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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Between a catwalk and other, the success of the manager Sabrina Spinelli in Milan Fashion Week.

By: Carlos Eduardo Feijoo, Founder and Editor of International Lux Magazine.

            The recently closed the Milanese catwalks, with the long-awaited Fashion Week Woman, seeing well-known designers and emerging players, announcing with their creations the new trends for the Fashion Week 2018. and with it the related events, such as the 5th edition of FASHION ART & MORE now known LUXURY EVENT with the participation of both Italian designers and international. A great success, judging by these VIP figures, embassies and public uncountable present, all strictly in evening dress. One success after another, then, for the featured Sabrina Spinelli manager (Business / Owner Brand Wellness for You® one of the organizers), consultant for stylists and image, brand management and organizer of fashion and luxury events, with more of 45,000 users followers of the Company who flock here to meet her, known for its professionalism 'and attentive to detail, full of creative ideas that can transmit to all its customers and followers:

Sabrina Spinelli says :

          "The secret of my success I owe to my determination, perseverance and above all to my passion for the fashion! And all this I send every day, even to my customers and stylists that I follow because I want them to understand that a Brand with these three components is definitely on the road to success. believing in yourself is vital and creative, a fashion designer, often forget that first and foremost, is an entrepreneur himself, obviously wrong because I myself made my creativity 'a business!",  This is the firmly believes the manager Sabrina Spinelli who in these days is already 'organizing a new event: "FASHION TALENT LAB" which will take place' during the Men's Fashion Week still in Milan, June 18, together with the Agency Startime Fashion Agency in Milan.

Lux magazine:    "Then a new event it is another success, new partnerships"

        "FASHION TALENT LAB is the brainchild of Startime, (Fashion & Luxury Agency, Avolio Anna and Francesco Colavito), which deals with" model-scouting "on one side and on the other, export-oriented fashion and looking for particularly talented emerging designers, for which organize professional growth and development of the brand-image. FASHION TALENT LAB is a format where designers compete and the winner will be 'reserved a space in a showroom in Milan, " Says Sabrina Spinelli manager.

Lux magazine:  "A competition thus ..." 

         "Of course, The FASHION TALENT LAB is a well-articulated path that allows emerging fashion house to get immediate feedback on the success of their collections and their sales potential."

Designers who are chosen for FASHION TALENT LAB were the focus of:

- FASHION SHOWS in prestigious locations, and are voted by a technical jury composed of technicians, fashion buyers, journalists, photographers, etc;

- INTERVIEWS with journalists and Fashion Blogger;

- PHOTO SHOOTING for FASHION MAGAZINES, which will then be published in national and international FASHION MAGAZINES;

- Finally, OPPORTUNITY 'EXCLUSIVE TO THE WINNERS: they will present their collection in a prestigious Milan SHOWROOM!

       The project FASHION TALENT LAB collaborate, as technical partners, FASHION professionals including:

   Designers highly experienced teachers of fashion academies, media, fashion blogger and DIPLOMATIC INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE (IDI), which takes care of the participation of international designers and the involvement of embassies. ", continues to explain Sabrina Spinelli manager.

     The "FASHION TALENT LAB" was founded with the aim of offering talented emerging designers a unique opportunity, that is of being protagonists of a process aimed at achieving a rapid, effective and above all, visibility.

       Having visibility means become known to a wider audience of potential customers, but visibility, however, is not enough, because to build a successful brand you need: visibility, credibility and references'. And it is this' that will be able 'to give memo The FASHION TALENT LAB why I supported the idea of ​​immediately Startime in organizing this event together, remember that there will be' on 18.06.2017 during Milan Fashion Week Man, in a location prestigious in Piazza della Borsa, the MIB. A 'unique opportunity because the winner will be' offered the opportunity 'to present its collection in a showroom Milanese and selections are open to all, both Italian designers and foreigners. "

Lux magazine:  We look forward to another great success, then, and thank you for your availability Sabrina Spinelli.

For designers interested in attending the event / competition will contact Sabrina Spinelli Wellness for You®, for selections in: or by phone: 3387975351

Credits Ph: Marco De Nigris Photographer (Team Wellness for You® Fashion)


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