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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Special Article about the international Artist: Lucia Ferrara

Lucia Ferrara (clic to enlarge photo)
By: Carlos Eduardo Feijoo
International Editor.

       The very featured Artist Lucia Ferrara was born in Salerno, Italy. She has a very special and deep feeling on her very interesting and inspirational Artwork.

     In this Article dedicated to the recognized Italian international Artist Lucia Ferrara, based in Italy, we cover the main aspects of her very featured art concept, as an expression of modernity, dynamism, vitality and multiculturalism, showing the continued evolution and transformation of the human being .

     Without any doubt the art of Lucia Ferrara is very special and captivating, with diverse awards for her special technique based in acrylic painting.

     In the world exist great diversity of artistic expressions, but in the case of Lucia Ferrara we see an special type of Artist that establish an difference and leaves an imprint in the mind and hearts of all who see his art , creating special perceptions , feelings or emotions that transcends and redefine the conventional parameters of the artistic expressions.
     The art of Lucia Ferrara is intense, vivid and with particular attention to details, with influences of the Greco- Roman mythology and also American comics and Superheroes. This special art was exhibited in diverse important galleries of the world, including Rome, Milan, New York, London and Los Angeles.

    The beautiful paintings of Lucia Ferrara has a particular aesthetic modern sense, focused in the COLOR and the HARMONY. She defines her special art as seductive, bold and modern. The tridimensionality is also important in her artwork, as well as the contrasts between light and shadow, highlighting the monumental forms.

       The human being is a central component of her Art, mixing concepts of  rationality and human emotions. where the color, the body and the soul communicate the dynamic of the life and the human spirituality.

      The artistic work of Lucia Ferrara express a passion for the philosophy of the life and aesthetics.

      In the Canvases of Lucia Ferrara we can see an art that goes beyond the conventional, where the beauty, the life and the human emotions are presented in a very attractive and deep art style.

    The artwork of Lucia Ferrara is present in iconic sites such as in the Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, USA. Pop stars such as Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Amber Rose, Shakira, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, among others Stars frequent those places, ie the artwork of Lucia Ferrara has an universal dimension, with a wide international recognition. 

       Currently the artwork of Lucia Ferrara is exhibited in very important Galleries, such as CARTELART (Los Angeles & London), CROSS DESIGN GALLEY (France)  AGORA GALLERY (New York) and ArtHouse429 in West Palm Beach, Florida, USA.

       The Artist Lucia Ferrara also has very feautured participation in the BIENNALE MILANO 2015 - INTERNATIONAL ART MEETING, into the universal EXPO MILAN

Official Artist's Web Page:

Official Artist's Facebook Page:

For more info about the great Italian Artist Lucia Ferrara, their awards and other references, review the Linkedin profile.

        Lucia Ferrara is an Artist with an wonderful inspiration in all their artwork, showing a special capacity for the interpretation of deep aspects of the life and the human being, with a special vision of the human nature, covering classic and mythic elements about the human soul and our world reflected in a particular and beautiful artistic expression of all those aspects, integrated and enriched with the modernity and dynamism of our times.

         Finally we can say that the Canvases of the Artwork of Lucia Ferrara express her identity as Artist, as woman, as being human and her singular interpretation of the life, because for Lucia Ferrara all their Artwork represents the essence of the life through the human forms and images as well as the very diverse and complex human expressions and sentiments.

International Lux Magazine wish many more successes to Lucia Ferrara.

Artistic photo of Lucia Ferrara and other with their Art.
(clic to enlarge view):

We invite you to see four VIDEOS about the Artwork of Lucia Ferrara (Italian language):

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