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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Interior Design Styles: How to Beautify Any Room in Your House

Interior Design Styles: How to Beautify Any Room in Your House

Interior design is a terrific way to decorate and personalize every room in your home. Continue reading to learn about the top interior design styles to try.
Are you craving a change in your home, but unsure about what direction to go?

Lucky for you, it's easier to make a room go from drab to fab than you think.

We've rounded up some of the best interior design styles for 2017 that are sure to personalize and upgrade every room in your home.


Not only is it Pantone's Color of the Year 2017, adding greenery throughout your home is an easy way to brighten up a room.  This bright and zesty shade of green will evoke a sense of nature and renewal in your home without being overwhelming. It pairs well with natural wood tones if you want a toned down look. On the other hand, it looks fabulous with other bright jeweled tones such as purples and reds, which are making a huge appearance in 2017.

In addition to shades of green, adding actually greenery is an easy yet classic way to beautify a room. Succulents and cacti became extremely popular in the past years and show no signs of going out of style anytime soon.

Play With Texture

In a world constantly striving towards sleeker and smaller, adding texture throughout your home will add depth and invite engagement.  Interior design styles in 2017 will lean towards the deconstructed and natural. Raw materials such as cork, clay, concrete, and wood beg to be touched while also giving off a natural, laid-back vibe without sacrificing style.

Adding touches of wicker throughout a room is a great way to add depth to your pieces, especially when pairing with a lot of white.

Mix It Up

When it comes to patterns, don't be scared to mix things up a little. Be bold and experiment with what you might consider being "clashing".

Textiles featuring bright, bold patterns will be very much on trend throughout interior design styles of 2017. Think exotic flora and fauna prints, Aztec motifs, and art nouveau inspired patterns.

Liven up a neutral, toned down bedspread with a pile of mix matching pillows. Don't let your style be boxed in by conventional patterns.

Navy is the New Black

If you're looking for a dark accent color to help balance a room, consider pops of navy. It feels almost too easy to pair colors with black. Navy is a timeless and elegant color that can anchor any room without being overwhelming. Layer a room with different shades of navy to mix it up.

Navy will fit in seamlessly with almost any color palate. Try pairing with earthy greens and bursts of copper for a warm, calming room. Or use it to balance out bright corals and sunbursts of yellow.

Don't Forget the Small Spaces

When you're looking for ways to decorate a room, it's easy to get hung up on the big pieces and neglect small areas.

Compact places let you play around with design without a huge commitment but can still change the feel of an entire space.

Interior design styles of 2017 urge the use of bright accents, and wallpaper has become increasingly popular again. There are even temporary peel and stick options available just in case you change your mind or have a sudden design inspiration.

Try using wallpaper in those small, unexpected places to add a level of depth and surprise to a room. Think small entryways, inside a closet, or even the inside backing of a bookcase.

Maybe wallpaper isn't really your thing, that's okay. Try other small decorative touches that showcase your style, like artisanal pottery, decorative mirrors, or original artwork.

Trying Out Different Interior Design Styles

When designing your home or redecorating a room, don't rely on cookie-cutter rules and designs. Your home should reflect your personal style and make you feel as if you are being represented.

Play around with different styles until you find what fits you best. That's the great thing about style, it is constantly changing and evolving, so whatever choices you make don't have to be permanent. Your home's style should grow with you.

If you have any further questions or want inspiration for beautifying your home, reach out to us!

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