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Saturday, January 16, 2021

Colors and Beauty to give you Strength.

In this mean times we all need remedies to alleviate the pain from the bumps on the way. Our brain is designed to find peace and relief in difficult terrains. One way to pass through challenging phases is filling the well of our imagination; we provide the images, suggest the mood and completely design a thinking process that is like mental green pastures. It is like if we have installed a mental GPS that is programed to take us out of the dark valleys of depression every time we find ourselves there.

My personal treatment is a little radical but I prefer it than the alternative: I provide the “visual art’ to the brain to get completely intoxicated with beauty and colors to distract the mind from distress. Yes, once it doesn’t know the difference between fantasy and reality I have my imagination colored with joy and comfort…My brain is ninja trained and doesn’t know better because I filter all the incoming of information carefully and only let pass through what can bring me hope.

I also watch very closely the generating of the thinking process and I am right there with the cloths of light and love to welcome new ideas, as the thinking is being born I involved it in a dynamic of health, light and enthusiasm….. it is like living in a nursery and you have constantly nurture all those good thoughts and let them grow like a seed in a forest....All this help can be encountered in the arts…Arts in all shapes and forms…We already have everything we need to live abundantly, we just need to focus…so focus on beauty.

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Art from these amazing artists from LinkedIn:

Kimberly Pelkey.

Karen Mulder.

Robert Gann.

Kintaro Ishikawa.

Grigory Gurevich.

Marion Coovi.

This Article was wrote by:
 Maria Parenteau from San Diego, California, USA.

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  1. Well done Maria! Amazing colors imaged upon the wall. You are talent with no boundary, and the world benefits from you.
    We are into the new era of the Biden & Harris governance, in good hand. Justice prevail and purity returning to America & the world. Is joy to celebrate with colors!
    Have a wonderful creative day.
    Meeleng Claxton