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Friday, July 1, 2016

Special Article about the featured Model and Fashion Blogger : Paola Fratus.

By: Carlos Eduardo Feijoo.
Founder and Editor of International Lux Magazine.

      This special Article is dedicated to the stylish, charismatic and creative Paola Fratus. She was born in Bérgamo, Italy.

       Paola Fratus is former Model and currently Fashion Blogger, founder of "Pollywood by Paola Fratus". For to visit her blog click HERE 

       International Lux Magazine  express their admiration for the love and passion of Paola Fratus for the fashion and the beauty. She has a special attraction for the hats. She defines herself as "A reversible soul (pink and leopard)". Recently she attended to the Montecarlo Fashion Week.

      In the photos included in this special Article, with the previous authorization of the featured Paola Fratus, we can see a very versatile personality of the fashion, wearing with great style diverse garments, shoes, hats and other accessories.

      Without any doubt Paola Fratus is a Personality of the world of the Fashion and the Beauty, because through their posts and beautiful photos inspire to many people in the world, lovers of the beauty and also of the fashion as a type of artistic expression.

Paola Fratus, photographed in Monaco.
We did four special questions to Paola Fratus.

 1. What is your opinion or comment about the concept that represents the fashion as a form of art, as personal identity and/or as an expression of love, pleasure, happiness or satisfaction related to the emotions that generate when the persons wearing the fabrics, textures, colors and the designs of clothes and accessories of their preference?

       Any human creation that infuses emotions and knows how to live in the “dream size” can be considered a work of art. This creation presupposes the uniqueness of the moment in which the idea is put in place and becomes a physical and tangible element, moving from concept to object, perceptible not only by its creator, but by a wider audience and his vision will be able to take a emotional benefit. Of course every artist works according its own style, a personal way of feeling, a characteristic for which his work is distinguished from the others.

       Fashion is like a form of art, when the creator is able to get away from the consumer system and to transform his work into pure stylistic essence. This entails a distancing from the creation as a product, subjected to rituals of elaboration in series, the urgent deadlines seasonal presentations, the hype of the press, the laws of marketing research.

     Roberto Cavalli, appreciated designer, for whom I worked as a model for several seasons, usually said: “It often falls into the error of considering fashion as something too frivolous and superficial rather than an art form. Yet it has nothing to envy to other disciplines. In a collection are mixed colors, ideas, dreams, projections, emotions, like a movie, music or painting. If we want to exaggerate also an evening dress has its own architecture”.

2. What is your opinion about the style of the fashion of 50's and 60's as contrast with the fashion of these current times?  Do you think what some elements of that time of high glamour or great distinction, such as the Hollywood celebrities, would be always necessary their application to the current fashion?

       The ’50s and ‘60s were a particularly rich period for fashion, that was able of ranging from the style avowedly bon-ton to the pin-up look, seductive and cheeky. Today the dictates of fashion of that period are strictly current and are still capable of giving - skillfully redirected - any suggestions of a strictly contemporary style.

      When we look at the pictures of our mothers and our grandmothers, we can have two types of reaction. The first is like: "Oh my God! But how they dressed? "; the second is like: "Wow! Mom / Grandma what happened to this dress? I want it!". Fashion has undergone a real change over the years, but we could say that from the ‘50s/'60s to the present, fashion has undergone a continuous "eternal return". Especially in recent years, old and new tendencies coexist peacefully in the closets of any woman of any age.

3. What do you think of the new technologies of the fashion, such as the "3D print" of clothes designed and printed with the support of specialized computer programs and advanced hardware? Do you believe what that type of new applications on fashion of special materials will be an important contribution for the innovation in the fashion world or would be enough the innovations or new creations of clothes based on the most used or most known procedures and techniques of elaboration of clothes and accessories?

       Fashion and technology share the will to experiment and novelty seeking. 3D printers, laser cutting and new technologies are increasingly used to make the clothes, even those of high fashion. I think that for designers who are willing to collaborate with technology experts, the digital production techniques are an opportunity to develop new aesthetic and functional forms. 

       I think, for example, of  Sergei Grinko (another talented designer for whom I had the pleasure of working as a model) which could be defined a Master in the three-dimensional shapes, prints and fabrics. His collections are a constant balance between elegance and sophisticated 3D effects

       And I also think of a wedding dress by Karl Lagerfeld (in an exhibition at the Met Museum in New York the last month) in neoprene with a the very elaborate embroidery train, which was drawn by hand, scanned by the computer and then "pixelated". Seen from a distance the print of the dress, made up of artificial diamonds and pearls, seems a simple Baroque style; looking closely, stands out instead the digital work.

4. Finally, what other comment do you would like to express as a featured Fashion Blogger and as expression of your love for the fashion and the beauty?

      The Fashion Blogger is a mix of many things: a look maker, a passionate, a journalist; Personality, taste, creativity, the ability to stand and lot of patience are needed!

       In my opinion fashion is a way of expressing my personality, without having to speak. I like so much interpreting the trends of the moment in my way.

But above all, for me fashion is love. That’s it. ;-)

Thanks for your intelligent and inspiring answers.

International Lux Magazine congratulates to Paola Fratus for her featured career in the world of the fashion and we wish for she more successes.

We present other eight very nice photos of the featured Paola Fratus :


                                                 Click on photos to enlarge.

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