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Sunday, February 7, 2021

Painting tips to change the size of rooms.

International Lux Magazine share an interesting article about an important subject of the home design related with the color of walls and ceilings to change the sensation of space in the rooms.

The color applied in the walls and ceilings create different space sensations based if it is within the range of neutral, warm, cool or intermediate colors i.e. the sensation or visual impression of wider or small rooms.

The "space perception" what generate the colors also has relation with the objects included in the room (location, size and color), the windows and the type and intensity of the illumination of the room that can be natural or artificial. Also the mirrors generate a "visual sensation" of large rooms in combination with the color of the walls.

The clear colors create sensation of more space or expansion and the range of dark colors in different tones create sensation of contraction or less space. 

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Article shared by Carlos Eduardo Feijoo.
Founder, CEO and Editor of International Lux Magazine.

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