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Friday, July 21, 2017

Featured Russian Painter : Yuliya Zelinskaya.

By: Carlos Eduardo Feijoo.
Founder and Editor of International Lux Magazine.

International Lux Magazine has the pleasure to share with the international audience some of the beautiful and special paintings of the featured and recognized Russian painter Yuliya Zelinskaya, based at Moscow, Russia.

Yuliya Zelinskaya.
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With the previous authorization we share several photos of the Artist Yuliya Zelinskaya, a photo of the art exhibition, a video and three photos of paintings with the references about the inspiration and the meaning of the beautiful artistic creations.

Yuliya Zelinskaya.
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She started painting  about the 10 years old, graduated from the School of Art and besides She is Lawyer.  Her artistic creation is based mainly in the mix of the imagination and the reality, using the sky as an important element. She named her style of painting as a "Theatrical Realism", representing the diversity of the human feelings and sensations.

The very featured art of Yuliya Zelinskaya was exhibited in the exclusive event CICRAUN Art Exhibition (Royal Academy of the United Nations) at the Kandinsky Restaurant & Lounge, Miami Beach, Florida, USA. Click HERE to view the video of the special art exhibition.

International Lux Magazine congratulates to Yuliya Zelinskaya for her beautiful and special paintings and we wish she more successes in the world of the art.

For more info about the featured Russian painter, click HERE:

Photos of some of the beautiful paintings of the fetaured Russian painter:

Dedicated to THE ONE from Dolce and Gabbana

This painting shows the delicate dance of the scents during the creation of this fragrance. The main characters are the masculine scent of tobacco, cardamom as they coalesce with the fresh feminine scents of oranges and blossom. The dance develops with intensity and great sensuality. 


As we understand the Tale of the ... "Tempter Angel on the shoulderv.... Whispering into ones mind and soul, which way to go ??? The two extremes ... the two worlds of conflict .... A person always has the right to choose the direction one goes. Painting shows alleged reality, in which shows, in fact, it is impossible to recognize the difference by ear-the words ... World which sounds like Peace, it is not Possible for Russian people this separable. By choosing the dark side - we lose it all. By choosing the brighter side of Goodness ... we have both the world and peace.


Alpha ... the first letter of the Greek Alphabet, it also means, the beginning, but towards my thoughts: which has the most power in a group of animals or people. So, as I am identifying My Art, as to show
strength in leadership. By ... Who, is showing the greater Leadership, Confidence and being Successful, in all that one does, in business and in ones personal life. Do they have that power and the natural qualities to retain Credibility and Maintaining Good Character in the business, as well as in the well-being dedicated to their task. Leader is Generous, Fearless, Bold, and ready to go to the end fighting. He is able to find unexpected solutions in desperate situations. The sky symbolizes Justice and Eternity to their dedicate. Painting represents, the power, that has been here, from the beginning of the Civilization and that has ruled the world to come.

Photo of the Art Exhibition

Video of the special art event : CICRAUN Art Exhibition (Royal Academy of the United Nations):

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