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Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Innovative concept: "Digital Fashion Week".

International Lux Magazine share an interesting article related to the fashion industry, the art and the world of the technology.

It is really very interesting this new innovative concept of the integration in an unique special event of the fashion, the art and all the world linked to the blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and other tech topics.

By example the theme of the "virtual purchase" i.e. the purchase of a fashion item such as a dress what can be viewed virtually in a "3D view in the screen with different sizes and colors options" and then the purchase can be done using "digital payment" with cryptocurrency with real-time processing of the operation.

It is very creative this new concept of the "Crypto Fashion Week".

For more info about this interesting theme make click HERE.

Article shared by Carlos Eduardo Feijoo.
Founder, CEO and Editor of International Lux Magazine.

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