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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Special Article about Tiffany Kathryn Hayden

By: Carlos Eduardo Feijoo
International Editor

Tiffany Kathryn Hayden is a beautiful and multifaceted American Actress, Singer, Song composer, Author (Writer) and Fitness Model. Also has skills in the dance and gymnastycs. She attended the 2015 Academy Awards - The Oscars.

Currently with residence in Los Angeles, California (USA).

She attended Lynn University, in Boca Raton, Florida, in the field of Communications.

Her experience, creativity and versatility in diverse fields defines to Tiffany Kathryn Hayden as one of the most charismatics and talented personalities in the world of the music, movie, TV, as Model, in the poetry field and she has a great sensitivity for the support of humanitarian causes.

She has received several awards in her career, such as the Operation Smile Humanitarian Award, American National Association of Professional Women, Outstanding Poetry Award from the International Poetry Society of America and 2004 USA World Showcase - Most Photogenic Model.

She participated in Film Productions such as Skum Rocks - (Rock biopic movie 2011) bit part (Actress). Also in Love For Sail (Reality Star - 2012), in America's Most Wanted (Actress - 2010) and more.

She is Composer of the CD "My Voice" on (2003).

Tiffany Kathryn Hayden says: "I love to help others. I like to give people faith and hope. I want to make my mark on the world, making it a better place. I am passionate about what I do. Life is about giving back. That is my true joy. If God give us the gift of talent, we should do what we can to touch the lives of others. I appreciate and value life and make the most of everyday. For life is a gift that must be shared".

In the field of writing Tiffany Kathryn Hayden express all her thoughts, ideas, imagination and beliefs, with a great passion and sensitivity. She published a Children's Book: "Forgiveness". She writes novels, short stories, poetry and all types of music lyrics. Two of their poems won contests and already published. Her short stories was published in the Miami Dade College's Literary Magazine.

Among her diverse activities and recognitions, we can mention also:

Ms. Miami Beach Pageant (2013) - currently hold crown title.
Muscle & Fitness Hot girls II (January, 2014) America's Hot Girls Of The Gym II.
NPC Magazine Spotlight (January, 2014).
Ironman Magazine online issue (May 21, 2014).
Girl 9 Magazine - Covergirl and featured 2014.
Ripping Runways Summer 2014.
Singer - National Anthem OC Fit Expo 2014.
Film on TV ( host ) 2014.

In the final of this special article dedicated to Tiffany Kathryn Hayden we can say that she is a charismatic, charming and versatile personality, with an inspirational passion for all her activities and all the beautiful feelings and happiness that she can give or transmit to the world with her skills and talents, in the music, movie and other fields.

In this link is published the audio of the beautiful song: Merry Little Christmas:
Tiffany Kathryn Hayden has a beautiful voice.

International Lux Magazine congratulates and wish for Tiffany Kathryn Hayden much more successes in his multifaceted career.

For more info about Tiffany Kathryn Hayden, visit the next sites:

Linkedin Profile : " Tiffany Kathryn Hayden ".

Four reference videos of Tiffany Kathryn Hayden:


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  2. Yikes! I hate to tell you this but you are not a good singer at all. Also I have seen your FB page and you need to keep it real. Even though you have huge fake breasts from the pics on your FB I saw you have a man's torso and man hands and feet. You can't hide that you have no waist and hips like a woman does and your pelvis bones are a man's. Also.....why are all your pics sexy poses? I never see others in the pics with you.....just endless cheesy selfies. You talk about God a lot but you seem to be very self absorbed. Maybe change your name to Mimi? I also see you are a QAnon and Trump supporter. Don't you know those people DESPISE what you are? It's important to live an AUTHENTIC life don't you think?