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Saturday, February 13, 2021

Digital strategy of the luxury fashion labels.

International Lux Magazine share an interesting news related to the communication strategy that is applied by the most important luxury fashion labels to contact with their objective public.

In this special time of sanitary emergency what lives the world the luxury fashion labels made a special strategy for reach a large market of customers and fans.

Currently the digital social media is a very important tool for the permanent communication of the fashion brands with many people what in all world are always seeking to have news about the recent launchings of new collections, new virtual fashion events and more.

For more info about this theme make click HERE.

Article shared by Carlos Eduardo Feijoo.
Founder, CEO and Editor of International Lux Magazine.

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Friday, January 22, 2021

Featured Fashion Stylist : Margaux Lenza (France).

Article shared by: Carlos Eduardo Feijoo, Founder and Editor of International Lux Magazine.

We present to the international audience the featured Fashion Stylist Margaux Lenza based at France.

In this Article we present a special fashion collection created by Margaux Lenza named "Fashion Energie" (Fall / Winter 2020) "composed of magnetic and precious stones, copper, and silver. It is a technique which consists in using the energy which the stones emit on our body." Each stone or mineral has a unique energetic resonance or vibration of its own. This vibration is directly related to its chemical composition and color. Worn in contact with the skin, the energy released by the stone will generate a result specific to each person. And yet, telephones receive waves from satellites etc so many factual findings on the existence of the influence of all "matter", emitting vibratory waves.

It is really very interesting and innovative this fashion concept with the application of precious stones, 
copper and silver in contact with skin. This fashion concept includes a stylish look, creativity and at the same time the benefit of the healthy interaction with "vibratory energy" of the matter that help to the human wellness, because the being human is composed of "vibratory frequency" that needs always an "harmony state and general wellness in the body and in the mind

International Lux Magazine congratulates to the Fashion Stylist Margaux Lenza and we wish for She many more successes in her featured activity as Fashion Stylist.

"Margaux Lenza" is a French Fashion brand owned by Margaux Lenza.

This is the Linkedin profile of Margaux Lenza:

In this Article we present, with the previous authorization of Margaux Lenza, the logo of her Fashion brand and a set of 19 photos of her special Fashion collection named "Fashion Energie".







Video of presentation of the special collection "Fashion Energie":

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Upcoming : FASHION ART and MORE 11th edition (Milan, Italy).

Press Release shared by: Carlos Eduardo Feijoo (Founder and Editor of International Lux Magazine).

On Monday 24/02/2020, the eleventh edition of the International Luxury Event "FASHION ART and MORE" will begin, on the occasion of Milan Fashion Week. The FASHION ART and MORE is an event where fashion, art and entertainment come together to create a unique evening. The appointment is scheduled only during Milan Fashion Week, organized by the manager Sabrina Spinelli owner of the Wellness for You® agency (specialized in organizing fashion and luxury events, consultancy for designers and brand management, awarded with the International Award in 2017 as best manager and best Business woman in the fashion world).

The International event where Haute Couture and Fashion Art come together to give life to the majesty of world fashion, all this will be the favorite style for participation in the event, protagonists on the catwalk of international and made in Italy stylists

The event will open at 18.30 with the exhibition of Visionary Art by Daniela Ferrero, her Femmine Alpha works represent the maximum expression of female beauty in the coming millennia. As for stylists, a novelty that will feature the Ecole de Mode in Cladia Suciu, Romania, with a parade of high fashion clothes for children; Color of Storm, the name of the collection presented by the stylist Maria Teresa Carletti, whose inspiration derives from the inner storm of the human being;
Limited edition and unique design for Hilltribe house, by the Thai designer of Chaiang Mai whose line is designed by Pimjutha Yuii Schull BC; HEDI SAAD, Tunisia, a high fashion brand whose collection The Nobleness is a dress is inspired by the colors of the Arcolabaleno; Ripalta Daniello, inspired by her collection to the joyful African style, puts on the catwalk both Guinea fabrics and Italian haute couture, together with her textile jewels; Metropolitan, Flowers and Moon collection for Dema ’atelier in Monza that inspired by everyday life has managed to enhance femininity, elegance and charm; unique fashion show for Giacomo Gerin flower designer, who united flowers and art, creating floral sculpture dresses of exceptional beauty.

Parade of excellence and today more than ever trendy also for Laura Panigatti, founder of the Boteriane project born from the will to address the world of women whose appearance, flourishing and abundant in shapes, proudly underlines as "imperfection" it can be transformed into charm.

The eleventh edition of the FASHION ART and MORE will, as always, be surrounded by VIP guests such as Maura Anastasia, model actress and great supporter of animal rights. Edoardo Raspelli known journalist of Italian gastronomic culture; Fabio Medas, Stylist and business owner of CAMPEROS Boots.  Franco Marianelli director of the well-known fashion brand "RIFLE" , Thomas Luigi Mastroianni founder of the Royal Academy of etiquette and good manners and Vicar of the dynastic orders of the Royal House of Savoy for the city of Monza and Brianza. Giacomo Bruno and Viviana Grunert, founders of Bruno Editore, the publishing house that brought Ebooks to Italy in 2002. Giorgio Manetti historian and beloved character of men and women. Paola Caruso beloved Show Girl of the Mediaset networks.  The Consulates of Tunisia and Romania will attend this edition to pay homage to their compatriot stylists.

The opening of the evening will be entrusted to the American actor and singer Bret Roberts. 

Media partner of the event the famous luxury magazines: Celebre Magazine, editor Massimo Basile,
International Lux Magazine, editor Carlos Eduardo Feijoo.

Official Sponsors: ALFAPARF GROUP Make Up I Care.

Hair Style: Celebrity Stylist Event by Roberto Petroccia.

Sabrina Spinelli.

(Manager & Business Owner brand Wellness for You)

Organizzatrice di Eventi moda e lusso

Marketing & promotion for business.

Fashion e Luxury Life-style Advisor

Brand management

Consultant Stylist ed Immagine

Responsabile CAMPEROS Europa

Responsabile backstage.

Phone: +393387975351

Sunday, October 6, 2019

International luxury event : FASHION ART and MORE 10th (Milan, Italy).

    Sabrina Spinelli , Milan, Italy (Organizer of the special event of fashion and art : FASHION ART and MORE).

Press Release shared by :  Carlos Eduardo Feijoo - founder and editor of International Lux Magazine.

On Monday 09/23/2019, the tenth edition of the International Luxury Event "FASHION ART and MORE" will kick off, during Milan Fashion Week. FASHION ART and MORE is an event where fashion, art and entertainment come together to give life to a unique evening. Organized by Sabrina Spinelli Wellness for You Fashion (Event Manager, International Awards Di as a business woman and manager, consultant for stylists, casting model, brand manager). 

The appointment is only scheduled during Milan Fashion Week, when Made in Italy stylists and Internationals present their collections exclusively. In this edition the open / start will be entrusted to the company NOA - Nuova Officine delle Arti which will exhibit the reproductive works of Michelangelo's piety, in precious Carrara marble. The Nuova Officina delle Arti offers its customers works of art and precious objects, engraving in man the creative, intellectual and manual wisdom of man, recovering in his daily love for beauty in his most noble expression. In this tenth edition the famous Neapolitan Atelier Nicola D’Errico will parade, which, with yet another success at New York Fashion Week, has once again been able to affirm the high fashion of Made in Italy in the world. 

Characterized by a sartorial manufacture with strong Mediterranean influences, the woman of Nicola d’Errico, a designer with over ten years of experience in high fashion, is elegant, sophisticated and sensual. The collection expresses its nostalgic luxury through fabrics, accessories and details that accentuate the brand's new look. The strictly Made in Italy collection places the concept of femininity in a contemporary dimension without forgetting the worldly côté that recalls the golden age of the Dolce Vita; Evening dresses and ceremonies, amidst silks and glitter of fine fabrics but also prêt à porter, for every occasion for the new SS 2020 collection by Vanilla Style by Emily de Souza, Atelier in Romano di Lombardia, whose Ambassador brand was the manager Sabrina Spinelli.

The HENRY KoF brand of the Vietnamese designer Nguyen Minh Hieu, who will present his new collection TimeLine starting from the idea of creating a collection inspired by the different periods of the Characterized by a sartorial manufacture with strong Mediterranean influences, of the western history of the costume, mixing various details of historical objects that have never existed in the same timeline, in order to transform them into a contemporary renewal for the next trend, mixing time and details, culture and history.

SARTORIA FASANO of Turin designers Francesca Fasano and Carmen Miucci, who have created a collection enhancing the uniqueness of the custom-made dress. The Fasano Fashion House is one of the most prestigious tailors in Turin, specializing in high-quality readymade and tailored women's clothes; A romantic collection with an artistic vein, it recalls the French Art Nouveau style that spread throughout Europe and America between the end of the 1800s and the early 1900s for a dynamic yet sensual woman, with motifs inspired by nature, the Liberty collection from the White Atelier of the designer Bianca Gadola (Chiavenna- St. Morits).

Freedom of thought and creativity in unique pieces made entirely by hand, enriched with precious details the new leather line by PCube Rock by Alex Alberti, a well-known photographer from Milan; shades like red, blue and yellow balanced by medium shades of hazelnut and gray, for the collection of the Brand Amélie, by the designer Amélie Sgambati, a reference to the 80s enriched by textures, hand-painted; the black in the meaning of depth and mystery, seen by the stylist Antonella Basciu,

(Sassari) in her Charme collection, as the emblem of elegance and refinement enriched with transparent fabrics and Sardinian workmanship entirely handmade.

The evening will be surrounded by numerous VIPs such as Maurizio Gabbana, photographer and artist; Olga Sherer, top Model; Mauro Oliveri, Aeroservice by Coin, Mario Argentieri (whose curriculum includes experiences in Versace (eight years) and Dolce & Gabbana (21 years), as head pattern maker of the two leading fashion houses, Maria Katia Doria, Pr & Marketing Comunication, Dario Musi General Manager and Cinzia Acerbis Global Events & Skincare Education Manager for Alfaparf Group, to name a few .. Official Sponsors for the Make up part of the multinational ALFAPARF GROUP present with the DIBI Milano and Decoderm Make Care brands, and for Hair Style Erian & Caral Aff. EVOS Hairdressers (via Foro Bonaparte, 55 - Milan, via S. Michele 1, Bergamo). Official Ph: Ambrogio and Dante Trezzi; Marco De Nigris; Technical Part: Mauro Giordano; Stylist: Gaurav Aurora and Adriana Oprea. (Team Wellness for You® Fashion).

International Lux Magazine congratulates to this recognized international luxury event of fashion and art : FASHION ART and MORE 10th , to their organizer the Manager Sabrina Spinelli (Milan, Italy) and for all participants : Fashion designers and more.

We present in this publication a selection of photos of reference and the video of the event. The published photos have author credits of the organizer of the event and of the accredited official photographers, if you want to use some of the photos please to contact them directly for authorization.

All photos and videos of the event can be viewed in the official fan page on Facebook, 
click here: FASHION ART and MORE.

Mario Argentieri , Sabrina Spinelli Wellness for You Fashion , Barbara Nurigian partner NOA,Maurizio Gabbana , Paolo Tomassini Manager Unico Nuova Officina delle Arti
Mauro Oliveri Aeroservice by COIN.

Mario Argentieri , Sabrina Spinelli Wellness for You Fashion , Barbara Nurigian partner NOA, Maurizio Gabbana , Paolo Tomassini Manager Unico Nuova Officina delle Arti

Center of the photo: Sabrina Spinelli. Paolo Tomassini Manager Unico NUOVA OFFICINA delle ARTI. In the left side: Cinzia Acerbis Global Events & Education Manager Skincare Alfaparf Group

Left to right : Sabrina Spinelli (Organizer of the event) and Cinzia Acerbis (ALFAPARF GROUP).

Photo of Sabrina Spinelli (Organizer of the special luxury event of fashion and art).
Dress Sabrina Spinelli Wellness for You Fashion Vanilla Style by Emily de Souza
(Sabrina Spinelli ambassador of the fashion brand). 

Left photo : Sabrina Spinelli and Maurizio Gabbana.
Right photo : Stylist Nicola D'Errico and Sabrina Spinelli.

(Dress Sabrina Spinelli Wellness for You Fashion Vanilla Style by Emily de Souza).

Photos of Sabrina Spinelli (Manager - organizer of the special luxury event of fashion and art).
(Dress Sabrina Spinelli Wellness for You Fashion Vanilla Style by Emily de Souza). 

Right photo : Sabrina Spinelli (Organizer of the event) and Maria Katia Doria.
(Dress Sabrina Spinelli Wellness for You Fashion Vanilla Style by Emily de Souza).