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Song Luxe Club

         If you want to participate as member of "Song Luxe Club" for Europe , click HERE. Very soon "Song Luxe Club" for USA and Canada and other Countries.

    Welcome to the "Song Luxe Club" a special international Club of Singers and Composers.

   This special Club is for the international promotion of new Singers, Composers and also Music's Bands.

   The membership is $16 monthly. "Song Luxe Club" is a distinguished channel for the international promotion of new Singers and Composers and also important complement of international promotion for Artists already with experience in the world of the music. 

     This special Club of Singers and Composers is reached by the potential contractors when the fans of the Facebook fan page: International Lux Magazine (ILM) make click in the link of this site. International Lux Magazine has important quantity of followers, mainly from USA, Europe and Canada (Many people are related to the music, film, magazines, organizers of events, owners of businesses of fashion, etc). Of course this web site also has own and permanent international diffusion. The web address (link) of this web site is included in all the posts of the Founder of ILM in their Facebook fan page: click here.

     All the members of the "Song Luxe Club" are persons with the minimal legal age of citizen, that corresponds with the Countries where they live as native citizens or foreign residents.

      The Singers and Composers, for their own free and voluntary decision, send your request of membership to the email of the Regional manager that correspond to the Country of residence, including nationality, country and city of residence, first name, surname, birthday, music genre(s), artistic activity (Singer and/or Composer) and mobile phone, besides the their best five (5) photos  (including a portrait photo and at least two photos with proportion of wide and height similar to the photo of the left side), Also if the Artist want only musical activity in their Country of residence and eventually also abroad, as well their general references about: language(s) that talks and optionally can be included in the profile: the reference of song(s) - composition(s), the link of their own Artist's Page, the link of the yourube channel of Artist and until three (3) youtube videos of reference about the Singer - Composer. In the case that Singer - Composer has published in the Internet one or more music productions is important the inclusion in the profile the reference of link(s) of page(s) and/or youtube video(s).

      When a Singer or Composer send the email of request of membership implicitly is authorizing the communication of her mobile phone and email to the interested Contractors; with the delivery of that email the Singers and Composers implicitly authorize to International Lux Magazine, through the "Song Luxe Club", the publication of their general references, photos and also the youtube video(s).

      The Regional manager make the calls to the mobile phones of  the Singers - Composers and define the date and hour for the personal presentations and for the case what the Singers - Composers reside in other cities, will be mediating Skype. If the application of the Singer - Composer for to be member of "Song Luxe Club" is approved for the Regional manager,  immediately after the Regional manager   re-send to the electronic mail of the Central Administration of "Song Luxe Club" the general references, photos of the Singers - Composers and also eventually the youtuve video(s)  for to complete the registry. The Central Administration send an email to each Singer - Composer, including the general conditions of membership (published in this page), then the Singers - Composers reply the email as signal of acceptation. Between 1 to 3 working days the Central Administration of "Song Luxe Club" will publish the profile of the Singers - Composers, since the date of reception of all the photos ( eventually also the youtube video(s) ) and general references.

    It will be accepted only memberships where exist a Regional manager of the "Song Luxe Club", in the Country of residence of the Singers - Composers.

       Any agreement related to the service(s) of the Singers - Composers, established between they and the interested Contractors is unique and direct responsibility of each Singer - Composer and of the Contractors,

      When the Singer - Composer send the email of request of membership accept what their photos and general references will be published in this web site of International Lux Magazine, through the "Song Luxe Club" and also in the page of reference (Facebook fan page) of the profiles of  Singers - Composers with membership in  the"Song Luxe Club": click here.

     International Lux Magazine, that manage the "Song Luxe Club", give total guarantee for the communication of the mobile phone and email only for the interested Contractors.

   The Regional manager is the unique authorized person for the communication of the mobile phone and email of the Singers - Composers to the interested Contractors. The Regional manager will verify the identity of the person that make the request of contact with one or more Singers - Composers of the "Song Luxe Club", mediating telephone call and personal meeting or using Skype. It is essential condition that the contractor has their web page with the address of their office(s), email and telephone(s) of contactFor the delivery of the contact data of the Singer - Composer (mobile phone and email) also is essential the reception of the scan of the national identity document or document of foreign resident of the Contractor. the image of the identity document, that the Regional manager receive by email, will have the signature marked with a rectangle or square.

     The Regional manager receive after of each end of month the payment of the monthly memberships of the Singers - Composers with residence in their Country, until four (4) working days after of each end of month; If the Singer - Composer not make the payment of your monthly membership during two consecutive months the membership will be suspended until what the Singer - Composer make the transference of the payments of membership. If the Singer - Composer not make the payment of the membership during three consecutive months the membership will be totally cancelled and will be deleted all photos, youtube video(s) and the references about the Singer - Composer.

       In the case what a Singer - Composer decide to cancel their membership, because already has an exclusive contract or other motives, send an email to:   

Date of launching of "Song Luxe Club" : February, 22, 2017.

If you want to participate as member of "Song Luxe Clubfor Europe click HERE.
(Very soon "Song Luxe Club" for USA and Canada)

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