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Sunday, June 18, 2023

Winners Announced: Results of the Best Photography Awards.

Congratulations to all the participants in the Best Photography Awards. If you're into photography, you know it takes dedication and skill to create the perfect shot. After reviewing hundreds of stunning entries across 10 categories, the judges chose the winners who showcase the best in composition, lighting and creativity. Whether the photographers entered as an amateur looking to gain valuable experience or as a professional photographer looking to expand their portfolio, participating in this competition will allow all contributors to compare their work with the best in the field. Winners should take great pride in their accomplishments as their photographs will now be featured in the competition magazine and online gallery, revealing their talents to new audiences. While only a select few can claim the top spots, each participant must experience a sense of accomplishment while pursuing their passion.

Professional Photographer of the Year 2022 Award Goes To...

The Professional Photographer of the Year award goes to Alexandr Vlassyuk  for his stunning  drone photography “Beach Season”.

Author's mention of the project:

“During quarantine, everyone was restricted to travel abroad and that winter, ice hummocks on the Kapchagai reservoir near Almaty were very popular among the townspeople and social networks were filled with pictures with ice hummocks. And in the evening, after talking with the girlfriend, I offered her to take photos on the ice hummocks from the drone, and early in the morning we were on our way. We went to the most distant place where there were no people at all. I picked up the drone and preliminarily inspected the place from the air in order to choose the best location for shooting, and then start improvisation. The difficulty with this shooting was the cold and sometimes gusty wind, which, with small particles of ice, literally burned the body, and we tried to shoot as quickly as possible without spare takes.”

Discovery of the Year 2022 Award Goes To...

Grand Prix in the amateur photographers section won Antonio Coelho with photography series “Cities, one vision” .

The photographer talks about this project:

“I have a great fascination for cities, although I live in the calm of a small village in the north

of Portugal.

Cities are getting bigger, more populous, more polluting and more consumerist.

Each city has its particularity. This set of images points to just that. Since the massive use

of iron and other metals, cities have grown, luminous and colorful, in height and in

magnificent places that defy nature. Of course, for all this there was the hand of architects,

engineers and builders. This series of images below features it all, including a tribute to the

twin towers. 

The connection to capitalism and the importance that each city has for the economy was

also addressed in one of the images I presented. The complete series has more images.

The series uses simple elements like screws, electronic elements, notes from my collection,

pastel pencils that I use in painting, arranged in a way to give the idea of ​​skylines of big

cities. I usually lay everything out on a glass platform and dark cardboard backgrounds.”

10  competition categories and amazing photography from all over the world.

The BPA competition presented amazing results in 10 different categories: Advertising, Architecture, Portrait, Art Photography, Fashion, Nature, Animals, Nude, Documentary and Open Theme.

We invite you to visit the winners gallery to see the works  from the Professional and Amateur photography Sections.


Gold Winner /  Nature Category / Radoslav Sviretsov


Gold Winner / Fashion Category / Wolfgang Gangl


Gold Winner /  Wildlife & Animals Category / Fenqiang Liu

Visit the winners gallery to see all results from the 2022 season

Official website of the competition:

Open Call - Season 2023

The unique medals of the BPA competition are a special, honorable and exclusive thing that is intended for great talents from the world of photography! To have such a medal is a real pride, recognition and also a reminder to photographers that they need to strive forward for new achievements.

In the 2023 season, the Gold Winners of the Professional category will receive such medals!

BPA awards has updated the list of the jury of the competition. The jury members are professional photographers from various genres of photography, as well as gallery owners, collectors, magazine editors and other professionals.

Don't miss the opportunity to be a part of this exciting competition 2023! 

Win valuable prizes and get the opportunity to become the Best Photographer of the Year!

The open call will start on July 1st! Be the first to send an application to win!



International Lux Magazine congratulates to all winners of this recognized international Photography Contest.

Beautiful and creative photographies. Excellent shoots.


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