Contact us to the WhatsApp:+51940939993 for special INSTAGRAM advertising (Fashion and Travel) with our partner: recognized fashion travel blogger Influencer (more of 60,000 followers from Europe, etc and more followers weekly). We offer wide international advertising 24 hours with maximum 24 Instagram stories. Price: $47.

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International Advertising in INSTAGRAM.


We offer you the service of wide international advertising in INSTAGRAM with our partner recognized European fashion travel blogger and Instagram Influencer (currently more of 50,000 followers and with weekly growth).

You can do promotion of your products and/or services in the field de FASHION and TRAVEL. The reach is an important quantity of followers from Europe and other Countries. 

Each post has a price of US$47 - maximum 24 stories during 24 hours international promotion.

The time of execution of the service is between 24 hours and maximum 72 hours after the reception of the payment and all references or data for the post - stories (texts, photos, etc) i.e. depending the quantity of stories requested (maximum 24).

For request the service of international advertising in Instagram send a message to the email: and/or to the WhatsApp number: +51 940939993.

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