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Friday, October 11, 2019


Press Release shared by: Carlos Eduardo Feijoo - Founder and editor of International Lux Magazine.

Great success at the tenth edition of FASHION ART and MORE for the exhibition of:


Nuova Officina delle Arti was born from twenty years of experience in the art field and from the daily encounter with great photographers, painters, sculptors and private collections. From this experience comes the awareness of recovering, in everyday life and in a private dimension, the love for beautiful things, for that Italian know-how that has made our country unique and great in the world.

Someone said "beauty will save the world", Noa's mission thus becomes to bring the public closer to a high art of values, which is not the fashion of a moment, but which is born of study and genius, manual skill and craftsmanship , from creativity and knowledge of the great arts of the past.

The Nuova Officina delle Arti wants to bring the sculpture, made with the material of immortality, the white Carrara marble, into contact with the private public.

The difficulty of finding this precious material and finding capable hands capable of working it, unfortunately today relegates it to the monuments of the large squares or museums. But his preciousness, in these times, has meant that the greatest contemporary artists such as Maurizio Cattelan or Jeff Koons, have brought him back to the eyes of the world.

Obviously we are talking about works almost inaccessible to private collections and in any case far from the hopes of most art lovers.

The Nuova Officina delle Arti decides to bring them also in private collections. Found in Carrara, a place of reference for the geniuses of the history of art, his artist asks him to dialogue with Michelangelo, Bernini, Canova and to create an ideal bridge that reconnects our era to the immortal beauty of the past.

Barbara Nurigian Co-founder NOA .
 Maurizio Gabbana - Paolo Tomassini Amministratore Unico NOA.
The "looks" (as the first collection of the Nuova Officina delle Arti is called) that the artist gives us, allow our eyes to observe, and sometimes to know from scratch, those details that today often escape us when we are in front of the great masterpieces. The sculptures are transformed into bas-reliefs that, like magical three-dimensional paintings, enter everyday life.
During the FASHION ART and MORE event of luxury, art and fashion, in Fashion Week in Milan, it was possible to admire the majesty of three great interpretative works, entirely carved in Carrara marble, of which the Pietà by Michelangelo. 

All the works can be admired or booked on the website:

Unusual aspects, captivating and sometimes unusable details transform the great works into moments of encounter and enjoyment that the Nuova Officina delle Arti brings to the general public.

For contact: Tel. +39 06 83975131

Vip &Opere Mario Argentieri- Maurizio Gabbana- Mauro Oliveri Aeroservice by COIN - Sabrina Spinelli Wellness for You Barbara Nurigian Co-founder and Paolo Tomassini Amministratore Unico NOA.

Opere NOA - Model Karina Tairovna (Dress Vanilla Style).

Paolo Tomassini Amministratore Unico NOA - Barbara Nurigian Co-founder NOA.

Paolo Tomassini Amministratore Unico NOA.

Left to right: Cinzia Acerbis Global & Education Manager Alfaparf Group, Sabrina Spinelli manager organizer of the luxury event : FASHION ART and MORE (Milan, Italy) and Paolo Tomassini Amministratore Unico Noa.

Opera NOA Nuova Officina delle Arti.

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Paolo Tomassini Amministratore Unico Noa - Cinzia Acerbis Global & Education Manager Alfaparf Group.

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Paolo Tomassini Amministratore Unico NOA.

International Lux Magazine congratulates to NOA "NUOVA OFFICINA DELLE ARTI" for their fine sculptures's art.

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