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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

WGFestival 2018 - Lady Show Runners Take The Lead in 2018

Long gone are the days of men show runners dominating Hollywood's terrain. Enter the glorious ladies of Show-running featured in panel discussions throughout the Writers' Guild Foundation 2018 Festival for creatives with the itch to pen for TV and Film in Hollywood, California, which took place at the Mary Pickford Theater this weekend.

Ariane Von Kamp reports on the WGFestival 2018 for International Lux Magazine.

Women Show-runners Sarah Gibbins (I LOVE DICK), Frankie Shaw (SMILF) and Tanya Saracho (VIDA) discuss creating and running their first TV Pilot.

Panelists Matt Dy (Austin Film Festival), Edward Ricourt (JESSICA MARVEL), Daniel Petrie, Jr. (BEVERLY HILLS COP) and Christopher Lockhart (WME) critique pitches from the attendees.

 "Screenwriting is a craft of economy and minimalization."
Christopher Lockhart, WME

Variety's Debra Birnbaum hosts panel with Jennie Snyder Urman (JANE THE VIRGIN), Barbara Hall (MADAM SECRETARY) and Lauren Gussis ( DEXTER).
Brian Duffield (THE BABYSITTER) interviews Liz Hannah (THE POST).

Thursday, February 22, 2018

The Oscars 2018 are approaching!

AMPAS Celebrates the Scientific and Technical Awards

AMPAS President John Bailey

Sir Patrick Stewart presents

2018 Writers Guild Awards - Los Angeles at the Beverly Hills Hilton, February 11, 2018.

Writers Guild Awards in Beverly Hills celebrates the power of the pen, changing hearts, minds and politics.
VEEP takes home the WGAW Award for best Comedy Series

Jordan Peele's GET OUT wins for Original Screenplay

SNL wins for Comedy Variety Sketch Series

Glenn Close presents Alison Cross with the Laurel Award

Presenter Sarah Silverman

SNL Writer Zackary Bernstein and International Lux Magazine's Ariane Von Kamp

View from the International Ballroom at the Beverly Hills Hilton

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Southern California: Style and Travel Tips

International Lux Magazine
shares with the international audience this special article of our media partner : Maple Leopard by Valerie Hansen, based at Seattle, USA. We share some photos of reference and with the complete text of the original 
article, published the Monday, May 9, 2016.  Valerie Hansen is a very featured and recognized Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger (She was born in Canada).

Hollywood "What's your dream" I love that line from the movie "Pretty Woman". Needless to say I am CA dreamin! I'm so excited travel season is almost here! Southern CA is one of my destinations this summer, so I am in outfit planning mode!

I was asked by Farfetch to participate in a contest and create an inspirational outfit guide of my choice: So I am sharing a short outfit guide and a few travel tips for a vacay in SoCal. 

Who likes road trips? I absolutely love them! Air travel is my1st choice of transportation, but road trips can be so much fun! Travelling long hours on the road can get really old fast. For me, being cool and comfortable is the number one goal.   

Being comfortable on a road trip does not mean you have to throw style out the window ( ha no pun intended!) Cute printed shorts with a little stretch in the fabric, a bandeau , and sheer top is my idea of casual and comfy chic. Throw in your favorite pair of sunnies and you are CA ready! I am totally loving the cat eye sunnies trend!

Usually the first stop upon arriving in CA from a long road trip is Hollywood and Rodeo Drive. Last time I was in CA, we decided to hike up to the Hollywood sign. I still can't believe I was on top of the world up there. It was the most exhilarating feeling, and the view was amazing!

Rodeo drive is my favorite shopping place in California. Oh my, it is so hard to be disciplined with all the tempting finds! Everything there is mostly out of my league far as price range, but it's fun to window shop anyway! My last visit there, I actually found a few affordable shops and purchased some items.

Spending time on luxury lane calls for more of a sophisticated type of outfit, even if you are just window shopping. You can certainly pull one together without spending a lot of money. Looking like a million is achievable with all the "mastige" brands on the market today. Mastige is simply- prestige made available to the masses. 

Sometimes spending more on one staple piece is worth it. Then you can build your outfit around that piece with other items that cost much less.

Hollywood Blvd- another favorite spot in SoCal . I love to take a stroll on the walk of fame and read all the star's names. On this street you can definitely get another fashion fix. The selection of eclectic shops are endless. People watching is also big entertainment, ya just never know who you might run into!

Even though the summer heat is dry in CA, it can get quite intense. A skort made of stretch cotton blend is my go to piece, and a lightweight tank top.  

Alright the best is saved for last- the very scenic CA beaches. Ahh I could totally live the beach bum life! You could visit a different beach each day, and take several weeks to cover them all. My favorites are Coronado Island, Huntington Beach, and La Jolla. Santa Monica is very scenic too, with a carnival on the boardwalk.

Most of the beaches in CA do not have warm water, so you may freeze your hiney off in a bikini! If you can brave the cooler temps, a one piece would be a better choice. I spend most of my swim time at the hotel pool on CA trips.

Hotel Del Coranado: Stunning Beach Palace for sure! If you can, take additional time to go inside and look around the hotel- so magnificent and pretty! There are shops inside and places to eat.

 Coranado Beach: I found the water here to be the warmest of all the CA beaches. It is definitely tolerable, but if you like toasty ocean temps- you will have to head to Hawaii!

Huntington Beach: The U.S. Open of Surfing happens every year at this beach. It is the world's largest surf competition and lifestyle festival. Each summer, over half a million people attend this event. The water is freezing here, but the scenery is to die for!

La Jolla: A peaceful quite cove. This was the least crowded beach of all. There were a few people around, along with lazy seals and birds hanging out on the rock cliffs.

I hope you enjoyed the lil tour of Southern CA and the outfit guides. What is your go to outfit pieces for a warm weather vacation? Where are you traveling this summer? I would love to hear your travel plans in the comments. Have a wonderful week, be blessed!

Follow more of my travel and style adventures on Instagram and Twitter. Thanks for taking time to stop here!  

Inspiration for the week:" If you want to be beautiful, be beautiful on the inside" Kate Hudson.

For read the COMPLETE ARTICLE with all photos click HERE.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Featured American Actress, Writer, Producer and Model : Michelle Arthur.

Photo of Michelle Arthur. Credit of the photo :  Frame 12.

By: Carlos Eduardo Feijoo, Founder and Editor of International Lux Magazine.

International Lux Magazine has the pleasure to share with the international audience this special article about the featured American Actress, Writer, Producer and Model Michelle Arthur, currently based at Los Angeles, California, USA.

With the previous authorization of Michelle Arthur we share diverse photos, videos and the general references about she, mainly from her IMDb profile, besides in this special article we include several questions what we did to the very featured and multifaceted American Personality

Click on photo to enlarge
 Michelle Arthur from Indianapolis, Indiana since her childhood showed a great passion for acting and  also was editor of her newspaper in the High. She earned a BA from Indiana University's School of Journalism. She also studied at UCLA, Actors Edge Studios, Artist Theatre Group, and James Franco's Studio 4.

After an internship with Conde Nast's Brides through the American Society of Magazine Editors, Michelle Arthur develops a career within the field of important media, i.e. in editorial field, also advertising, and modeling with such titles as The New Yorker, Cosmopolitan, V & Vman, Robb Report, and Angeleno -- a glossy she helped launch for Modern Luxury.  In her media career she was initially a Reporter/Editorial Assistant then became a General Writer and quickly transitioned into Business Development. She has a strong link and a very featured relation with the entertainment industry.

Michelle Arthur had important appearances in TV shows such as Beverly Hills 90210 and The Practice. Also she had participation in films such as Path to War, Tomcats and The Amati Girls. When Michelle Arthur was move to the city of Los Angeles, in the 1998 year, that was the time of the rebirth of her interest in acting.

When Michelle Arthur return to Los Angeles in the 2014 year, after magazine projects in New York City she advanced from Background Artist to a very featured Speaking Actress. Her lead and supporting roles have included such titles as Actors Anonymous, Boomer Hogs, Dark Hours: Typee, Deadly Sins, Love & Other Lies, Scorpion Girl, The Film Club, The French Teacher, The Gilded Boy and more.

Close up of Michelle Arthur on set as District Attorney
Click on photo to enlarge.
Michelle Arthur show her passion for acting both in front of the camera or behind the scenes of a set in the field of the film production. She completed her first script in 2015, registered with the WGA, and has become involved in producing diverse projects.  

Between the diverse highlighted facts in relation to Michelle Arthur we can mention what she has some common aspects with Marilyn Monroe, i.e. the iconic Hollywood Star passed away on an August 5 while Michelle Arthur was born on an August 6. Marilyn Monroe and Michelle Arthur are both known for their blonde hair and both have a mole on the left cheek of their faces. Also, Marilyn was 5'5" while Michelle is nearly that at 5'4" and both did some magazine modeling before entering the entertainment industry. In the premiere for the TV show Feud: Bette and Joan with Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon, for which a commercial aired at Super Bowl LI. After 2017, Michelle Arthur is featured as a Golden Globe Awards Ceremony Actress who, while everyone else is seated, strolls past their Marilyn Monroe, played by Alisha Soper, as the iconic figure goes to the stage to accept her trophy in 1960. 

Also we can to mention what the boyfriend of Michelle Arthur in the High was a cousin of the late Actor James Dean and they attended Junior Prom together in Indiana. As well the owner Maureen Mahon of the award-winning MM Interiors firm in Los Angeles has named a piece of furniture after her -- "The Michelle Ottoman." It's circular and in a reddish hot pink velvet-looking fabric with gold accents. The fabric is from Iman's line, David Bowie's widow. Mahon also offers slipcovers in a white shaggy faux fur.

At the 2015 Golden Globes Award Ceremony.
Click on photo to enlarge.
Among various special projects Michelle Arthur developed a special film production as Producer, named "Fate's Shadow", scheduled for the 2018.

Without any doubt Michelle Arthur is one of those Personalities of the editorial field and of the entertainment industry what show an admirable, multifaceted, passionate and charismatic personality and of course is also an inspiration of life for many people in the world what have the wish to be a featured Actress, Writer, Producer and besides Model, and in that sense we include several questions for the multifaceted American personality:

1. In how much types of movie-roles you did participate and also in TV, and which of they would be your favorite?

I counted every production I have ever worked -- 61 TV shows, 27 films, 6 web series, 2 commercials, 1 industrial, 1 play. Of all that participation whether in a small or big way, I must say working on TENN and THE DISASTER ARTIST are my favorite films while working on NCIS and SCORPION GIRL are my top TV shows.

Both TENN and THE DISASTER ARTIST were directed by James Franco. Outside of BURDEN OF PROOF, which was a short film class project coming out of Franco's Filmmaking and Acting school Studio 4, TENN was the first major acting project I was cast in since getting my feet wet in LA with my first move there. So it had been over 10 years since I had been on a set with all the large professional camera equipment and accoutrements. I remember quietly entering the back of the set with the others as we were told to do since they were filming. You could hear a pin drop. Then we heard Franco's soothing voice coming out of the dark as he was in another area instructing the actors on which way to move for that scene. He stepped out as we were placing everyone for our scene and stood inches in front of me as he was calmly telling the cast and crew what he envisioned. I was in awe as to how he handled the room. It took my breath away. He is brilliant and I have the utmost respect for his work.  
Photo taken in Los Angeles at Actor's Edge Studio.    
Click on photo to enlarge.

TENN is about a young Tennessee Williams from the 1930s. I really do enjoy time period films based on true stories because of their historical references and educational value. Of course everyone is excited about Franco's upcoming film THE DISASTER ARTIST too, which is a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Tommy Wiseau's cult classic THE ROOM. After being with the big cameras when I was there, it will be fascinating to see how it plays out with such a stellar cast.

With NCIS I had the opportunity to be in a very international scene as it took place in a non-denominational hall where various cultures and religions were represented -- Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc. I was the sole representative for Christianity. Also, as the star Mark Harmon walked through in between takes I had the chance to speak with him. He and I both worked on THE AMATI GIRLS, a film with Oscar winners Cloris Leachman, Lee Grant, and Mercedes Ruehl, years earlier when I was first introduced Hollywood. It was one of those "Kodak" moments to have our professional paths cross again.

SCORPION GIRL is also near and dear to my heart because of its global cast and my exploratory nature embraces diversity. It showcases the very first female Latin Superhero played by Danly Segovia. I landed the speaking role as District Attorney Clarke through an audition process with Director Fito Rivera and his daughter, the writer Valeska Rivera, that brought in competition from about 650 prospective actors. By working with SCORPION GIRL from the ground level I was also able to be a part of it in a bigger way as an Associate Producer. This TV series already has guaranteed distribution to every Latin American country in the world and should be released in the U.S. with one of the major distributors such as Netflix.

2. Some movie role specially touched your soul or a special feeling as an expression of the complex nature of the human being?

The films which have touched my soul the most are of course my own, FATE'S SHADOW, and BOOMER HOGS ironically. FATE'S SHADOW is based on a true love story involving one of my soul mates. What is wonderful is that as much as that soul mate hurt my feelings I go on to discover there is someone else who I am even more connected to on multiple levels. The potential for a happy life doesn't end when the first soul mate doesn't pull through for me because there is the hope that another man is even better for me. FATE'S SHADOW has the potential to help heal many others, and I've got an extraordinary cast and crew which is accompanying me on the spiritual journey.

Photo by Tony Valainis Photography.
Click on photo to enlarge.
 In BOOMER HOGS that story line is about a man, played by the talented Sherwin Ross, who behaved the same way my ex behaved. From Studio 4 I learned the Meisner acting technique which promotes that you put yourself in your mind into a real situation you experienced that relates somehow -- living truthfully in imaginary circumstances. So as I am being Mira Boomer upset with Mosi Boomer I was really just being Michelle remembering those emotions brought out by my ex. My scene calls for a catfight and it's very intense. I recall my Stunt Coordinator/Associate Director Shaun Paul Piccinino walking up to me before we started with an onion and knife. I was perplexed and he explained it was to help me cry. I laughed and said that wouldn't be necessary. I go through a whole A-Z range of emotions in the film and it took me about 20 minutes to snap out of it once we wrapped our scene. Eric Roberts stars in it and I wanted to speak with him as I entered the break area, but I was still in such a trance I had to keep my distance until I'd recovered. Guess that means I gave it my all.

3. What other comment you could make about your passion for the acting and your other activities?

It seems sometimes in life we get derailed by others from what we really want to do or what we are divinely called to do. I believe obstacles are thrown onto our path to test our dedication or teach us lessons along the way. No matter how long it takes to get to our destination, we'll get there if we persist. With me, I believe acting and filmmaking is my destiny even if my road is rocky or takes me the long way. I've really only just begun.

4. What comment you may do about your current and upcoming projects in the field of the film and other fields?

On set of the high-ranking TV show SHOOTER
 (at ornate door) 
Click on photo to enlarge
Several projects are in the works or in post production and I'm excited for their development. I was just cast as a 1918 Governess named Anne in THE UNCANNY which is an artsy feature film by writers Marie Laurin (who I acted with on THE FRENCH TEACHER, THE GILDED BOY, DARK HOURS: ROXANA and FATE'S SHADOW) and her daughter Clara Gabrielle Houser. I'll be working with a delightful team.

Also there are some TV shows which promise to be very entertaining for the U.S. Unless my scenes end up on the cutting room floor or juggled to another episode number, these are coming up soon. I have a stunt coordinated scene with Clayne Crawford in LETHAL WEAPON airing on September 26 or October 3. Then I appear as a lawyer with Tom Ellis in the Oct. 2 episode of LUCIFER which was quite rewarding to do. Really looking forward to seeing THE GOOD PLACE too on September 28 and October 26. We shot Season 2, Episodes 5, 8 and 9 with Kristen Bell and Ted Danson. All three should be remarkable.

International Lux Magazine
 congratulates to the featured American Personality Michelle Arthur fo
r her important and successful career in the media field (Magazine Editor - Writer) and the entertainment industry (as Actress, Producer and Director of films) and we wish she more successes 

For more detailed info about the featured American Personality Michelle Arthur visit her IMDb profile, click HERE.

We share additional 14 photos about the featured American Actress, Writer, Producer and Model : Michelle Arthur
(Below the photos we share 4 videos).

Photo taken in The Beverly Hilton, Los Angeles, California, USA.

From the set of the feature film DARK HOURS: TYPEE where Michelle Arthur was a Production Assistant for some scenes
and acted the role of Dorthea in others. From the set of the feature film DARK HOURS: ROXANA
where Michelle Arthur played a Rich Aristocrat and Mental Health Patient.

Pre-production meeting for the film FATE'S SHADOW with some of the cast & crew.

Photo of Michelle Arthur with Studio 4 Filmmaking & Acting School Founder/Producer/Director/Actor/Artist  James Franco who directed to Michelle Arthur on the film TENN and THE DISASTER ARTIST, as the Executive Producer on ACTORS ANONYMOUS where Michelle Arthur played the role of Gwendolyn, as the Executive Producer behind the 2 feature films that came from his Master Class -- DARK HOURS: ROXANA and DARK HOURS: TYPEE where Michelle Arthur played the role of Dorthea Duncan.

DARK HOURS: TYPEE set. From one of James Franco's Master Classes (Executive Producer) where Michelle Arthur plays the speaking role of Dorthea Duncan and is a Production Assistant.

Photo taken by Betsy Webb at the FATE'S SHADOW film teaser shoot with Cinematographer Alex Pollini and Actor/Guitarist Justice Joslin.

From the set of FEUD. Behind the scenes as a 1960 Golden Globes Ceremony Actress Attendee who walks by Marilyn Monroe
as she accepts her award.

From the set of the Matago commercial where Michelle Arthur play the role of Genevieve.

                                           Click on photos to enlarge.

                                  Head shot by Starseed Pictures/Frame 12.                                                            Swimsuit shot from the
                                                                                                                                                     Ms. American Petite Beauty Pageant,

In character as an Aristocrat on the feature film DARK HOURS: ROXANA.
Taken at James Franco's Studio 4.

Click on photo to enlarge.

Red top - photo taken by Tony Valainis.
Click on photo to enlarge.

Still shot from the filming of SCORPION GIRL with fellow actor Patrick Stalinski who plays the Chief of Police while Michelle Arthur play District Attorney Clarke. Michelle Arthur also is Associate Producer on this TV series.
Photo credit : Rivera Productions.

We share the Fate's Shadow Official Teaser:

IMDb profile : click HERE.

Click HERE to view the video about :
Face Forward Fundraiser - Fine art giving back.

Click HERE to view the video about : Love & Other Lies Official Trailer.
Michelle Arthur play one of the leads Laura Benson, a high-powered attorney.

Click HERE to view the video about : Trailer for "TWELVE" Film.
(Kissing scene in April segment and as guest in December segment).