live's Zack Bornstein Discusses Caveats of A Luxury Lifestyle, Heroes & Monsters

Hi This is Ariane with International Luxury Magazine. ILM is here at the Writer’s Guild of America West - 2018 Awards Show at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, California. I am here with Emmy nominated, Man of International Luxury, Mr. Zachary Bornstein. Zack is one of the tonight’s winners in the category of Comedy/Variety Sketch Series Award for Writing on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE.

Hello, Zack. May I ask a few questions regarding the writing process with the SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE (SNL) writing staff?


Since Donald Trump took office, people have been concerned that his short temper combined with lack of experience in international politics could lead to escalating possibilities of a WW3. SNL seemed to pick up on the pulse and create a safe environment where people could laugh. How do you go about formulating a President Donald Trump parody sketch?

Woah. Well, Trump sketches usually start with something crazy or dangerous or off-putting that Trump really did, and then you take that reality and blow it out.

You have a very large writing staff.

It's in the millions.

Do individual writers have particular areas of expertise?

Not formally, but some people write more political stuff, others write more about women’s issues, others write more just silly stuff, or whatnot.

What would you say is your area of expertise?

Probably international luxury travel.

What is your favorite place to travel?

Just got back from Iceland, which was lovely.

SNL went out on location to Iceland?

No, was just for fun.

I thought you shoot in New York.


Are there particular world issues you are concerned about?

Well, I guess I'm concerned that Antarctica is melting, and methane is being released, and there is going to be water shortages and food shortages and costal cities drowning, and ancient diseases we don’t have resistances to are going to be released from the ice shelf, and pretty much every city will become Houston or New Orleans by the end of the century, and there will be no one left to help, but I don’t know if that stuff will make good content for luxury international travelers.

Do you think that comedy is a viable way to change public policy?

God, I hope so, nothing else is working.

Who would you say are your Heroes?

(U.S. Congressman of California) Adam Schiff was here tonight. He's doing wonderful things for California and trying to get that trash monster out of office.

Are the SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE Writers interested in changing public policy?

I think most thinking humans are interested in changing public policy. It's pretty bad right now.

How much of the the writing would say is from the performers and how much from you?

The actors and the writers work together on pretty much every sketch.

What do you wear in the Writers' Room?

Sweatshirts. T-shirts. Button-downs, jacket, maybe a hat. You name it.

You look quite dashing and globe-trotterly. What tuxedo label are your sporting tonight?

I forget. Probably Trader Vuitton, Trader Joe's luxury clothing line.

How does the award feel? Are you going to put it in your office?

I'm honored. It's heavier than I was expecting. Might melt it down and sell it for parts.

Who was/is your favorite guest on the show?

Too many to choose, but first to mind, Melissa McCarthy is so goddamn good and super fun to work with.

Melissa was amazing in SPY,  we are hoping for a SPY II - We here at LIM love Susan Cooper... So, are you a Nespresso Man or a Starbucks Man?

Whichever is in front of me.

How tall are you?

...6'2" Why?

Well, I was wondering if you were short for a Viking... Do you have a favorite Victoria Secrets Model?

I don't know any. Am I supposed to know one? What is happening to this interview?

Does everyone call you Beeker from Sesame Street?

Literally no one has ever called me that. Do I look like him? Is that rude? Alright well that you, have a good night now.

Thank you, Zack!