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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Special event: FASHION ART and MORE 5.0, at Milan, Italy.

Press Release, by: Carlos Eduardo Feijoo, Founder and Editor of International Lux Magazine.

          The Monday, February 27, 2017 was held the special event of Fashion and Art, "FASHION ART and MORE 5.0" during the Milan Fashion Week in the famous and prestigious location FIFTYFIVE 55  (click HERE to visit their fan page on Facebook), Milan, Italy, that is the most great Luxury Club in Europe.

        The special event has the official sponsorship of the prestigious Company international make-up  "Catrice Cosmetics Italy" and was organized by the recognized Italian Event Manager, Consultant Stylist and Brand Management for Business : Wellness for You Fashion  Sabrina Spinelli (Click HERE to open their page on Facebookand by Agency B&20 Group Milan Enrico Colombo and Paul Distaso (Click HERE to open their fan page on Facebook)

          International Lux Magazine congratulates to the distinguished organizers, participants and special guests of this recognized and important event of fashion and art in Milan, Italy.

Make click in the next link of the official Facebook Fanpage of FASHION ART and MORE  for more info:

We present, with the authorization of the organizers of the special event, a selection of videos and photos :

Click HERE to view the video about the interview to the recognized Fashion designer:
Gianni Tolentino.

Click HERE to view the video about the interview to the recognized Fashion designer:
Antonio Urzi.

      17 photos about the special event : FASHION ART and MORE 5.0 :

Sabrina Spinelli (left) and  Sabrina Pasqualetto (right)

Sabrina Spinelli (left), Claudia Gattoni (center, marketing manager of Catrice Cosmetics Italy) and Antonio Urzi (right)


                                                                 Click on photos to enlarge



                                                            Click on photos to enlarge

                                                            Click on photos lo enlarge

Official sponsor of the special event "FASHION ART & MORE 5.0" :
International make-up Catrice Cosmetics Italy.
Marketing manager : Claudia Gattoni

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