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Friday, January 22, 2021

Featured Fashion Stylist : Margaux Lenza (France).

Article shared by: Carlos Eduardo Feijoo, Founder and Editor of International Lux Magazine.

We present to the international audience the featured Fashion Stylist Margaux Lenza based at France.

In this Article we present a special fashion collection created by Margaux Lenza named "Fashion Energie" (Fall / Winter 2020) "composed of magnetic and precious stones, copper, and silver. It is a technique which consists in using the energy which the stones emit on our body." Each stone or mineral has a unique energetic resonance or vibration of its own. This vibration is directly related to its chemical composition and color. Worn in contact with the skin, the energy released by the stone will generate a result specific to each person. And yet, telephones receive waves from satellites etc so many factual findings on the existence of the influence of all "matter", emitting vibratory waves.

It is really very interesting and innovative this fashion concept with the application of precious stones, 
copper and silver in contact with skin. This fashion concept includes a stylish look, creativity and at the same time the benefit of the healthy interaction with "vibratory energy" of the matter that help to the human wellness, because the being human is composed of "vibratory frequency" that needs always an "harmony state and general wellness in the body and in the mind

International Lux Magazine congratulates to the Fashion Stylist Margaux Lenza and we wish for She many more successes in her featured activity as Fashion Stylist.

"Margaux Lenza" is a French Fashion brand owned by Margaux Lenza.

This is the Linkedin profile of Margaux Lenza:

In this Article we present, with the previous authorization of Margaux Lenza, the logo of her Fashion brand and a set of 19 photos of her special Fashion collection named "Fashion Energie".







Video of presentation of the special collection "Fashion Energie":

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