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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Special Article about the featured British Jewelry Designer: Ann Dexter-Jones.

By: Carlos Eduardo Feijoo.
Founder and Editor of International Lux Magazine.

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     International Lux Magazine has the pleasure to feature to the recognized Jewerly Designer: Ann Dexter-Jones. She also writes for important magazines and newspapers such as The New York Times, Tatler, Nylon, Gotham, WWD and Town & Country. She also is writing her first novel, ie is a very talented and multifaceted personality.

     This special Article is a general reference of the very featured British Jewelry Designer. Ann Dexter-Jones was born in the United Kingdom, She lived in London, but her current residence is New York City, USA.

     Ann Dexter-Jones and her close family (her sons) are featured personalities in several fields, one of they is a Grammy-winning music producer for great stars such as Adele and Amy Winehouse, also a global recognized DJ and recording artist, also a upcoming published author and also a featured female model, actress and fashion designer.

       Ann Dexter-Jones is a important personality of the social world in New York City, with very featured participation as supporter for funds of charity, music, education for children, art, women's health, environment and more.
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      In relation to her very featured activity as Jewelry Designer, Ann Dexter-Jones develop her beautiful creations based in her vibrant personality and her good taste. Her designs of jewelry have a strong influence of her world travels (diverse cultures and landscapes), the music and the art.

     Her great talent for the design of jewelry is in her genes, because her paternal grandfather was the crown jeweler for Kaiser Franz Josef of Austria. The art is an old tradition of the family of Ann Dexter-Jones.

     The beautiful jewels created by Ann Dexter-Jones are based in exotic elements, diverse colours and with the touch of elegance and distinction. She named her line of jewelry as "rock-and-roll-chic jewels for women and secure men". Each piece is an art and everything is hand crafted and assembled in New York City by skilled artisans, with much experience for the creation of beautiful prototypes for Cartier, Tiffany & Co and more.

       The beautiful jewelry creations of Ann Dexter-Jones is crafted with gold, special tarnish-resistant sterling silver and beautiful colorful gemstones that are known for their healing properties. The stones included in the designs of jewelry of Ann Dexter-Jones have a positive energy for the wearer.

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     We did several questions to the featured Ann Dexter-Jones, these were her answers :

1. Under your personal criteria how you can define the sentiments that experiment the women and also the men when they wearing a beautiful, fine or unique piece of jewelry? 

         Usually when a woman or man chooses a piece of jewelry, the first sentiment is an automatic reaction to the jewel in question. Its the sentiment initially, it seems to beckon to his or her inner aesthetic, it should make them smile involuntarily. that is my personal experience.  Firstly its the colour of the stones or the quality, texture or colour of the precious metal,

     Its the colour that compliments the person, their skin and hair ton. It should resonate pleasure and joy from within beauty is always in the eye of the beholder. Secondly its the setting, defining their observation and taste, whether it be contemporary or old school artisanal, often both... the era of the piece does not define the wearer, its the sensibility and its beauty. This is the process and the next step is placing it on your body and how it feels. These emotions previously mentioned lead up to the climax when a woman puts on this special piece of jewelry, by now it already feels warm, exciting and familiar in addition to this feeling, it can also have an added sentiment of being gifted by someone special, when should feel a very special wearing it.

2. How do you may define the inner process what you follow for the creation of your beautiful jewelry designs? 

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       When I design a piece of jewelry, there are many avenues leading up to this before I put pen to paper, my imagination is very vivid and my mind active, its unconsciously stored in my memory bank. my memory is not perfect but selective. On my travels or just a walk through a beautiful park or a busy street, I am unconsciously stimulated by my surroundings.

       Its the colours I observe. also a montage of angles of skyscrapers, humble or world weary buildings the imperfections catch my eye especially. the quiet stillness or street sounds, place me in my own little dream world at these times or often it can be for a few fleeting moments.

       My design process has already begun. I happen to be a Reiki master so i use this gift and practice to sit quietly and begin my Reiki process.and short meditation. this slows me down and stills my mind to focus on the myriad of colour and shapes in my mind I also as an added gift to my clients, I charge all my stones and pieces with Reiki energy. I go into a meditation manifesting healing energy and positivity.

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      My next action is to tune into the classic rock station on the radio. I love the music and listen carefully to the lyrics. once a song catches my imagination, I visualize images with the lyrics i.e. Wilson Pickett singing his universal classic 'In the midnight hour' suddenly I felt the urge to create an homage to this brilliantly gifted artist, a legend who is larger than life, a hence the size of the watch bracelet. I made it oval rather than conservatively round.

  Wilson Picket being so synonymous with rock and roll music, I placed the hands of the watch on midnight I created an amusing slogan for this bracelet ---   "its always on midnight so one never needs to leave the party" very rock'n'roll lifestyle slogan.

     My star bracelets are an homage to the classic artist and don Mclean song about Vincent Van Gogh the dutch impressionist artist, "Starry Starry Night".

3. How do you think may be the evolution of the design of the modern and luxury jewelry, as an important personal accessory related to the fashion?

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      I cannot profess to the gift of predicting fashion but I feel the evolution of the design of the modern and luxury jewelry for those who design in tandem with fashion couture, I think maybe. perhaps the bolder the fashion, the bolder the jewels to compliment them likewise the prettier designs for more feminine apparel.

      This is not an easy question for me to answer, as I am not influenced by fashion. my inspiration flows from other areas I have mentioned although I would love the opportunity to design my jewels, collaborating with wonderful creations in fashion with one of the fashion houses and designers whom I admire. that would be such a gift, stimulating and inspiring for me so much fun to collaborate, as I have never done so before.

4. Finally, we know about your dynamic and creative nature and also your multifaceted personality and in that sense what you can comment about your activity as Novelist, with your first upcoming Novel?

       I would like my first novel to be a wonderful journey incorporating life experiences in all manner traversing the globe touching on experiences and how they touched so many areas of my life, affecting others for better or worse but always with good intentions great sorrow, Life threatening experiences, survival, good, painful and wondrous life lessons that I have experienced and learned and sometimes didn't heed or understand thats real life.

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       I never considered that people may be interested to know of my life journey, as we all experience life.   I don't have the ego to consider myself 'special' we all are -----its our path.

     I believe in destiny, I am a romantic and prefer to see 'the glass half full' as opposed to 'half empty' haha!! many times empty I have made many mistakes or misunderstood situations. I believe that even if we cannot change our destiny, I like to think we can change our route and direction along the way I now remind myself to sometimes slow down to smell the beautiful scents of the roses on the way for. I always, since a child knew I had to make a difference for the good, honour that I was alive, whilst many died too young life I truly believe is a wonderful thing to live xoxo.

    We thanks to Ann Dexter-Jones for the very interesting answers, what transmit to our readers her important and intelligent concepts and life experiences.

      In this special Article we include several examples of the beautiful creations of Jewelry of Ann Dexter-Jones.

     International Lux Magazine wish more successes for the distinguished Ann Dexter-Jones, with her beautiful and fine creations of Jewelry, her upcoming novels, her Articles what writes for important magazines and newspapers and our congratulations also for her very featured support for diverse social causes related to charity events, etc.

             For more info about this featured and recognized personality visit her web site.

Make click in the next link, for to visit the web site of Ann Dexter-Jones:

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With this special Article about the distinguished Jewelry Designer : Ann Dexter-Jones International Lux Magazine close the special publications for this year 2016 and in the next year 2017 will start the publication of diverse Articles of others distinguished writers from USA, Canada and Europe. Happy Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

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