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Monday, June 6, 2016

Upcoming Special Event: FASHION ART and MORE - Summer Edition" (Milan, Italy).

Press Release, shared by Carlos Eduardo Feijoo, Founder of International Lux Magazine.

International Lux Magazine was invited for the organizers of the special event of fashion and art, in the city of Milán, Italy.

The special event of the ‪‎FASHION and the ‪‎ART is scheduled for the June 9th 2016.

"The alchemy of success of an event is the result and the identity of each individual company that manage to reach the perfect harmony, thanks to a wise and sensitive direction".

The Agencies: "B&20 MILANO & Wellness For You Fashion" presents:


     Elegant style, fashion and art, all in "FASHION ART and MORE - SUMMER EDITION ", the exclusive event to be held Thursday, June 9, 2016, organized by the two agencies: Wellness for You Fashion Sabrina Spinelli and B & 20 Enrico Colombo and Paul Distaso, sponsored by the National Chamber Young Fashion Designer, for to see the Protagonists Designers presenting their SPRING / SUMMER 2016 collections in one of the largest and most prestigious Luxury Lounge Club of Europe, the FIFTYFIVE 55 in Milan. in 25 meters of catwalk between baroque chandeliers, art and luxury ..... and More.

     Fashion and Art exhibition, which affirm the Handmade in Italy, is the creativity that takes shape for a unique event, surrounded by important guests, including the President of the National Chamber of Young Fashion Designer Giuseppe Fata and His Royal Highness the Prince of Montenegro and Macedonia Stefan Cernetic, which will reward at the end of the evening, the most original and creative fashion designer, with "Royal House Award: Merit for originality of Fashion creations",

     For the artistic side: Alessandro Giorgetti the largest famous abstract artist that presents 'due delle sue piu ' important work, just returning from London, "Lussuria and Superbia" , the project : "Le 7 Tentazioni ".

    Between the present Embassies, the General Consul of Belarus, Savino Corsairs President of the Chamber of International Commerce Kazakhstan in Italy, Amanda Archetti in representation of International Lux Magazine, Web magazine and Blogger: IL PEANA, Russian Press Magazine: LIVING, Fashion Blogger: Marie Lou Pesce (, Fashion Blogger: Francesca Venturini, Multi luxury brands: Responsible of Shopping 5 stars of Fidenza Village, Gabriella Chiarappa President Fashion Marketing Manager, Showroom and Buyer, which attending the:


     Besides will be introduced, in absolute preview, the first "Bio Novel" of the history of the book industry: "The essence of Etra", written by Antonella Tamiano, a spiritual book, full of love, sex, passion and load of intrigue in their detailed description. A real work of art with an end that will open new keys of reading, pushing the reader to reread what before had not gathered. Based on the true history of the contemporary abstract Artist Alexander Giorgetti, "The essence of Etra", league the world of the book industry with the art, a match between imagination and reality, that deep, the mastery of the writer Tamiano of the artist Giorgetti's geniality.

     On this occasion various brand and especially the designers, will highlight new collections with unique pieces of their production, the result of careful research and study of forms, materials used in the tissues, the uniqueness research in selected artisanal excellence will parade on the catwalk, and that the public can admire.

They will exhibit their works, for the artistic part:

Elena Botti (painter).

Present Stylists:

Eden Atelier, Fashion Designer Edita Nimanbegu, directly from the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week of Montenegro.

Fashion House "Diamond Luisant".

Orsola Alloca, Fashion designer.

Fashion House "Bricconcella Couture".

Mariaenrica Devoto Fashion Designer, what will introduce a preview Fall / Winter inspired in the stylist "Balenciaga".

Valentino Votino, Fashion Designer.


Leo Lionel :Filming and Interview, LOMBARDIAWEBTV.

Accredited official Photographers :

Ambrose Trezzi, Marco De Nigris, Hercules Augenti.


Organizers of FASHION ART and MORE:

Sabrina Spinelli: (Wellness for You Fashion) - 3387975351

Paul Distaso: (B & 20 - 3391386842

Enrico Colombo: (B & 20 ) - 3384894993



Information page of the special event:

Photos of the Luxury Lounge Club: FIFTYFIVE 55 Milano

Video of the past edition of FASHION ART and MORE 3.0 :

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