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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Featured Artist Lucia Ferrara and her recent special project.

By: Carlos Eduardo Feijoo, Founder and Editor of International Lux Magazine.

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    International Lux Magazine is pleased to present the recent project of the very featured Italian Artist (also Curator and Blogger) Lucia Ferrara named "NEVER PERFECTThe beauty is subject of love, what is a great project with a sense of social support for women about the violence against women. The special art exhibition was held the June,9,2017 in the MACRO Museum at Rome, Italy.

   In this Article about the recognized Italian and international Artist Lucia Ferrara and her important project "NEVER PERFECT" we share her general concepts, her perceptions, interpretations and expressions of the beauty, the love, the life, the human nature and the human feelings through her special and deep art.

In the next paragraphs we share to our international audience - with the previous authorization of the Artist - the expressions of Lucia Ferrara about her nature as Artist and about her great project "NEVER PERFECT", She says :

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   Since 2011 I have gained interest in cosmetic surgery, making it the protagonist of some of the works, some of them presented in New York in 2012, deepening in them the aesthetic theme of the contemporary world.

   In the artistic pathway, Dr. Giulio Basoccu becomes a point of reference, sensitive to Art as to beauty, aware of the importance of psychological therapy that induces change; We establish an immediate tune as it perceives in my creations a personal discomfort and therefore proposes to develop a project between art and surgery.

There are eight works that I decide to paint for "Second Heart Onlus", designed by Giulio Basoccu; They are part of a surgical series called "Never Perfect" and will be screened at the Macro Museum in Rome.

"Never Perfect" collects eight large canvases, (240 cm x 200 cm) made of acrylic on canvas, dated 2017.

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   In the overall installation of works, my image becomes the symbol of pain, that of many women and / or men who suffered physical and psychological violence and represented an "invisible illness".

   The "invisible" and "unsustainable" trauma is a deadly trap that causes its victims to diseases that lead to annihilation of themselves, such as Bulimia and Anorexia.

  The title of the artistic series appears deliberately and repeatedly on the canvas, on the body of portrayed figures, as a mark, on nails, on surgical instruments and on syringes in order to highlight the personal "perception of imperfection".

   In this context, the link between self and surgery is evident; The latter may, in many cases, help to "relieve" the psychological relationship of one's inner self and, consequently, the dialogue of the individual with the world.

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   I, through the various canvases, pursue a journey of research, using the most painful, but never ruthless images, finding my truth, as Dante runs the path from Hell to Paradise; My personal tragedy turns into a positive one, breaking the emotional block that imprisoned me.

   I break the negation circuit of my image, using it strongly, she so hated, takes shape "for the first time" on an empty canvas, building a new dimension in which rediscovering, turning her gaze to the future.

   Often the victims of violence use disguise, close in silence; In a situation of profound discomfort it interrupts the acceptance of one's self and of its outward appearance, all this does not allow to live a normal life.

   Traumatic pain causes, in some cases, a splitting of personality: the contrast between the negative and the positive of one's being, and in this scenario all life deforms.

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   The works are a succession of personal figures that develop my story; From inner hide to the world, to the conscious representation of the pain, showing my identity, the fruit of courage, tenacity, of the character that has allowed me to overcome the painful phase of the violence suffered and repressed, finally succeeding in dialogue with people and things.

   I relate to three characters of different ages reflecting in them: in their becoming, they show the evolution of my existence; Frida Kahlo represents the confrontation between the artist and the suffering, Marilyn Monroe points out the duality between myth and immortal beauty, Madonna (Louise Veronica Ciccone) manifests the transformation of beauty in the chameleonical sense.

   Finally, I "see" and "imagine" as a tree, whose hair is the root of imperfection, in this design I find the ability to observe reality in all perspectives; Surgical syringes become a "therapeutic diadem" and a tool for redesigning "deformed" traits from violence.

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   Traveling in my pain, there is no world of perfection, it is only apparent, true revenge is only Love, which can not erase, but it is rejuvenated; My intention is not to make dramatic images of a suffering life, but to express the victory of living positively, destroying the unconscious fears that cross the existential darkness to come to light.

   The set of works, is not a path of "dark" material: the blue color, abandons the expressive surgical symbolism and becomes the sky, in which the figures are animated.

In an artistic world where color is to dominate scenery, my message is and will always be joy and happiness in life, because happiness accompanies the woman when she feels good.

My experience taught me that: "Violence is a material act that the Soul does not recognize."

For more information about the featured Italian and international Artist Lucia Ferrara visit her web site, click here:

Also we share with the international audience the first special Article what International Lux Magazine did about this very featured Artist and what was published the September 29, 2015, click HERE.

International Lux Magazine congratulates to Lucia Ferrara for her very successful career as Artist and also for her very important and recognized social sensitivity.


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