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Monday, June 26, 2017

Special fashion contest: Fashion Talent Lab - Milan, Italy

Press Release by: Carlos Eduardo Feijoo.
Founder and Editor of International Lux Magazine.

                The June 18, 2017 was held with great success in the MiB Luxury Club the special fashion event:  "FASHION TALENT LAB"  first  edition, in  one of the  world capitals of the world: Milan, taly, during the "Men's Milan Fashion Week". 

       "FASHION TALENT LAB" was organized by the prestigious event manager, consultant and stylist: Sabrina Spinelli Wellness for You together with the Agency: Startime Fashion Agency.

     The fashion contest had the special sponsorship of the Camera Helvetica della Moda and as partners the International Diplomatic Institute (IDI), as well WICOM a company based in Dubai, responsible for the management of the press offices and the internationalization of many brands in the world of fashion, food, art and entertainment. Also as media partner International Lux Magazine and other partners (click here for more info about the partners of the special event). It had the participation of very featured fashion designers (click here), models, fashion journalists, photographers, make-up artists, hair stylists, distinguished guests and more.

       The winners of this first edition of the special contest: "FASHION TALENT LAB" were the next featured fashion designers, the first classified: VANILLA STYLE by Emily de Souza, the second classified: Aurora Caruso and the third classified:
 Lisselot Saccoccio Torres.

         In the special fashion event was assigned the Award International "Woman Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders" for the manager Sabrina Spinelli given by Donna Impresa Magazine in recognition of her very featured activity as manager in the industry of the fashion and the wellness with her brand "Wellness for You".

     As well was awarded the very featured Fashion Designer Gianni Tolentino in recognition to his very featured career as international Fashion Designer,

International Lux Magazine is very pleased to be media partner of this special event of fashion and we wish more successes in the upcoming editions of the "FASHION TALENT LAB". 

We share some photos of the special fashion event

            The Fashion Designer Gianni Tolentino                   The manager Sabrina Spinelli          
                            receive the Award,                                         receive the Award.              

We share several videos about FASHION TALENT LAB - first edition:

The next 15 photos are of the fashion designs of the winner of
"FASHION TALENT LAB - first edition"

VANILLA STYLE by Emily de Souza
(Photos taken by the photographer: Marco De Nigris)

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