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Special international hospitality project (Germany).

The opportunity is for individuals with an important capital for investment and also for Companies related to Real Estate.

It is an international hospitality project created in Germany, already with an important advance.

It will be a chain of exclusive 100 luxury Boutique Hotels in the major tourist regions of the world.

Also will be a chain of 50 special Private Clubs (exclusive Club Houses) located in 30 selected Countries (Europe, etc). Each Private Club will have a exclusive lounge, spa, gym, cinema, bar, restaurant and more.

The permanent international marketing of the chain of Hotels and Private Clubs will be addressed to 60 selected Countries (Europe, USA, Canada, etc).

This special international hospitality project has the "Green Concept", i.e. the most high standard to save energy, water and more. Also has in their structure the application of the blockchain technology (own token) for the diverse services addressed to their clients and users (special discounts in diverse exclusive services, fashion, special events, etc).

The international chain of luxury Boutique Hotels and Private Clubs will have a special design in their spaces with exclusive decoration, furniture, lightning, etc, i,e, will have unique special spaces for the comfort of their clients, users, guests and residents.

For more INFO about this great hospitality project send a message to : or send a text message to the WhatsApp number: +51940939993. Please to include in your message your complete name and your contact data, .i.e. the name of your Company, the number of registry in your Country, etc.

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