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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A Berlin Blitz

      I'm sure you're all aware that during January & February in Berlin it's cold and we are talking -4 in the DAYTIME cold, but that doesn't stop the magic of the Berlin Film Festival from taking place each year and is still one of my top 5 international film festivals despite the freezing cold.

     This year's festival was quite an experience for me than my previous 5 visits. During day 2 I caught the dreaded flu virus and although I should have stayed in bed until my departure I couldn't let my clients down and was determined to attend all of the meetings which I had booked in.

     A lot of people wonder what a Film Festival Doctor does, or in other words what it is that I do. In a nutshell, myself and my team create for our clients films successful film festival & Distritubtion strategies sprinkled with a 5 star luxury bespoke service 🤗.

    Our clients come to us with either an in-development or completed film and hire us to become part of their team in order to get their film seen by the world and screened in competition at international film festivals. We can also help them acquire a suitable sales agent for their film & U.K. theatrical distribution.

  That's why I had plenty of meetings booked in with clients, sales agents and film festival programmers who were based all over the world so I was determined not to allow this virus to get the better of me. Despite the pain it was well worth it as amongst other things we acquired a sales agent for our Turkish drama HICRAN & MELEK who are now in the safe hands of the marvellous APL Films.

    Between you and I, I've still not recovered from this virus as I'm still coughing and was bedridden when I got back to the U.K. which meant that I also ended up watching a few episodes of The Jeremy Kyle show - so I must have been proper ill!
However the journey continues and more exciting stuff is happening but now it's R&R - rest and relax. More in the next blog. 😀

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