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Friday, October 2, 2020

 Dating and Relationship Advice from Expert Matchmaker Tammi Pickle

I have been a matchmaker for the past 20 years. I am VP/Partner of a large family owned and operated matchmaking agency named Elite Connections International, established in '94.  What is a matchmaker, you may ask? I hear that a lot, I help like-minded, busy professionals meet each other. We meet, screen, interview, and background search all of our members. Then I match my clients based on each individual’s preferences, likes, dislikes and who I feel would be a good fit for them. I set up the match by showing pictures and profiles and after they meet, I receive and give critical feedback that will help them in their dating journey. 

One thing I have learned along the way that has helped my clients is to be open minded. Everyone have a specific idea in their head of the person they want to be with. If you are too narrow in your search, then you might not give someone a chance that is a few years older, a few inches shorter or lives a few miles out of your area. From what I have seen in my many years in the business is when you are open, it will broaden the possibilities of many more people that you would not have normally met. One of those might just be “the one.” 

Another important dating lesson that has helped my clients countless times is to be as outgoing and open as you can on a first date. First dates are usually make or break. So, try to be an open book, let them in and find things in common. That is what connections are all about, relating and finding things in common with one another.  

Give someone a second date. So many times, I hear my clients say that they did not feel chemistry and do not want to go out with someone on a second date. If someone was very nice, kind and they are interested in seeing you again, why not try and see what might progress? No one is perfect and sometimes first dates are awkward, people are nervous and their true selves are not yet revealed. Are you not wanting to continue to see someone based on not feeling chemistry? Then my advice to you is that sometimes those things take time, so give it a fair shot. Chemistry and love towards someone can grow as we get to know them better. 

Be happy with yourself. Do not look for your happiness to come with a relationship. Desperation is a huge turn-off and you truly can smell it a mile away. It is much more attractive and appealing if you are stable and happy with your life as it is. You should not need someone to make you happy. So, make sure you find your happy internally before you go out looking for "the one." 

Enjoy yourself. We have this one life, so surround yourself with people that bring you up and make you feel better about yourself. Live everyday day to the fullest and try to have as little regrets as possible. If you are interested in finding the one for you, reach out to us and we would love to help you. 


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