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Monday, June 13, 2016

FASHION ART and MORE - Summer Edition (Milan, Italy)

Press Release by Carlos Eduardo Feijoo, Founder of International Lux Magazine.
International Lux Magazine had the honor to have been invited for the international diffusion of this distinguished and important event of the ‎Fashion‬ and ‪‎Art‬: "FASHION ART and MORE - Summer Edition" in one of the world capitals of the fashion and the design: MILAN, at Italy.

Our thanks to the distinguished organizers of the special event: Spinelli Sabrina WfYfashion and the Agency: B & 20.

This special event had the presence of a special honor guest, His Royal Highness the Prince of Montenegro and Macedonia: Stefan Cernetic.

Congratulations for the organizers of the special event for the Merit Award granted by the Royal House of Montenegro and Macedonia as well the Merit Award for "Eden Atelier" (Fashion Designer Edita Nimanbegu, Montenegro) as the most original fashion creations.

In this Press Release we are including the link of the initial Press Release: click HERE and also the photos about the special event: click HERE for to see the photos of the Photographer Ambrogio Trezi; Click HERE for to see the photos of the Photographer Marco de Nigris; Click HERE and HERE  and HERE for to see the photos taken by Spinelli Sabrina WfYfashion.

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