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Thursday, September 28, 2017

The blockchain technology and the fashion.

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By Carlos Eduardo Feijoo, Founder and Editor of International Lux Magazine.

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This Article is a general reference about the relation between the blockchain technolgy and the fashion. The "Blockchain" is a very innovative way of "data structure", i.e. is based on "concatenated blocks of transactions". It is a type of "no centralized network" with total transparency or honesty of the operations and their records. When is done a transaction or a record the "Blockchain Network" registry it in diverse Servers (several geographic locations) for the total security, with a high speed, integrity and transparency of the digital operations and their related records. Already an important quantity of world's top financial companies are experiment with the Blockchain technology. In relation to the fashion and diverse products and services exist a great interest to develop new products, features and services based on that technology.


The applications based on the blockchain technology will have a great impact in the form as the customers interact with the products and services of their interest, with a experience "totally personalized". This new technology will be of great importance for many and prestigious "fashion brands" and many other brands of products and services because that technology permit a "total authenticity of the transactions, of the products and with the total security of the identity of people (sellers and buyers)", i.e. not exist any possibility of fraud or the counterfeiting and then the brands avoid the "fake products and services".

Without any doubt the "Blockchain technology" will be in the near future a great protagonist of the "Fashion Industry" and other fields.

The relation between the blockchain tecnology and the fashion industry can be based on "special identity chips with an unique ID of the products such as handbags and others", in the "fashion label" may be included a"QR code" what in the moment what the smartphone of the customer make the scan start the "personalized experience" with detailed info of the product (their basic features, options of colours, fabrics, sizes, photos, videos, a "virtual wearing" before purchase, etc).

Really is fascinating this theme and without any doubt already we are living the start of a great transformations or a great change in the form as the brands, the customers and sellers interact, with a great trustworthy and speed of the digital transactions based on the blockchain technology.

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