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Monday, September 19, 2016

Special Article about the beautiful and unique diamond ring: "The Jane Seymour".

Photo of the Diamond Ring: "The Jane Seymour", by: World of Diamonds Group.

By: Carlos Eduardo Feijoo.
Founder and Editor of International Lux Magazine.

        International Lux Magazine is honored for the invitation for the redaction of a special Article related to a very fine and beautiful jewel in honor to a renowned British-American Star of Hollywood: Jane Seymour, that is a very talented actress (Film, TV and Theater) and producer, as well painter, businesswoman and philanthropist. The famous Actress was made an OBE (Officer of the Order of the British Empire) in the 2000 year.

Photo of the Diamond Ring: "The Jane Seymour".
by: World of Diamonds Group.
     The special jewel is a 2.08 carat Fancy Vivid Blue Diamond Ring in platinum, named "The Jane Seymour", to celebrate the accomplishments in the film industry of the great star of Hollywood. The fantastic jewel reflect the elegance, beauty, talent, grace and professionalism of the great actress, with an admirable multifaceted nature. Of course the creation of this beautiful and unique jewel is founded also in the inspirational concept of the triumph and greatness of the eternity over matter.

       The extraordinary jewel was crafted by the WORLD OF DIAMONDS Group. The Mr. Karan Tilani is Director for Asia of Wold of Diamonds Group, that is one of the world’s largest privately held diamond corporations. The "unique jewel" was crafted in the city of Geneva, Switzerland.

Photo of Jane Seymour, taken by World of Diamonds Group.
       The Blue diamonds of this size and saturation have been known to fetch over USD 2,000,000 at Christie’s and Sotheby’s in the past, however, this special Celebrity ring is really priceless. The creation of the beautiful jewel reflects the power and recognition of celebrity who has clinched an Emmy Award, two Golden Globe Awards and a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Photo of the Diamond Ring: "The Jane Seymour".
by: World of Diamonds Group.
      The awarded Hollywood Actress had worn the ring during a private dinner (April, 2016), in the "Art For Charity" Gala in the CÉ LA VI, which is a very fine and famous Restaurant of Singapore. sponsored by LVMH and located on the 57th floor of the luxury Marina Bay Sands Hotel. The jewel was presented in a handcrafted leather “treasure chest.”. After, this authentic masterpiece of the jewelry has been showcased at various private events around the country.

         According   to  news sources, this  is  the  first  and  only  ring  in  the  world  named  after  the
actress, and Jane Seymour  had  said   during  a  Channel  News Asia  interview  that  the  ring  could
complement the Open Hearts jewelry line which she is the designer for (

Photo of Jane Seymour, taken by World of Diamonds Group.
     The world-famous ring, which even has its own Wikipedia page : (, is    accompanied  by  catalogues   which   Jane Seymour had personally signed, confirming the naming rights of the ring. The celebrity had also taken selfies with The Jane Seymour ring during its unveiling, while wearing a blue dress herself to complement the mesmerizing  hue  of   the diamond.

     The renowned actress also was present in Singapore for the premier of Noel Coward’s The Vortex, in the Jubilee Hall Theater.

For more info about the biography of the distinguished Actress Jane Seymour, click HERE.

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