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Friday, November 20, 2015

Special Article about the Model and Actress: Jennifer Lauren

By: Carlos Eduardo Feijoo
International Editor.

In this occasion we write an Article about Jennifer Lauren, that is a talented, beautiful and charismatic Model and Actress. She was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States.

Jennifer Lauren had outstanding participation in different roles in the acting, in Film productions, in the fields of Comedy,  Drama, TV, Voice-Over and Commercials such as: Buffalo Wild Wing and Mystic Lake Casino.

References about the Film productions where Jennifer Lauren participated in form very highlighted :

Loving Jess: Supporting Role - 2007
I Really Have To Go! : Lead Role - 2007

"Missing You Heather" Speaking Drama Lead Role - 2008  

 Stinky Underwear : Speaking Comedy Role - 2008

The very pretty photos of Jennifer Lauren transmits sensitivity, artistic feeling and a charming beauty.

Jennifer Lauren is a dynamic and versatile Model and Actress.

In the 2016 year,  Jennifer Lauren will be photographed in Venice, Italy and Picture Feeling Lux Press has the authorization to do the update of this Article, with a youtube video that will be specially produced with those special photos.

We did this question to Jennifer Lauren:

What can you tell us about your love for the Acting and the concept that you have of the artistic expression, the beauty and the emotions or perceptions that reflects, generates or transmits a photo as Model?

This was her answer:

What inspired me is I just live to create and entertain. It's a passion I have in my soul. Something that can't be reached, I mean teach.

Jennifer Lauren likes a lot the dance :

American Country, Ballroom, Country western, Hip-Hop, Modern and Native America.

Between the diverse sports that Jennifer Lauren likes :

Badminton, Gymnastic, Skiing, Surfing, Volleyball, Yachting, Bicycling, Ice Skating, Cricket, Golf, Mountain Biking, Bowling, Horse Back Riding, Running and more.

The musical Instruments that Jennifer Lauren likes:

Drums, Flute and Harmonic.

Other nice photos of Jennifer Lauren (Clic on each photo to enlarge):


In the final of this Article dedicated to the Model and Actress Jennifer Lauren we can say that is a person with style, energy and creativity in all her activities, roles and projects. Without any doubt Jennifer Lauren has a good combination of beauty, charm, talent, diverse skills and artistic expression.

In this Article we include a video of Jennifer Lauren, with a stylish white dress and with their horses,in their Ranch at Minnesota, USA.

Jennifer Lauren loves a lot to the Horses.

Clic in the next link to open the video in the Web Site of Youtube:

Horses on the Ranch with Jennifer Lauren

International Lux Magazine wish to Jennifer Lauren more successes in her career as Model and Actress.

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